Russ Carnahan Targeted By Angry Const...

Russ Carnahan Targeted By Angry Constituents

There are 50 comments on the Fox2Now story from Mar 25, 2010, titled Russ Carnahan Targeted By Angry Constituents. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO - Some House members are getting angry threats, now that the health care billed passed.

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John from Fenton

Chicago, IL

#1 Mar 25, 2010
Stunts like the coffin are a waste. Rep. Carnahan did not listen to us before the vote on health care - he just went along with Speaker Pelosi and the social progressives. We will never be able to pay for what they have wrought. I have calculated that I will have to work until at least age 72 now.
The only solution is to vote them all out in November!

Saint Louis, MO

#2 Mar 25, 2010
They shouldn't waste coffins, we are going to need them for the people that can't live past the long lines of ObamaCare
Linda in Missouri

Warrenton, MO

#3 Mar 25, 2010
We visited his office back in October. I believe that he is not-in the least-interested in what the people want.

I think that he needs to go back home and let someone who is working for the people take his place. He certainly is an over-bearing smart-alec.

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Mar 25, 2010
There was no civil discourse,they did not listen to the will of the people,in less "civilized countrys"we would have a revolt.

Jefferson City, MO

#6 Mar 25, 2010
Yep Just like unruly thugs that broke door windows and sent kill letters. just your typical KKK clans man.
jocelyn taylor

Saint Charles, MO

#7 Mar 25, 2010
well people are getting fed up with all this crap that they want us to have that we don't want and that they will not be on ..
so people are lashiing out ...
it might not be right way of doing it ...
who are the people

Lancaster, PA

#8 Mar 25, 2010
I have health care but i wanted this passed the people the insurance companys have been screwing for the last 50 years So they did listen to the will of the people as far as i am concerned. Remember there is two sides to every story for you that dont think that people wanted this. Why are there republicans so scared??? They are acting so greedy me me me....we all have one thing in common some day we will all be pushing up daiseys so dont lose to much sleep over this and enjoy your life every moment you cry over this your wasting your time in your short life
blah blah

Olathe, KS

#9 Mar 25, 2010
Vote every incumbent out of office, democrat and republican, and keep voting them out until they get the message they work for us. Very few of them care about the people. Their concern is for how much they can make, above and under the table, and getting re-elected so they can continue rapeing us.

United States

#10 Mar 25, 2010
This so called Tea Party group seems to have taken their disagreemet to a different level than unhappy democrats, in Bush's Admin. Where is Civility? What true freedom is there in capatilist living on the backs and work of others? Where is the freedom in Wall Street stealing your money? Where is the freedom in inflated health care costs? Where is the freedom in Corporations taking your retirement? Where is the freedom in the Banks who steal your money? Are they saying we don't mind those institutions stealing from us, that it is okay? Where were they protesting when these things were going on? Where is your freedom when your fellow human is dying because they cannot afford health care? Where is your freedom when the capatilist endeavors, steal your neighbors home, business and use capatilist loop holes to come away clean from any responsibility. While I don't agree with anymore taxes on anything; barring Alcohol, tobacco, and the like - what good is angry physical actions going to bring???

Bradenton, FL

#11 Mar 25, 2010
why should elected officials be above consequences for their actions.....
g moser

Kissimmee, FL

#12 Mar 25, 2010
Unreal wrote:
Yep Just like unruly thugs that broke door windows and sent kill letters. just your typical KKK clans man.
Please you are mellow dramatic. A movement with millions of people and a few or a hundred are over the line. At least when it comes to KKK thinking. When it comes to freedom fighters it is different. But your lovable government has homeland security and freedom fighters will be called domestic terrorists. Please wise up. I will use the Chicago analogy. During the corrupted 20's in Chicago, America was a rising nation. Chicago today rules a nation in decline. And it is stealing money from the honest and putting guilt on those it steals from. Hence the little bit of violence. Pretty lucky or fortunate. If the false republican scum steal the election this time as they infiltrate the tea party with their old ways and allegiance to elitists, there will be more violence. And oh yeah, your buddies are traitors.
Veronica Plump

