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Name Change for Ted Stevens International Airport? - KTVA

There are 66 comments on the KTVA Anchorage story from Nov 19, 2008, titled Name Change for Ted Stevens International Airport? - KTVA. In it, KTVA Anchorage reports that:

The Anchorage International Airport has held the name "Ted Stevens" since 2000, in honor of all the money the longest serving Republican Senator has brought the airline industry and our state.

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Elmendorf Afb, AK

#1 Nov 19, 2008
I think it's perfectly reasonable to name an airport after a person has died, and the measure of their contribution to Alaska was significant. But naming the Anchorage airport after Sen.Ted Stevens was premature(!!!), especially now in hindsight.

And now I'm gonna be brutally honest. I am jumping up and down happy that Felon Sen.Stevens was convicted of the crimes he committed (remember the phone conversation, he admitted his guilt himself, and a jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt) and adding to that, he lost his Senate seat fair and square. It's time the greed ends Mr.Stevens! I don't feel any sympathy for you Mr.Stevens. We paid you to do a job, not to be greedy for you own gain. Have you done things to help in your days, sure. But that is no excuse for your personal greed, and gains from your office. Politics is a dirty business, and karma has come down hard on you Mr.Stevens. I'm trying to be polite. So I'll leave it at that. You sure haven't served my interests Mr.Stevens.

Soldotna, AK

#2 Nov 19, 2008
I think Representative Les Gara and the rest of our elected officials have more serious issues to deal with .... energy, a state budget with $55 / barrel oil, a gas line, and the economy. Uncle Ted served Alaska well for 40+ years, and his case "verdict" certainly deserves some scruitiny. Recent events that took place in Washington DC do not change what he's done for Alaska in decades of service. A name on a sign at the airport is the least we can do.

I would really appreciate if our elected officials here in The Greatland would tackle the serious issues facing Alaska, and quit milking the media for face-time. I go to my job every day and do my work .... please do the same. We've got real problems that need to be addressed.
Michael Faulkner

Anchorage, AK

#4 Nov 19, 2008
It shows how stupid our representatives are when they want to spend a bucket of money to change the name of our airport. Leave it as is. He gave a large part of his life for us. We have better things to spend money on than this garbage.

Elmendorf Afb, AK

#5 Nov 19, 2008
well now why change the name of the air port just so you can think your doing good for all Alaskans your not Ted Stevens did no crime they lied and with held files from the court. Now if you still want to change some thing please change my diaper it is a little messy right now. Oh wait I am talking to other Democrats and they might like it
Waiting in Anchorage

Juneau, AK

#6 Nov 19, 2008
I would like the opportunity to officially vote to change the name of the Ted Stevens International Airtport. Goodbye Ted.

Wasilla, AK

#7 Nov 19, 2008
You know i find it really funny when you go too so much effort too throw marijuana smokers in jail for personal use but its just a wonderful thing to rename the anchorage international airport after a CONVICTED FELON
AlaskanInPortlan d

Portland, OR

#8 Nov 19, 2008
Absolutely ridiculous. Renaming the airport would be renaming history made. If we return the name to Ted I suppose it would then be only logical to return all the money he's brought in to develop this state (AND that airport) to the government. I agree with powerguyinak....nothing can erase what Uncle Ted has done for Alaska, and people should be mindful of that. I for one am truly grateful.

Elmendorf Afb, AK

#9 Nov 19, 2008
Dont throw Ted Stevens in jail and dont throw the pot smokers in jail also let them smoke all they want and where they want, let them grow it sell it and pay taxes on it. Ted Stevens is a great man and well it was a kanagroo court the cards were stacked and the 12 good people who were to hear the case was just a mob of people who would find Ted Stevens did every crime ever dong on this earth if they wanted to

Seward, AK

#10 Nov 20, 2008
L J Mc_MAHILL wrote:
You know i find it really funny when you go too so much effort too throw marijuana smokers in jail for personal use but its just a wonderful thing to rename the anchorage international airport after a CONVICTED FELON
YA, um I don't know how to tell you this, but they named the airport first ans then he became a convicted felon.(oh and the two times you used "too" it should have been "to")
E Davis

Anchorage, AK

#11 Nov 20, 2008
Personally, I thought it was too soon to name the airport after Ted Stevens, but I had no voice in that decision. I think the airport should return to the name Anchorage International Airport. Sure Stevens has done a lot for Anchorage over the years, but that was then, this is now. We, along with the rest of America, have heard the tape of his confession, so regardles of what anyone says or thinks, the name Senator Ted Stevens and words "convicted," "felon," and "guilty" go hand-n-hand. The question remains, do we really want our Airport to be a constant reminder of the scandal Senator Stevens has brought to our great state?

