The summit was a stakeholder outreach meeting. The offshore wind project is in the feasibility stage. The meeting included government officials with the hopes property owners and private business interest review a successful project.

The ocean summit was more of a discussion of city and state regulations and policies. There is only a possibility that wind energy contractors will develop an onshore site in New Bedford. It wasn't a job fair and probably should have been held in Boston, Quincy or Rhode Island.

There was no announcement about the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. The construction of the proposed 28 acre terminal was going to accommodate the offshore wind industry. Land use policies, easements, land ownership and environmental issues have been an issue in the design process.

The construction of the marine terminal was announced on Oct 20.2010. A Tacoma, Washington engineering firm was hired to design the project. The projected cost was 35 million of which between 1.2 and 1.6 million in resources have been made available through the design stage.

Hazardous materials on land and dredging of the Acushnet River near Blackmer Street near the hurricane barrier have been ongoing issues and its not clear if the EPA has approved the marine commerce terminal project or held public hearings.

A June 1920 Acushnet Mills map near the propposed terminal site: