while one cannot condone direspectfl behavior one shouldtake this icident in context. We have a iver on the grass feigning egregious affront to his person, addng to the scene with agonized rolling and holding is head. Meantime it is in extra time. The ball bouncing in the vicinity then immediately cures the agony and Cronin jumps up suddenly cured. Embellishment without question and again ignored. Yet Cronin jumps up, magically healthy again, and charges towards Beckham, escorted by the referee and a horde of his team-mates.
Beckham proved his point, the referee condoned embellishment,Time wasting, the acknowledged black eye on soccer in general, yet no fine on the offender.
If MLS were to handle this correctly, both Beckham and Cronin should be reprimanded. The referee should also receive for not carding a laye for OBVIOUS embellisment.