Anchorage, AK

#12 Nov 20, 2008
Ted Stevens has done so much for Alaska. His name should not be changed no matter what. The airport was named after him in honor of him & that how it should remain forever.

Anchorage, AK

#13 Nov 20, 2008
Give the guy a break he has given 40 years of his life in serving Alaska. Noboby never voted him out of the senate seat for that long so obviously he was doing Alaska a great thing. Now that he got convicted on something so litle compared to the big things he has done for our state. We could always recognize him for what he has done. And he doesn't have to be dead to give him that recognition or to dedicate something after death. That's just cruel...Let someone talk to your dad or granddad that way, you wouldn't like it. We should all just move on to more important topics and a more serious note.
Most of you are Stupid

Anchorage, AK

#14 Nov 20, 2008
Anyone who thinks that the name should be changed again is quite stupid. First, Ted didn't receive a fair trial. Second, he wasn't convicted of corruption he was convicted of non-documentation, if it was corruption, he would have been charged a year ago not a month before the election, which was a gigantic plot from the democratic congress. Last, Ted is still ten times the man Mark Begich is, no questions about it.

This whole election was BS, Obama and the Democrats won by 8 million votes of people who can barely read and have absolutely no idea what government is, they were told to vote and they did. So, in the future, when the lazy morons who voted him in get out of college and out of their cardboard boxes, I hope they get what they deserve. I at least have faith that half of this country has a brain, the rest were led like sheep, sad sad sad.

If I was Ted Stevens, I would tell all of you, obviously the democrats who want to change the name, to kiss his A**!!

Ted, you are Great, thanks for your years of service!!!

Alaska Peninsula Nwr, AK

#15 Nov 20, 2008
It's a shame people only remember the mistakes one makes in life instead of all the goood they have done. I hope they don't change the name of the airport as how many other people things have been named after could cast the first stone at him...

Kenai, AK

#16 Nov 20, 2008
I think we should start calling it Felony International Airport. Or maybe Bribery International Airport. How 'bout Convicted Felon International Airport. We could all fly in and out of Con or Fel or Bribe. Take a lesson from this people in charge: Do not name something after somebody until they are dead and gone and all the scandals are over.

We should actually give it an Alaskan Native name. That would be more fitting for Alaska.

Elmendorf Afb, AK

#17 Nov 20, 2008
This is stupid I don't think the airport name should be changed. Regardless of what he may or may have not done, he's done a lot for our state.

Elmendorf Afb, AK

#18 Nov 20, 2008
You all are crazy to want to change the name. One bad thing and you all turn against him. Ted has done a lot for our state and now you want to change the airport name. The trial was unfair. If there were no bills sent to Ted then that isn't his fault. Democrats think we can just end the war with the change of a president? No. If we pull everyone out now, then we will have just lost all of those brave soliders for nothing.
If you're not willing to stand behind our soldiers than please feel free to stand in front of them
cornelia callahan

Anchorage, AK

#19 Nov 20, 2008
I absolutely do not believe the Airport name should be canged.

In my heart of hearts I do not believe that Senator Ted Stevens did anything illegal at least not knowingly. I find it totally unbelivable he would leave or come to the end with a besmirched record. Ted has been nothing but an asset to the State of Alaska his entire term in office.

I also believe if he says he is innocent he is. I take him at his word.
Alice Lang

Anchorage, AK

#20 Nov 20, 2008
Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone is the first thing which comes to mind for me.
Sherri R Laird

Juneau, AK

#21 Nov 20, 2008
I think after Ted Stevens has honorably served the State of Alaska for over 40 years that anyone who tries to disrespect him in any way should be ashamed of themselves. To cast another stone encouraging others to act like some out of control mob whose goal is nothing more than to tear down and destroy all that is good about this man is the true crime. I'm ashamed of everyone who is acting like a coward in blinding agreeing with the runaway, unchecked thrill of the kill, media elite. For anyone to stand with these destroyers of faith will soon next be in the spotlight when they do something considered just not right or maybe nothing at all and they have a politcal bone to pick with you! Maybe you didn't do as they wanted you to do? Ted Stevens International Airport is a tribute to a great man and this was given to him and never should ever be taken away. In turn the elitists can re-write history once more. Erase those facts from our books and lives. I hope after 22 years of living in Alaska many more citizens will step forward and say enough! Stop these witch hunts that turn petty infractions or violations into an over blown mass hysteria criminal proceedings. Sherri R Laird

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