Obama calls for 'honest debate' on he...

Obama calls for 'honest debate' on health care

There are 136 comments on the York Dispatch story from Aug 21, 2009, titled Obama calls for 'honest debate' on health care. In it, York Dispatch reports that:

President Barack Obama is challenging his critics on a national health care overhaul, accusing them of making "phony claims" about the legislation.

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Philipsburg, PA

#1 Aug 22, 2009
So we won't HAVE to switch from our private insurance, if we don't want to? Great! But when our employer adopts the national plan, based purely on fiscal reasons, we too, will have to switch. And if we don't then 2.5% of your gross earnings will be taxed, yes taxed, to pay for the national plan. Didn't I hear Obama state there wouldn't be any new taxes or something along those lines?

He's a charlatan. Lying through his teeth to get what he wants.
No One Important

Reddick, IL

#2 Aug 22, 2009
Honest debate? Tell Obama "you FIRST!"

Why, if it is in such a crisis like you keep whining, why won't you look at TORT REFORM? Your own parasitic lobby group, Trial Lawyers, helped CAUSE that problem.

WHY won't you even DISCUSS that? Instead, the democrats refuse. Then they have no business even TOUCHING the system when they are being so dishonest about "reform."

How about the democrats REFUSING to make THEMSELVES subject to their own system? YOU FIRST.

How about the fact Obama goes on his "whine-a-thon" about how medicare and medicaid are dragging us down, but WON'T FIX THOSE 2 SINGLE PAYER PLANS FIRST.

Fix THOSE first, and PROVE the government can do ANYTHING efficiently.

You first Obama.

Why are you giving our TAX MONEY to BRAZIL to drill off shore while you BLOCK IT HERE?

You first Obama. Let's be honest.

A brazilian eneergy company, that SOROS has invested 26% of his portfolio in, has skyrocketed lately. Why is OUR tax money going to BRAZIL Obama, to support off shore drilling when we're losing our homes, and jobs here. We want OUR MONEY BACK.

How about AXELROD profiting from an ad agency, that is profiting from the GOVERNMENT PUSH for Health care reform?

Wanna talk honesty? YOU FIRST OBAMA...

You first because you guys look pretty scummy from here.
Info for you

United States

#3 Aug 22, 2009
bama and "honest"?

You have got to be kidding!

Benicia, CA

#4 Aug 22, 2009
Obama = Honest? HAHAHAHahahahahahaaaaaa
Bob Loblaw

Monterey, CA

#5 Aug 22, 2009
That's ironic and audacious for the Commander-In-Thief to ask for "honest" debate. He has told more whoppers than anyone.

Vacaville, CA

#6 Aug 22, 2009
I'm beginning to wonder if Obama will even be a one-term President. With the massive amounts of money that Democrats have spent--the massive raid on the Treasury of the United States that has put this nation into such deep debt that we can never dig our way out of it, there can be NO doubt that crimes have been committede, and it is only a matter of time until those crimes are revealed. And there can be no doubt that these will rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, and we will see an impeachment of the President.

The truth behind the curtain of Obama's administration WILL be revealed, and it will be a shocker.

Since: Dec 07

Arlington, VA

#7 Aug 22, 2009
Even in a scupulously honest debate, there are complex issues. The political fact is that there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass a "pulbic option", and the bloated House bills are too expensive to be "deficit neutral". I'd rather have no bill and start over than have a bad bill pass which cannot be sustained in the long run. Because this is Obama's flagship issue, he will indeed be a one-termer if it fails. It likely will fail becuae he has been too fuzzy on facts and not sufficienty engaged.
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United States

#8 Aug 22, 2009
So why does BO use that name when his name is barry soroto?

So much for "honesty" huh?

Since: Jun 09

Exeter, NH

#9 Aug 22, 2009
So far in the remarks, a cacaphony (with the emphasis on phony) of the lies which people who don't even have the courage to put their real names behind their lies has come forth.

Instead of parroting your own lies, talk honestly about the proposed health care bills. Stand up for Americans instead of kowtowing to corporations who don't care about your interests.

Arlington, TX

#10 Aug 22, 2009
Dirt wrote:
Obama = Honest? HAHAHAHahahahahahaaaaaa
The only thing I have heard him say that was even remotely honest is that he would not permit his family to use government-run healtcare, saying instead, "I will always use whatever means I can to provide excellent medical care for my family."
(Somebody must have been standing between him and the teleprompter.) If we allow these greedy, self-serving politicians to pass this healthcare legislation, we deserve what we get! Remember: THEY WORK FOR US!
Sandy Overton

Westminster, CA

#11 Aug 22, 2009
We don't need a communist state. We need freedom of speech and open discussion. And, we need the president to stop pointing fingers.

Apopka, FL

#12 Aug 22, 2009
There has been nothing "honest" about anything Obama and the dems have done.
Even now ... how can you push a UHC healthcare bill without a apecific bill?
Answer: they do not care as long as it contains a "public option" which they know will crowd out every other, and eventually it will be government care.

Obama does not want a debate ... he wants to demogague.

“Taste great in milk!”

Since: Aug 08


#13 Aug 22, 2009
11 out of 12 postings are'nt all that sure Old What's-His Name's National Medical plan is such a good idea.
Of course there's always a Drone from Conneticut to shore-up His plan.
I agree with the majority of the posts, and really would like to see even a remote sign of "honesty" from this Guy.

There's even a "closed-door" amnesty talk/disscussion going on this week, and every open-Border Group/Lobby has been invited, and all others have been deliberately excluded.

Nice Guy eh?...real trustworty, I'd say.

