Tell Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) he is FIRED!!

The Senate fell just short of the votes needed to begin debate on the DISCLOSE Act -- the most outrageous bit of election fixing ever conceived - which progressive liberal Colorado Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall co-sponsored.

Freedom loving conservatives spent years trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to restore the free speech stripped away by the McCain-Feingold "Finance Reform" Act. These conservatives wanted to protect the right to tell the truth about the Liberal Agenda in Washington.

When the Supreme Court ruled the McCain-Feingold Act unconstitutional, the liberals in Washington came up with a new "campaign finance" bill called the Disclose Act.

Letís be clear about this: Congress wants to eliminate free speech during election time.

The Disclose Act was designed by globalist liberals who want to shut you up and silence all opposition prior to this November's election.

Without this critical legislation, conservative organizations can publicize legislator's liberal votes and explain the legislation that was passed.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! The far-reaching disclosure
requirements of the Disclose Act are designed to help hide liberal senator's and congressmen's voting records rather than to bring transparency to elections. Their fancy rhetoric about "strengthening democracy" is designed to cover up the real reason that they pushed this bill: TO KEEP INCUMBENTS IN OFFICE.

Action on the legislation is delayed in the Senate for now, thanks in part to your phone calls to your Senators. But be prepared, the liberals will push for it again before November.

This fight is not over, and the Senate now has two choices: accept that the American people do not want this free speech stifling legislation and move on, or try to sneak it in again. We must be prepared for them to try and sneak it in again!


Next week, your Senators will return home for a month-long recess. It's essential they hear from you -- their constituents -- on this issue.

Schedule a meeting or make a quick phone call, whatever works best for you. Tell your Senators why you're happy the DISCLOSE Act didn't pass, and what actions you'd like to see them take on so-called campaign finance reform this fall. Let them know you want any so-called "election reform" legislation killed.

This is a major victory but Americans must continue to work toward preserving our right to Free Speech and ensuring that informed voters remain the cornerstone of our Republic.