pythias07 wrote:
there is more than 1 cleland on the planet rick!! mine was in vietnam!!- remember john kerry's "swiftboat" movie production?? that cleland is the cleland i was refering to!! knowing there was more than 1 cleland in military service i started my post "if you are referring to"!!--
There may very well be more than one Max Cleland in the world and there may have been more than one to serve in Vietnam, there also may have been two Max Clelands who in a sad and incredibly unlikely coincidence suffered the exact same horrific injuries as the result of a dropped hand grenade. But for crying out loud, you damn well know that the Max Cleland in question was the one who was severely injured in Vietnam but went on to be elected as a Senator from Georgia, not anyone coincidentally named Max Cleland and coincidentally suffered the exact same injuries in a very similar manner. I had given you the benefit of the doubt at to whether you were just misinformed or were trying to lie, but your lousy tap dance as a response pretty well kills any doubt, you lied and have been nailed fr it.