Apparently the meaning of words no longer matter to some. Sally Ride was an "LGBT hero"??? We beg to differ who subscribe to Samuel Clemens maxim, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Given that she went to her grave still in the public closet, and not several decades ago when it would have been understandable but last year—a quarter century after she left NASA to teach at Stanford, at best Ride is an “hero” who HAPPENED to be gay. Unlike in their justification for Rustin’s medal, the White House doesn’t mention that she was gay at all. The closest they come is noting in a supplementary comment on that her “partner” was notified. That that partner might be a woman continues to have escaped many is manifested by a fair question on FB this morning:“did everyone but me know that Sally R was a dyke???” While I support Ride receiving a medal at some point for her pioneering space travel, and furthering of women’s equal opportunity, and encouraging children to study science, I continue to be shocked and saddened by the fact that the White House has yet to give the Medal to Frank Kameny, who, with his Ph.D. in astronomy, hoped to be an astronaut himself; hopes shot down when the government fired him for being gay, and leading him to kick start the modern militant gay rights movement when Ride was 10-years old. Mr. Obama might not be standing on Frank’s shoulders in the same way he stands on those of authentic “gay hero” Bayard Rustin. But Ride did as do all of us still living.