Arlington, TX

#14 Aug 23, 2009
Glasnos wrote:
There has been nothing "honest" about anything Obama and the dems have done.
Even now ... how can you push a UHC healthcare bill without a apecific bill?
Answer: they do not care as long as it contains a "public option" which they know will crowd out every other, and eventually it will be government care.
Obama does not want a debate ... he wants to demogague.
O. Bama wants what his handlers feed into his teleprompter. O. Bama is a marionette.
Question: Who is pulling the strings?
E Flanagan

San Rafael, CA

#15 Aug 23, 2009
In 8 years medicare will be broke, no more money. That is a cold fact. So if we do nothing, in the next decade,what will all you folks on and counting on medicare do for health care?

My question: If Gov't run programs are so inept, and health insurance companies are so wonderful. Let Public Option pass...then if it fails..you can say I told you so...(pppssst: FDR passed social security without the Republicans, we only need 51 Senators to pass the bill. There are 60 Democrat Senators.)

Redding, CA

#16 Aug 23, 2009
Insurance rates will rise 94 percent by 2020 if cost-saving reforms to the US health care system aren’t enacted, a new study from the Commonwealth Institute finds.

The 90-year-old non-profit health care charity released an analysis of health care costs and forecasts that says employer-sponsored family plans will rise from an average cost of $12,298 in 2008 to $23,842 in 2020.

By contrast, the same coverage would have cost around $9,200 in 2003.

“Across the United States, middle-income individuals and families have been los­ing ground as the cost of health insurance continues to rise at a faster rate than incomes,” the report states.“Rising employer insurance premiums have forced many working fami­lies to trade off increases in their wages just to hold onto their health benefits. The expanding share of health insurance premiums paid by workers themselves has also taken a greater cut out of paychecks.”

The Commonwealth Fund’s report continues:

Between 1999 and 2008, employer-sponsored fam­ily health insurance premiums rose by 119 percent nationally, while median family income rose by 29 percent.2 Such a rapid increase in the cost of employer-sponsored health benefits has forced difficult choices at workplaces across the country. Studies indicate that slower growth in wages and lower savings for retirement (worker and employer contributions) have been part of the trade-off to preserve health benefits.3 Despite such trade-offs, the monthly cost of premiums paid by workers and their families is up—consuming an ever-greater share of any wage increases they might receive.

At the state level, premiums have risen rapidly, and far faster than average incomes. In the five years from 2003 to 2008, total premiums for family cover­age under employer-sponsored plans rose a cumulative average of 33 percent. The five-year increase in family premiums ranged from about 25 percent in the three lowest-growth states (Michigan, Texas, and Ohio) to 45 percent in the two highest-growth states (Indiana and North Carolina). Twelve states saw increases of 40 per­cent or more and 36 states saw increases of 30 percent or more—well above the rate of income growth.
The analysis could prove a much-needed talking point for supporters of health care reform.

“The public option isn’t just some kind of political litmus test,” writes blogger mcjoan at Daily Kos.“It’s the last stand for affordable health care in the future. The public option means that American families will not have to pay a quarter of their monthly income on health insurance in ten years. It’s bad enough that we’re now paying 18 percent [of GDP].”

The Commonwealth Report’s numbers “are yet another reminder that genuine healthcare reform, in particular Medicare for all, is the most effective way to rein in costs,” the California Nurses’ Association said in a statement drawing attention to the study.

“These findings are merely the shocking state of premiums, not even including a concurrent jump in out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, co-pays, and other fees,” said Deborah Burger, co-president of the nurses’ group.“It’s no wonder that medical bills now are the leading factor in 62 percent of bankruptcies, and half of American families are rationing medical care because they can’t afford it.”

“Yet, rather than show any compassion for how their price gouging practices have harmed so many families, the insurance giants are planning to continue to plunder the American people with more huge increases in premium prices
not him

Trumbull, CT

#17 Aug 23, 2009
Hey Flanagan, how about we sell california to china? Your damn near broke now.Since the chinese have all of our manufacturing why not give them illegals, gangs, whole counties on weed,no water for crops,pelosi, boxer, waxman, etc. No loss from our point of view . might even make some money.
not him

Trumbull, CT

#19 Aug 23, 2009
Watch out everyone .Dearest leader is now relaxing on the $28million farm on martha vineyard. He will release very "high minded" material the next two weeks.This also means that his attack dogs will double up on the rhetoric so he will look "reasonable" and "level" compared to them. This is necessary because he is preparing a nationwide address for september. Most of the insiders say from the oval office. This will be his attempt to force through socialist healtcare, with or without the republicans and independents. He has to be seperated from it for awhile in order to do this so watch the mind slaves and there talking points,EVIL INSURANE COMPANIES,FAIR TREATMENT FOR ALL AMERICANS, ETC. REMEMBER THIS IS ABOUT A 1.3 TRILLION DOLLAR TAKEOVER OF THE ENTIRE MEDICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES NOT HOW TO HELP PEOPLE AFFORD WHAT THEY CURRENTLY DO OR DON'T HAVE.ALL HAIL OUR DEAREST LEADER AND THE NEW HOUSE OF LORDS(FORMALLY KNOWN AS THE SENATE)
War Stories

United States

#21 Aug 23, 2009
Today's news claims the W.H. may have violated anti-trust lobbying laws in regards to the massive e-mail to millions of Americans, telling them to pass the e-mail on. My question is: where did the W.H. "GET" the e-mail addresses in the first place?

I've heard several times when protesters are asked "How did you know you should be here?" Obama's people e-mailed me. Something stinks in D.C. and it's stinkier than normal.


Since: Mar 08

somewhere i BELONG

#22 Aug 23, 2009
whos he going to have a honest debate with?
certinly not those who oppose it.
will he have a teleprompter with all the questions that were pre screened?

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