And America buries Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans.

Obama = UNinformed about UNstable country in UNstable regions of the world...he's too busy of the golf course and nobknobbin' with Hollywood.

America needs a man totally committed to America.

Mitt Romney is the man for this moment in time.

Business success, automotive background, worked with democrats in MA when he was governor, implemented the FIRST STATE healthcare system in the USA-ObamaCare Based on Romneycare; turned around FAILED businesses and save many jobs that WOULD HAVE been ELIMINATED.

Mitt Romney is a self made man. He donated his inheritance, he tithes money to charities, he is a loyal husband and devoted father.

Mitt Romney the right man at the right time!

We NEED Romney! to heal this country.

RePEAL Obamacare = NEW president
Republican senators
Keeping the House

Let's get Mitt to nominate the next 2 LIFETIME Supreme Court judges.