Save Hatteras and Ocracoke Island

Save Hatteras and Ocracoke Island

There are 49 comments on the story from Mar 21, 2008, titled Save Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. In it, reports that:

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roberta caton

Garysburg, NC

#1 Mar 31, 2008
I have one question. Has either party had an economic impact study done? I'm new to this situation. Boy have they kept this whole thing quiet, guess they don't want the citizens Of North Carolina to speak up and be heard. Bet if anyone could do an impact study they will find out that the economic loss far out weighs the Green tree hugging, save the clock tower idiots that are out of their freakin minds. Just when, when will the Human being become the endangered species? What do I have to do to get OUR names on the endangere list????? so someone will support our well being. Never mind, it's called welfare , due to lack of employment, due to no tourists, due to... well, you get my drift. It's bad enough that the gas prices and inflation is killing the economy. Oh, yeah, the refineries are so old and out dated in this country ( thanks to those green tree hugging, save the clock tower frrrreaaaaaks pushing for the refineries to be limied in this country, due to ,, well, that's a whole different ball game, in a different park now i am just rambling)This economy is causing people to spend less on vacations, etc. but now the tree huggers are wanting to shut our beache off. If there have not been any economic studies done, they are looking at some major problems ahead. LEAVE WHAT ALONE. I'm sure they have some other people they can sue.. like Duke power, maybe? oh yeah, they already are.

Holly Springs, NC

#2 Apr 1, 2008
To answer your original question, yes.

If you look at the bottom of the page “Decline in Bird Population on Cape Hatteras National Seashore,” 1999-2007. I think that is study enough.

“Come see OurAmericanParks .com”

Since: Mar 08

Las Vegas

#3 Apr 1, 2008
twilight wrote:
To answer your original question, yes.
If you look at the bottom of the page “Decline in Bird Population on Cape Hatteras National Seashore,” 1999-2007. I think that is study enough.
Please don't take this wrong, but there is no information in the study about how it was conducted and its missing a lot of information that I would want to know to consider it. Like as an outsider I would want to know what is significant about those birds relative to Hatteras. Is that the only place they exist? I'd also want to know if there are birds that are increasing. I'd want to know what sort of factors play into the apparent decline.

Its hard to judge something by just an 8 year period. Maybe 1999 was an unusually high period for those particular birds for some reason. Maybe 2007 was an unusually low for an unrelated reason. Maybe there was some weird climatic thing in either of those years affecting the birds -- drought or flood.

All I'm saying is that maybe the study means something and maybe it does not, but for sure the link does not contain enough information to make that determination. At best the link is a snapshot but not one from which you can actually draw accurate conclusions.

North Carolina National Parks info:
an Islander

Wilson, NC

#4 Apr 1, 2008
I live on Hatteras Island and what they are trying to do is just wrong! The Park Service has been protecting the birds and turtles as long as I have live here (since 1997). In fact, we continue to have to drive closer and closer to the ocean. Also, it should be noted that the birds they are trying to protect do not like tall grass. As the beach has been roped off from drivers the birds have moved closer to the water,which is why the "line" for driving has as well. Also, if they close these beaches from driving, where will the people go to get to the beach. There is very limited parking. This would cause people to use the dunes which are very sensitive as it is now. Also, the locals were promised to always have beach driving access when the Park Service took their land. I can't believe these people feel they have a right to come in and take away the locals and tourists God given rights. The birds have Pea Island, Dredge Island, not to mention other areas the Park Service has given them. This is an injustice; it will kill the economy for sure here on Hatteras; and it will affect many people that have made investments in second homes for summer rentals. The economy as it stands now is already putting a struggle on us all.
From way up North

Saint-hyacinthe, Canada

#5 Apr 1, 2008
I live in Quebec, My late grandfather owned a cottage for years in Buxton. Even after his death, my mother, father as well as my wife and me have continued to come to Buxton about once every 2 to 3 years and the hight point of the vacation would be to drive to the Point and just beach it. If these bird worshipers have their way I strongly feel Cape Hatteras will lose something that made the place unique and we'll lose out on a tradition.
I hoped one day I would drive ont the beach with my son but looks like we'll have to forget about that.

