A cloud over the Capitol?

A cloud over the Capitol?

There are 84 comments on the DispatchPolitics story from Apr 25, 2010, titled A cloud over the Capitol?. In it, DispatchPolitics reports that:

When pollsters asked Americans last month for one word that best describes their impression of Congress, the most common response was dysfunctional.

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Defiance, OH

#1 Apr 25, 2010
When in the course of humanevents. The opening line of the most relavant document if those clowns continue to spend every dime and demand more.

Lancaster, OH

#2 Apr 25, 2010
They'll see just how displeased the american people are when the mid term elections come around !! Let US remind you that you are SUPPOSED to work for the people. I for one hope to see voters let them know that we are watching they're every move, I will be...

Columbus, OH

#3 Apr 25, 2010
You could randomly select names out of phonebooks in each district and come up with a much better slate of representatives who would actually listen to their constituents.

Since: Oct 08

Mansfield, OH

#4 Apr 25, 2010
Because we have only two political parites of any substance in our country, the country will always be divided in half, forming a stalemate. Indepentents and the undecided actually make the tie-breaking vote. That is why our elections have been so close and why there is so much heated debate in Washington and by the public. The internet, instant 24 hour news, and cell phones are the huge technological fuel that fires the debate and creates the image of a dysfuncitonal political process. Today, we do not read about the election results in the evening paper of the following day, nor do we take the time to write a letter to our congressman and wait for the reply in 30 or so days. We want instant information. We want instant action. We can even watch the news at the coffee shop, Appleby's or Mc Donalds! We demand nothing less, but we are dysfunctional. Are we any better?

Bradenton, FL

#5 Apr 25, 2010
The cloud is the division, hatred and constant turmoil caused by O-bribe-a.

the damage has been caused by career politicians.

vote out ALL members of congress with over 2 terms in office.

Demand term limits for congress.
the truth

Newark, OH

#6 Apr 25, 2010
Mary Jo Killjoy talks of how we have to stay within our means and yet she votes to spend and tax. Vote her and the dmes out and any GOP that is doing it also.
The Red Raider

Columbus, OH

#7 Apr 25, 2010
This is all the fault of Republicans.

Since: Oct 08

Mansfield, OH

#8 Apr 25, 2010
Technology is the engine that can help us to improve our political process and end our dysfunctional government. Our elected leaders are currently caught between the lines of the old way and our emerging demand for instant gratification. Clearly, the present method is not working, is not acceptable and is fueling political unrest across our nation. No one from any party wants to take the lead to change this, so the stalemate will continue.

Defiance, OH

#10 Apr 25, 2010
TaxPoor wrote:
You could randomly select names out of phonebooks in each district and come up with a much better slate of representatives who would actually listen to their constituents.
And all Gods children said"AMEN!"
No K

Athens, OH

#11 Apr 25, 2010
I love how the blame has shifted to the current administration when the Dysfunction was created by the previous administration. Boy you republicant's have short memories - or convenient ones perhaps. It's your ideological obsession that has run this country into the ground. Not the works of a man that's been there for a year and a half. It's these small minded attitudes and angered fueled ideologies that voted bush in and will ultimately keep this country from being the World's leader once again.

Cincinnati, OH

#12 Apr 25, 2010
I, was wondering, what spending did Mary Jo vote against?
not exactly

Nashport, OH

#13 Apr 25, 2010
Some body recently didn't like my two posts, so they took them off. I never complained, lied, missled, or miss informed in either of my two previous posts. I didn't cuss, semi cuss, or discriminate in either of those posts, but yet some wanker got disturbed with them..

FIrst off how can people trust government when they lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, and do such stupid stuff as some of our leaders have done (aka vietnam war iraq war)? Get on the news a day or two before 9/11 and say oops our government can't account for roughly 2.3 trillion dollars and nothing has been done or noted to the public since about 2.3 trillion dollars.. Inspire confidence in any one? Not me. Wai spending 25 million dollars on checking to see if building a railway from cincy to cleveland would impact the enviorment? There already is a railway! I have a friend that spent 2 hours trying to talk to the govs office, mayors office, and a few other offices with no answers no one had an answer why it costs 25 mill.

Ad into this why should special interest groups aka copany hired goons get into politicians offices or oval office when I tried several times to see/talk to or even have a discusion over the phone with senator ray miller and I got "talk to the hand" never once did he call me back or write me back in any fashion. My issue? changing ohios wage garnishment law to model arizonas, a much better system than ohio has now. I got excuses like, he's a busy many with 200-300 thousand people/constients, bbut never once did I see a line at his office.
Obsessed Politicians

Columbus, OH

#14 Apr 25, 2010
Obsessed with getting reelected. That's become their only priority now and everything they do from the moment they wake up until they retire at night revolves around that. Add to that a new President who's obsessed with himself and being in the limelight nonstop with photo ops. Current election system that revolves around buying votes begs for some type of accountability.
marine mom

Hilliard, OH

#15 Apr 25, 2010
i have heard all i want to here from those clowns.
unlike not exactly, i got responces from some of my reps. they all said the same thing " I AM DOING WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT ". well maybe the new people we send to take over their jobs will bow to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT.

Columbus, OH

#16 Apr 25, 2010
JSB wrote:
Let US remind you that you are SUPPOSED to work for the people.
In the last election the "people" voted in a Democratic president and a large Democratic majority, who had campaigned on health care reform. Delivering on that promise WAS working for the people.

The Republicans, backed by Wall Street and big business and aided by their cable "news" network and right wing radio, have put on a full frontal assault to thwart the will of the people. The Republican senators have a record number of filibusters to prevent most things from even coming to a vote. Of course when they were in power, they rolled out the crocodile tears wailing about the only fair thing to do was have "an up or down vote" to push through extremist activist judges.

Delaware, OH

#17 Apr 25, 2010
I think the most annoying thing with a bill trying to be passed is the way they stick in a lot of other things they want passed that has nothing whatever to do with the bill in question. Why can't they simplify it. Yes maybe some of the things in a bill are great but they stick in controveral things just to get it by. That is the problem in my opinion.
roger - Columbus

Wheelersburg, OH

#18 Apr 25, 2010
How about we vote all the incumbants out of office and send a message to all politicians? Let's get some moderates and independents in office who are actually capable of thinking.

Mentor, OH

#19 Apr 25, 2010
Corrupt is a fair accessment. Staying in office is the primary goal. The politicians making the comments know very well that healthcare reform wasn't accomplished.

Spin it by saying 'look what we've accomplished.' Divided the country is the first thing that comes to my mind. The voters will make the necessary corrections in 2010 and 2012. An out of balance Washington DC means half of America gets shafted.

Hilliard, OH

#20 Apr 25, 2010
They need to take RELIGION & LOBBYING out of the lawmaking process. Why would I want to listen to some right wing religious garbage, and why would I want my tax money spent for tax exempt churches and organizations. They have abused the process as well so therefore, they should all lose them including property tax exemptions. PERIOD.

Hilliard, OH

#22 Apr 25, 2010
You can vote out anyone you want, but it will never change until those two elements are removed on all levels out of government.

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