A President, Two Turkeys And Health C...

A President, Two Turkeys And Health Care Deadline

There are 10 comments on the ABC News story from Nov 27, 2013, titled A President, Two Turkeys And Health Care Deadline. In it, ABC News reports that:

WHAT HAPPENS ON NOV. 30?: President Obama's self-imposed deadline to repair the troubled health care web site is only three days away, with the administration already lowering expectations for the definition of fixed and fully functional.

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“It's Time to Defeat Terrorism ”

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#1 Nov 27, 2013
Clearly, the Obama liberal media is cover up the collapse of the American health care with the Obama ‘s use of the bribed private insurance companies to cancel health car policies of decades to more than 80 million Americans while scaring away doctors and closing bankrupted hospitals. The result is untimely death of tens of millions of American children, women , elderly and cancer, heart, obesity and other sick who paid all their lives and believed the lies of Obama of keeping your beloved plan and beloved doctors as the Obama’s election campaign of 2008 and 2012. Americans will fall in the cracks that Obama and the private insurance companies created behind the backs of the American people and they will need to pay doctors privately thousands of dollars in the black market to stay alive. Thanks to the Obama liberal media and the spineless liberal Democrats Congressmen and Senators that sold out the American people to believe in the Obama lies that will cost them their lives.

Bellingham, WA

#2 Nov 27, 2013
Obama to pardon two Thanksgiving turkeys.

Congressional Republicans to filibuster.

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#5 Nov 29, 2013
Rational Tulsans wrote:
<quoted text>
You right wing redneck asshole Nazi bastard, George W Bush, who started a war based upon lies caused the loss of lives to many American soldiers. When George W Bush failed to take the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing seriously, which said, "Bin Laden Determined to Attack America," THAT CAUSE THE LIVES OF 3,000 innocent Americans, you biased redneck right wing piece of shit!
When Ronald Reagan illegally, treasonously, sold weapons to the terrorist nation of Iran in the 1980's, behind the backs of the American people, and repeatedly lied about it, THAT WAS A REAL LIE, RIGHT WINGER, that should make you HATE Reagan to this very day, if you were fair. But asshole, you are not fair. You are a partisan racist right wing lying piece of dog shit!
Bush never lied you traitorous PoS.

If he had, we'd be hanging him for treason. Everyone thought saddam had WMDs. All the surrendercrats voted for it, before they cut and ran against it. We also liberated millions in Iraq for less than the cost of a Pacific island during WW2. barock lost Iraq.

The difference between Bush, Reagan and barock is that Republicans spread freedom and prosperity. Surrendercrats spread slavery and poverty through appeasement of dictators. Look at the iran deal barock just signed. Christians are getting killed all over the middle east. The anti-Christ responds by closing our Vatican embassy.

barock is going to kill far more Americans with 0failurecare. barock's global recession has already claimed far more than that. Liberals kill people with high prices, no jobs, and corrupt bureaucracies.

150 rounds of golf.

Spanish Fork, UT

#7 Nov 29, 2013
Ohhhhhh, Rat Turd....Sigh...How long ago was Reagan POTUS? He has been dead for how many yrs now?...George HW Bush, a WW2 COMBAT VETERAN Hasn't been POTUS for almost 24 yrs now, Right???
G W Bush...Didn't vote for him the second time..No matter how the left tries to spin it, he did serve in the Air National Guard....As much as the left try's to hide it,'Slick Willie'(Clinton) hid in Canada..
As for BOBO Odumbo??? Well???? What has he done for the benefit of this Country besides to try to destroy it???
Seen Bobo's ratings lately??? He makes Carter look good...

