Obama will not get the approval of the House or even the American people that despise a big time losing-losing war of fools. Evidently, Obama did not get support of half of the G20 leaders of the world which prove that America lost its leadership in the world under Obama’s distrustful rule. The American people do not support a ‘no win’ type of war that could probably bring disaster and genocide to the Middle East even if Obama will give yet another speech. Obama efforts to push war in the Middle East based on unreliable NSA spying in Syria reminds the Don Qichotte fight against the wind mills as Obama is embarrassing the American people by going alone with no support of nobody in the world. Could it be that the entire word except Obama and his new blind supporter McCain are wrong while Obama-McCain fight for pushing forward the worst savage terrorists of al Qaida and Mozlem Brother to gain power in Syria and create new genocide against the Shiite is the way to go for American military? Why would Obama and his blind supporter deny the fact that the al Qaida savage and murderous terrorists that behead Christians in Syria were in control of Chemical WMDs which they took over from Assad and the proof that they used them as provocation orchestrated by Obama’s regime in March 2013 with evidence from the Russian regime that is more trustful today than the Obama deceitful regime of lies and spying on Americans and the world? It is time for US Congress and the American people to say “no” to the charlatan naked Emperor Obama who has no close and assume that all Americans are bunch of fools and losers.