The Akin campaign is attempting to spread the false message that he is standing above the fray and not criticizing the other candidates. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm not normally one to send around links to Todd Akin's campaign website, but this is too funny to pass up. Watch the hilarious video in the first link below, read the others, then ask yourself - does this pompous politician even listen to his own B.S.?

Invoking Reagan's "11th Commandment", Akin and his campaign have resorted to questioning the "leadership" and "patriotism" of opponents who dare to challenge his record of voting for bills that spend on on big-government programs like Obama Care and Planned Parenthood, as well as bills that would EXPAND Obama Care (H.R. 525). What makes the above video of his particularly hypocritical is that as recently as LAST MARCH the Akin campaign ran press releases criticizing both Sarah Steelman and John Brunner:

Apparently in Akin's mind the "11th commandment" applies only to his opponents but not himself. Is this an example of "the divine right of kings" Akin mentions in the video, or has the career congressman just gotten used to not living under the same set of rules and laws he passes (and funds) by which the rest of us ordinary folks are forced to abide? Akin probably has John Locke spinning in his grave at this point. At best good old Todd is acting like the tattle-tale school kid who shoves everybody standing in the lunch line, then runs crying to the teacher when someone pushes him back... "Johnny and Sarah just pushed me!"; at worst he's expecting to be treated with kid gloves, like royalty. From what I have seen, both the Brunner and Steelman campaigns have had the backbone to deal with criticism head-on rather than whining about being criticized, whether they felt the criticism was warranted or not. This should make us all wonder if Akin will look for some "commandment" to hide behind if he wins the Republican nomination and the McCaskill team rains a continuous golf-ball-sized-hail stream of criticism on him between August and November (since both Akin and McCaskill are career DC politicians there may be some unwritten rule against excessive criticism that we in the unwashed masses don't know about, it certainly appeared that way in 2008 when McCain ran against Obama :-? thinking).

So to Todd I say: "Sorry "Pilgrim", if we apply YOUR own set of standards to the information on YOUR website, you are neither a "real Leader" or a "patriot" by YOUR definition." Is the lack of those qualities what we want in our next Senator? I certainly don't, and while I am at this time still undecided as to which candidate I will vote for in the Senate primary, those who know me know who it WON'T be.