Holly Springs, NC

#6 Apr 2, 2008
I fully understand all of the points made here. As far as the economy goes, yes, it's a struggle at the moment but I truly feel that this will not hurt tourism. As far as taking future generations to Hatteras for traditions, simply start new traditions encorporating them into the old. Tell your children about your past trips and explain to them why we can no longer drive (if that is the outcome) and how we all had the courage to save endangered animals for them to see!
As far as Hatteras being the only home to these animals, my guess is no it's not.
A little info on the Leatherback Turtle here- t_wwf/what_we_do/species/about _species/species_factsheets/ma rine_turtles/leatherback_turtl e/index.cfm
Some info on the black skimmer-
The Piping Plover- /wiki/Piping_Plover
The Loggerhead Turtle- /wiki/Loggerhead_Sea_Turtle
It looks like most of them are endangered, some critically and no, Hatteras is not their only habitat.
I understand everyone's views, I really do. I only wish that people would stop and think about the future instead of the now sometimes.
Also, totally off point, why does this show that we are in different areas then where we are actually located?

Fayetteville, NC

#7 Apr 3, 2008
[If you want to protect the endangered birds, etc, control the wild (hungry) cats that live by the 100s in the scrub cedars. Birds live in the scrub tree areas, not on a clean, wave washed beach where there is no place to nest.

Holly Springs, NC

#8 Apr 3, 2008
The fact is the park has had 30 years to get a plan in place and they still don't have one. We will all find out the outcome tomorrow.
Va Woman

Richmond, VA

#9 Apr 3, 2008
This is for Twilight....we do think about the future....seems to me that you only think about yourself....How can it NOT hurt the economy when no people will want to come to OBX any more....millions of dollars lost with no tourist...what are we suppose to a house for about $2,000 a week and find out you have to walk a few miles to a beach OR sit in the house all week staring at walls......Get sound like one of those Tree Huggers that would cry if a leaf fell off a tree....God made the beaches for people to enjoy and he made them for all of I want my part of the beach to be made accessible to all closed....and you will change your mind right quick when you see businesses closing down and jobs being lost when tourist STOP coming to OBX

Holly Springs, NC

#10 Apr 4, 2008
Wow. Angry much? So the truth is coming out. You own one of those mansions down here and your worried about not renting it out? Ahhh ok, that makes more sense now. The tourists are not going to stop coming to the Outer Banks. If your house is "a few miles" from the ocean well that sucks for you because maybe they'll simply stop coming to your rental machine. The Outer Banks has had people coming here for years. Before there were huge rental homes and before there were even so many roads, businesses etc. There are lots of other places in the Outer Banks besides the approx. 12 miles that they are considering closing. Anyway, it looks as if they are settling out of court from what I can gather. So good news for you! You can still rent your enviornmentally friendly home down here. Hurray!
4x4 owner va

Ashburn, VA

#11 Apr 4, 2008
the 12 miles that yall are trying to have closed will be just a start. if this is passed where will the next 12 mile stretch be targeted. it will be the begining of the end. tree huggers are destorying the economy with there sick ideas. we cant drill for our own oil and now we cant drive on our own beachs.

Virginia Beach, VA

#12 Apr 4, 2008
Twilight, doesn't sound to me like VA woman owns a home in the obx. She said $2000 a week. We have been renting houses down there every year for the past 13 years, and $2000 a week sounds like a condo these days. The house we just got for this summer was $8000 for the week. And let me tell you something friend. If you think myself or any normal human with the least amount of common sense is going to dish out that kind of cash to sit in the house all week. Then your head is much further up your rear end then we had all thought. I'm all about helping the enviornment, but there is a lot more to look at here than the enviornment. Hatteras will become a ghost town, and people will be losing their jobs and businesses. These liberal pukes are about to take the place I call home away from away. Tell our kids about the memories of how great the place "USE" to be? What a joke. They should get to experience that for themselves. That's what makes the place so great, and people coming.

