Car buyers would get tax break under Mikulski plan

Full story: Baltimore Sun 27
Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski announces her "Auto Ownership Tax Assistance Amendment." The legislation is designed to save jobs and support the U.S. automobile industry. Full Story
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United States

#1 Nov 12, 2008
Why cut the tax break off at $49,500? I make well under the income cap, but the vehicle I need (could really use) for my large family is over $55K. I would definitely be more likely to buy that than keep my old clunker.
Mike Baltimore

Abingdon, MD

#2 Nov 12, 2008
How about making these people take a pay cut! They are grossly overpaid. And you want to take my money, so they can continue! Get real, Mikulski, make them come in line. They make twice the average wage.

Holly Springs, NC

#3 Nov 12, 2008
Who could actually afford a car for 50,000 ? This deflationary depression will drive the costs down on everything across the board. When we come out it the US may be competitive again. Steel will drop, wages will drop, real estate will drop. Then we won't have to pay a auto assembly line worker $80.00 an hour because decent home will cost 120,000. So he can make 15.00 an hour instead. A 2x4 will cost .50 cents instead of $ 2.50 so the house will be cheaper. Everything is so over inflated the US can not compete in anything.

Rosedale, MD

#4 Nov 12, 2008
At least someone is finally trying to do something for the consumer as well as the auto industry. It might not be the perfect plan, but at least to some degree the little guy is being thought about for a change.

Bethesda, MD

#5 Nov 12, 2008
How about bailing out some small companies like myself. Come on Mikulski, give us small bus. owners some cash!

Dundalk, MD

#6 Nov 12, 2008
she may be on the right track.....but instead of cars, give the same incentives so to speak to push the housing markets, with additional benefits on foreclosed it would be cheaper than a trillion plus

United States

#7 Nov 12, 2008
With all the cash incentives automakers are currently offering, with no effect, how promising is Mikulski's plan?

A shown with Treasury Secretary Paulson, these guys are just throwing anything out there without detailed explanation and a good chance of success.
The President

New Castle, DE

#8 Nov 12, 2008 ... this is by far the most funny video of all time!

Finksburg, MD

#9 Nov 12, 2008
So it is screw the people that bought cars before today. something like this coming from a person like Barbara Mikulski. She does not think past her nose. Someday the people of Maryland will get some sense and bounce both of the liberal senators from office.
Ron Paul

United States

#10 Nov 12, 2008
I tried to warn everyone, no one would listen, called me a kook.

United States

#11 Nov 12, 2008
Term Limits now that is a plan. Haven't they screwed up enough. Stop giving money away. Now I read the Obama's want to put in a basketball court...more tax payer money....stop all the waste full spending, give each American 100,000 to spend the way they want and the economy will move.

Parkville, MD

#12 Nov 12, 2008
When in the hell will this krap stop. The damned woman will do anything to get votes. We have bailed out almost everyone but the middle class working stiff who will eventually have to pay for it all. I have for all intents and purposes closed my business and most likely will file bankruptcy so I can get my bailout. It just doesn't pay to work anymore.

Eden, NC

#13 Nov 12, 2008
Who can afford a new car at this time? Insurance on a new car is going to be higher and banks I'm sure are not offering an "all time low" interest rate. Hell if they won't lend to each other, why are they gonna lend to someone who "may" or "may not" be able to pay it back?
Jake the Snake

Baltimore, MD

#14 Nov 12, 2008
this woman should be sent to prison. what a cost to the taxpayers!
Wonderful Idea

Peoria, AZ

#15 Nov 12, 2008
Very good news. I like this idea that, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, is proposing.
old man

Baltimore, MD

#16 Nov 12, 2008
I don't understand having salary limitations. Wouldn't a car bought by someone making over the salary limit help the dealer just as much as from a lower paid person?

Let's not kid ourselves. The plan is to help the dealers moreso than the individuals.

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Nov 13, 2008
Probably the worst policy proposal I've ever read
Andrew Forest

United States

#18 Nov 13, 2008
The "temporary" tax break would just postpone the Bankruptcy of the auto makers in Detroit. The Taxpayers need a PERMANENT deduction of any/all interest charges on vehicle loans, credit it use to be.......But you see, Congress got GREEDY and wanted more tax dollars to WASTE on pork spending !!!!

United States

#19 Nov 13, 2008
If this is really about selling more cars, then why on earth is there an income limit on who can take the deduction?
Truth Teller

Somerset, NJ

#20 Nov 13, 2008
Mikulski and her Dummycrat ilk want an income cap because "the evil rich" (i.e. those people actually WORKING for a living and not sucking off the gummint teat) tend not to vote for the Socialists whom want to redistribute THEIR wealth to the Dems' deadbeat constituents whom reliably vote "D" so as to continue the gravy train.

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