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#8 Nov 29, 2013
Rational Tulsans wrote:
<quoted text>
You Tea Party black hating lying heifer, BUSH DID LIE, AND YOU KNOW IT. CHENEY LIED, AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!! Heifer, THEY SAID THAT IRAQ HAD "Weapons of Mass Destruction!" And Iraq DID NOT HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!!!
March, 1987 - Ronald Reagan: "Yes, we DID SHIP ARMS TO IRAN."
Reagan was a damn liar!
Tea Party HEIFER, don't mess with me because I know history, unlike your ignorant racist ass!
Yes, Bush and Reagan are DAMN LIARS, yet, you love them, you racist turd. And Iraqi's are still KILLING EACH OTHER IN MASS EXTERMINATION EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! Bush didn't liberate shit!
Reagan, illegally, and felonously shipped weapons to Iran AFTER THEY HAD KIDNAPPED 52 American citizens, and seized our embassy in Tehran!!!!!!!
Even Ronald Reagan's OWN DAUGHTER, Patti Davis Reagan, ADMITTED, in her book,'THE WAY I SEE IT," that Reagan had made a deal with the Iranians in the fall of 1980, to ship them illegal arms BEHIND THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, in exchange for weapons, and in exchange of FREEING the hostages on the day in which he was SWORN IN!
You STUPID UNEDUCATED RACIST HEIFER, don't challenge me because I read and re4search, unlike your ignorant uneducated ass. Reagan's illegal shipment of arms to the terrorist in Iran during the 1980's VIOLATED 1) The 1979 Congressional Arms Embargo against Iran, and 2) The US Arms Export Munitions Control Act, BOTH FELONIES --- AND IMPEACHABLE CRIMES!!!!
Woman, the Independent Counsel that Reagan appointed to investigate Iran Contra was Lawrence Walsh. He INDICTED 15 Reagan officials, and CONVICTED 11 OF THEM! That was TREASON.
Read his book, STUPID TEA PARTY HOAX HEIFER, it was entitled,'FIREWALL."
For God's sake, read, and educated your ignorant right wing female ass, then you may qualify to have a limited debate with me.
Compared to those CORRUPT BASTARDS, Barack Obama is A SAINT!!!!!
One last thing, dumbass, did you know that over 135 officials of the Reagan Administration were INDICTED OR FORCED to resign for crimes and ethical violations???????
Read, STUPID, read!
The Director of the CIA, George Tenet, said WMDs in Iraq were a slam dunk. He's a lifelong civil servant appointed by Bill Clinton. The fact they weren't there, doesn't mean everyone thought they were. If you want to see a real lie, here's one. You can keep your health plan and your doctor if you like them.

Traitorcrats love to rewrite history.

I'm not a female. That picture is lois lerner, the IRS that targeted the TEA party in order to steal the election for barock. She'll be testifying against barock soon in order to avoid a lengthy prison term.

It is you who are ignorant. Caps lock doesn't make you smart. It just shows your panties are in a bunch.

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#9 Nov 29, 2013
Health Site Likely to Miss Deadline

Despite recent progress at HealthCare.gov , a raft of problems will remain beyond the Obama administration's Saturday deadline to make the troubled federal insurance website work.

Iran Deal Raises Proliferation Fears

The Obama administration is hailing the accord with Iran as a victory in its campaign to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, but the deal is already feeding concerns of Arab governments that it could have the opposite effect.

OPEC Rift Emerges Over Oil Output

OPEC members are divided over how to trim the cartel's oil output amid surging U.S. production, rising Iraqi exports and the possible return of more Iranian crude. Thanks to Bush, in spite of barock, the yellow.

Albuquerque, NM

#13 Nov 30, 2013
if you like your turkey you can keep your turkey .. period

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#14 Nov 30, 2013
Rational Tulsans wrote:
<quoted text>
I floored your right wing ass on the true facts about Ronald Reagan, who ran the most corrupt Presidential Administration in the history of this nation, even moreso that Nixon. I kicked your ass in our debate, and you have no rebuttal but to revert back to FAKE Obama scandals invented by the desperate right wing because they can't stomach seeing an articulate and successful President that is Black.
I floored you on Bush. He never lied about WMDs.

Reagan conceded the iran contra affair. I agree it was murky, like the Bay of Pigs, or Francis Gary Power's U2 flight. That said, it was done with America's best interests at heart, and to spread freedom.

barock abandoning Benghazi, targeting the TEA party, fast and furious, lying about being able to keep your doctor were done to keep king barock in power. Even the peanut farmer tried, and failed miserably, to rescue our hostages. barock is the first American president to abandon citizens abroad. It's happened a lot. The doctor who helped us get bin laden is currently experiencing REAL torture in Pakistan. We are paying for it with billions in aid.

Please stop with the race card. It proves you've lost the argument. The only thing he has in common with most blacks is a no show pappy. He was raised by his insane, white, communist grandparents. They named his mother Stanley because they wanted a boy. He went to prep schools, and ivy league colleges and law schools. He never worked an honest day in his life.

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#15 Nov 30, 2013
Rational Tulsans wrote:
<quoted text>
Also, during WW2, your God, Ronald Reagan, never LEFT HOLLYWOOD!!!
Reagan was a coward during WW2 and FAKED a knee injury in order to avoid serving our country during a most challenging time in our nation's history. He stayed in Hollywood and simply starred, or co-starred in movies. He was given a captain's uniform but never did a day in basic training. It was just a fake front, just like his phony plastic administration was.
clinton lied about him inhaling and monica swallowing.

Traitorcrats are so classy.

Hanoi, Vietnam

#20 Dec 1, 2013
what! 2 turkey?;-000h, sound liked biturkey for biparteasandwitch!! ;-00

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