Our View: Border security shouldn't b...

Our View: Border security shouldn't be tied to immigration

There are 14 comments on the Las Cruces Sun-News story from Mar 23, 2011, titled Our View: Border security shouldn't be tied to immigration. In it, Las Cruces Sun-News reports that:

Remember the virtual fence? High-tech gadgets lining the southern border was touted as a way to protect the border against intrusions from illegal entrants to drug, human and gun smuggling.

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#1 Mar 23, 2011
what a load... until the border is secure there can be no reform. One of the first step should be to enforce current laws and go after the employers who hire illegals. Cut off the jobs and it slows the traffic. Maybe then the border would be easier to manage. Coming to the U.S. is not a right, it is a privilege and should be earned.
Border Native-American

Buda, TX

#2 Mar 23, 2011
1. Our immigration system isn't broken. The USA allows more LEGAL immigrants into the USA LEGALLY and ANNUALLY than ALL the other nations of the world COMBINED. How about looking at numbers for a change, instead of trying to play the "the system is broken" routine.

2. What sense does it make to creat another government bureacracy to AGAIN accomodate illegal aliens and illegal immigration? We already gave have 9 Guest worker programs now.

3. Comprehensive Immigration reform is Amnesty. We had "immigration reform" back in 1986 witht the Immigration Reform Act of 1986. The "never again amnesty". Look where that has gotten us.

4. Whoever is "our" in "Our View" is clueless, lazy with doing actual research or willfully ignorant. Probably all of the above.
Sick of Stupid

Nevada, IA

#6 Mar 23, 2011
The immigration debate has a very simple solution.
Americans are going to have to do the jobs illegals come here for.

The only reason people come here is to work.

American born landscapers are going to have to Unionize. The teamsters will not allow non-union gardeners to work here in the states. They will expose the companies that hire the illegals, and forcefully make it very hard for illegals to make a living here.
They will also work to keep illegals from abusing our health care system, and they will help to get a high tax rate placed on so called "guest" workers.

Of course the next step to this plan would be closing the borders with a fence.
Do Americans want to build a 2,000 mile long fence in the desert? No.
So....our Department of Immigration should ramp up checking and arresting illegals. Then put all illegals in work camps to build the fence. they have broken the law and should be charged. Pass some legislation to make being our country illegally a crime that carries a 5 year sentence at hard labor.
We should have the fence built in just a few years. Then all of our problems will be over quickly, and America can go back to being a great and fair Nation. To implement this plan it will be necesary for any unemployed American to be trained in gardening and ready to work. WIth this plan there will be millions of jobs availible for americans to do.
(If they are properly trained, and are willing to pay their union dues, and work in the hot sun for $7.25 Hr.)
We can't fix this problem without a strong worker union
Who's with me!

Albuquerque, NM

#11 Mar 23, 2011
You can get AIDS while wearing a sombrero.
Ifigofdjdltieusy fkeh wrote:
Having said all that let Me add that when it comes to Gay Sex I much prefer illegal Mexicans.
Border Native-American

Buda, TX

#14 Mar 23, 2011
Iflgofdjdltieusyfkeh wrote:
<quoted text>
One more reason for anti-illegal way of thinking :
Speeders Kill Kids wrote:
We need to stop nearly all legal immigation into america unless the applicants are really useful like a doctor or engineer. But no more illiterate third world ****.
Just see how STUPID American thinking dummy you are ! You prefer Indian doctor , or Chinese computer specialist to take the job of American doctor or engineer who payd 100 grand in debt for education here , and the foreigners get their better education for free in their country ! Your racial hate is bigger than your brain attacking the poor onion pickers or landscaping housekeeping hard working in agriculture illegals ? What's the matter with you? Where is your brain ? The racial hate you feel is making you extremely selfexopsing stupid redneck brainless dummies !!!!!!!
Thank God your elected lawmakers has more brain than you restricting visas and leaving the border fencelles 
Legal immigrants are far more costly than illegal landscaper !!! Because the legal immigrants are taking the 100k or more like me a year jobs from the Americans( who are being unemployed for laziness preferring foodstamps and government assistance ), but thank god I am legal ;-) but You  care about the onion pickers from Fresno valley , tell me than you are either verrrry dumb or insane ?
Are you high on meth?

Albuquerque, NM

#15 Mar 23, 2011
You are a twisted man!
Ifigofdjdltieusy fkeh wrote:
<quoted text> I still prefer sex with illegals, they dont bathe and have that exciting smell of man musk.