Holly Springs, NC

#13 Apr 4, 2008
You know what? Your right. If you pay $8000 a week to stay in Hatteras you should be able to do whatever you want to do. Even if that means polluting the beaches, and endangering animals that have been here longer then you. I'm not going to argue with anyone over this issue, I was merely making a point and discussing it only to be called a treehugging idiot and that my head was up my rear. Priceless.
You all should be directing all of this anger toward whoever it was that for the past 30 years has not put a plan in place. LOL. Why not take the time to find out who that is, write a letter expressing your concern? If there was a plan in place this could have all been avoided.
I would also like to point out that I never once expressed whether I was "for" or "against" this closing. I am a local here and I am doing my best to understand both sides of this situation.
“No one wants deny the rights of fishermen and families to enjoy beaches along the National Seashore, but our beaches are turning into highways. In the meantime, the Park Service has stood idly by, shirking its responsibility to institute simple rules and instead watching natural resources be destroyed and a once-responsible tradition spin out of control,” said SELC attorney Derb Carter.
va jeeper

Virginia Beach, VA

#14 Apr 4, 2008
I do not understand what the problem with birds on the beach is. People have been driveing and USEING the beaches of the USA for hundreds of years. Dont you think the bird population has addapted to that co-exhistance? I think so. As for the turtles.......the rangers travel the beaches all day every day. When they see a turtle nest they block the area off. As far as I have ever noticed people respect thes sites and do not disturb them. So again what is the problem. Leave the beaches open!

Virginia Beach, VA

#15 Apr 4, 2008
Twilight, you are a loser and a little punk. Come down to the beach so we can use you for fish food.

Holly Springs, NC

#16 Apr 4, 2008
va jeeper wrote:
I do not understand what the problem with birds on the beach is. People have been driveing and USEING the beaches of the USA for hundreds of years. Dont you think the bird population has addapted to that co-exhistance? I think so. As for the turtles.......the rangers travel the beaches all day every day. When they see a turtle nest they block the area off. As far as I have ever noticed people respect thes sites and do not disturb them. So again what is the problem. Leave the beaches open!
I didn't understand either until I took the time to visit this website to try and understand.
Scroll to the bottom and look at the chart. It shows a huge decline in bird population over 7 or 8 years.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, if there was a beach driving management plan put in place I'm guessing none of this would've happened.
Concerned Grimm

Lynchburg, VA

#17 Apr 8, 2008
I have been visiting the Outer Banks as long as I can remember and the beaches have always been open for driving. I have never seen them abused. In fact, I have seen far more trash thrown aside hwy 12 than along the beach.

My family has owned rental homes along the Outer Banks for over 30 years and part of the "ruggedness" that the area is known for is the ability to drive along the beach. Be it for fishing, exploring or just enjoying the ocean and sunset from a different angle, the beaches belong to us - they have not been abused.

As many of the previous comments stated - it will affect our rental income and therefore what we can afford to do to help the economy on the Outer Banks. If people go elsewhere, we cannot afford new carpets, pool equipment, paint etc... The trickle down affect will happen quickly!

To be truthful, there are really only 2 kinds of drivers along the beaches - the local (or people who have been coming for 30+ years and will still never be local) who remember these beaches as they became popular. Many of whom own SUV's purely for the purpose of driving on the beach and we do it with great care! The second are the visitors who grace our rental homes. White knuckled, testing their SUV's and driving only in other people's tracks and when they get stuck - there is always a helping tow rope waiting to gently pull them to safety. Friends are made, good times are had and no wildlife gets disturbed!

I am proud to say that Sunday, April 6th I had a fine breakfast sandwich from Mac's and drove out onto the beach just hoping it was not the last time I would be able to do so!

Please keep writing!
Jeff Oatis

Virginia Beach, VA

#18 Apr 9, 2008
If anyone is trying to ban ORV's on the outer banks they are retarded. You need to be able to drive to help many different things such as accessing perfect beachbreak barrels and uncrowded surf. ORV's are also important for making quick rescues if needed.

Angier, NC

#19 Apr 9, 2008
you need to stop and thank on the problems we are going to have before you close the beaches.there are better ways then closing the beaches to fix a on going problem.

Angier, NC

#20 Apr 10, 2008
i have seen people pull up to the nesting areas and then drive right through them i have watched people walk through the roped off areas where birds nest and tell you its not a closed area new laws who will enforce them no one enforces the laws on the beaches now you can get drunk act a fool and tear up the beach with your driving but not enough park rangers if all vistors to the beaches respected it may not have come to this

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