Hillary acts out as 'fig leaf' aiming at hiding the Mozlem Brother agenda of Obama in Libya and Egypt. Who attacked Libya in 2011 with airstrikes only to remove and kill secular Libya ruler Gaddafi by releasing from prison and arming with US weapons the Mozlem Brother al Qaida terrorists that were called democracy loving "Rebels” by Obama which later attacked US Embassy and killed four American heroes? Obviously It was nobody else but Mozlem Brother sympathizer Barack Obama.
Who demanded secular President Mubarak to leave power and brought the Mozlem Brother Jihadist Dictator Morsi to rule Egypt knowing well that Morsi sponsors Hamas terrorists of Gaza and that the radical Mozlem Salafists in the Egyptian government sponsor al Qaida terrorists of Sinai which released al Qaida terrorists from Egyptian prisons and allow transfer of missiles from arm stocks of Gaddafi to Sinai and Gaza? Evidently, the facts prove that Obama released the al Qaida terrorists from prisons and armed them with American weapons which allowed them attacking US Embassy and kill four Americans, taking over Northern Mali and attack Algerian Gas facility and killing more three Americans and more than 30 others. Will the American people ever learn who their president Barack Obama is and what is his anti-American and anti-Israel agenda?