Woodland Hills, CA

#16 Mar 23, 2011
paradox9 wrote:
what a load... until the border is secure there can be no reform. One of the first step should be to enforce current laws and go after the employers who hire illegals. Cut off the jobs and it slows the traffic. Maybe then the border would be easier to manage. Coming to the U.S. is not a right, it is a privilege and should be earned.
The lame stream media didn't report on the other law they stoopped in AZ. AZ passed a law taking away the business lisence of any company knowingly hiring illegals and madated E-Verify. The DOJ tokk them to court on that one too. Why didn't you hear about it, because AZ was trying to do what the liberals wanted.

College Station, TX

#17 Mar 23, 2011
Why don't we start by enforcing the law we have on the books????!!!! We don't dislike immigrants. We want them to enter the US legally, don't break any laws, and pay their own way. Just like any other group of people, some are good and some are worthless.
Sick of Stupid

Nevada, IA

#20 Mar 23, 2011
I've never had gay sex with an illegal.
Al Reine

United States

#23 Mar 23, 2011
Obama, HLS, Czar Janet Napoliano, Eric Holder Attorney General, and the Liberal Democrats do not want to SECURE THE US/MEXICAN BORDER ! The Time is Now: Obama should be IMPEACHED ! We have A Real War on the US/Mexican Border. Yet Obama does very little, but Attorney General Eric Holder will sue the state of Arizona. The Liberal Corrupt New Mexico state assembly will allow Illegals to have a New Mexico Drivers License. The time has come for the good of the Country. President Obama did not even go to US Congress for a vote on this New Middle East War with Libya. Obama has violated the American war act.

United States

#24 Mar 23, 2011
Why don't you take a look at the "Comprehensive Immigration and Enforcement Reform" (CIER) published by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers" (NAFBPO). They provide a step by step approach to fixing the problem of illegal immigration. www.nafbpo.org

You might also click into the M3 Report, which contains a wealth of information about the issues related to illegal immigration.

Just say no to amnesty, or it's functional equivalent of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
Sick of Stupid

Nevada, IA

#27 Mar 23, 2011
I totally agree (except for the gay sex part)

I believe the only way to change this trend is for government to make it just as expensive for companies to move out as it is to stay here actually be an "American" company. The free markets can be trusted to do the right thing policy has centainly proved itself wrong by now.

I don't agree with cutting gov programs that people need. I don't need them (right now) but I ain't everybody and neither is you. The money is there, and there is plenty commerce in the US to be taxed appropriately to pay for America to pay teachers, have some welfare,
and dare I say it........single payer health care for all people in America.

What the rich don't get,
OK so they managed to get all the money. But all the shortcuts have made it worthless.
If WE had more money, they would have less, but it would be worth more.

A strong happy work force is what makes our money worth something.
If they take care of us, they will be richer. the only way they can make money is on the backs of a working class. That's the way it has always been.
Before anyone calls me an idiot..
give 2 whole seconds of thought
McCarthy was right

United States

#28 Mar 23, 2011
Iflgofdjdltieusyfkeh wrote:
<quoted text>

More meaningless spam from the attention seeking LaRaza House Troll
More meaningless spam from the attention seeking LaRaza House Troll
Bob Stille

Duncan, NM

#29 Mar 24, 2011
Dear Editor;

I am a retired U.S. Border Patrol supervisory patrol agent in charge with 32 years experience. When I entered on duty with the Patrol in 1958 at Fabens, Texas there were only about 1,100 officers...stationed on both borders and the Gulf of Mexico. And we had it under control without standing "shoulder to shoulder" obviously.

We had a bracero program back in those days that worked. It was the best foreign aid program the U.S. ever had because the money was EARNED and went to the poor Mexican laborers. When that program ended in 1964, thanks to the Democrats in Congress and the labor unions, all hell broke loose on the border and it hasn't stopped yet.

We now have something around 18,000 border patrol agents, most of them on the Mexican border and they are fighting a war. Yeah... A WAR! In case you haven't noticed. The efforts by the Border Patrol are honorable and valiant but wars are for armies and soldiers...not civilian law officers, no matter how well they are trained. Remember the murder of Brian Terry, Robert Rosas and Jaime Zapata by vicious Mexican drug cartel thugs.

We don't need expensive high tech junk on the border it takes 10 to 15 years to install. We need American troops that can be deployed almost immediately. We need to then deploy the Border Patrol and ICE rounding up illegal alien gang members, drug dealers and killers and getting them out of the country as expiditiously as possible.

If there are other illegal aliens who have been here for a very long time and have U.S. citizen children and equities, then make accomodations for them to get the green card. Otherwise, let's clean up our own mess first!


Bob Stille
NAFBPO Board Member
Virden, New Mexico

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