United States

#13 Mar 25, 2010
these people are so stupid. do they think their actions are going to change anything? why not be constructive and try to do something to change it? this has been coming for a long time. obama was just the only one who had the guts to instigate it. like he said he's going to do what's right, not popular.
Veronica Plump

United States

#14 Mar 25, 2010
Grayghost wrote:
What has been done can be undone - so, come November the polls will tell the story - those that voted FOR this fiasco can go find another job - let THEM see what its like out here in the economy with the rest of us poor slobs looking for jobs! They won't find it so easy, nor will they draw the salaries they get NOW in their current positions! That is one way to revolt and still be civilized! This entire thing was voted in for blacks -'those without health care' ARE the blacks and this is why we have to confront this and stop giving out all these freebies to people that don't work but just live off the state! They get it free anyway - the reason? They all go to the emergency room and then NEVER pay the bill! So, they'll STILL go to the emergency room ! Wait and see! This is a total lack of response to the people he is SUPPOSE to represent - it's supposed to be FOR the people, and BY the people - all he has done is vote himself out of office,too. I was told last nite there has been several attempts on his life but they cover it up because they don't want the general public to know about it. Such arrogance! He is the most arrogant person I"ve ever hade the misfortune to see, and I would NEVER want to meet him - a complete joke is in the white house!!!
okay know your history!!! all these social programs were instigated for the poor white people!!! black people were not even allowed to get these services. obama is for the PEOPLE. is that what people like you are scared of. that he is going to make things easy for black people? it is people like you that have been raping the system for years!!!!

Fenton, MO

#15 Mar 25, 2010
What is wrong with you people? Long lines to see a doctor? Have you been to an ER lately? The Republicans spoon feed you crap about anything they don't like, and you take it as gospel. They don't like it because they're bought and paid for by the health insurance industry. Do you really think the healthcare system works good now?

United States

#16 Mar 25, 2010
Also worth noting that this happened the day after the tea party kicked, punched, and burned photos of Russ Carnahan at their rally, and then bragged about it. Their leader Bill Hennessy also declared that they no longer have any "moral or legal obligations" because he mistakenly believes the healthcare bill is unconstitutional. They are clearly intending to be threatening.
Sandy 1 of many Rush fans

Maryland Heights, MO

#17 Mar 25, 2010
Yes, people are angry because you need free health care and want everyone else to pay for it. As Dennis Miller has said we will gladly help the helpless but not the clueless. But we will show our anger at the polls and to get conservatives elected this November. DO NOT ACT IN ANGER. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO SO THEY CAN DISCREDIT US.

Saint Louis, MO

#18 Mar 25, 2010
Did he get a photo?

Saint Louis, MO

#19 Mar 25, 2010
It seems that for the last several years there has been a increasing segment of the republican party that has forgotten our democracy is built on everyone having the right to their opinion. If you differ with them they burn your cds (Dixie Chicks) or threaten your life, put a coffin on your lawn, call your patriotism into question, etc. I don't recall democrats doing any of these things when Bush stole the election. Makes you wonder who the real patriots are!
Paul in Indiana

Elkhart, IN

#20 Mar 25, 2010
This is a great example of the sloppy sensationalistic reporting so common in journalism today. Come on Fox News! You can do better.

By this short report, it sounds like some maniac sneaked onto his property and dumped a casket. Certainly something I would take as a threat.

But it took me all of two mouse clicks to find who brought the coffin to Rep Carnahan's lawn and why. Jim Hoft, part of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition, led a prayer vigil in front of Rep. Carnahan's home. They brought the coffin as a sign of mourning for those they believe will die because of this health care bill.

Part of the vigil, before moving to Rep. Carnahan's home, was even covered by local news.

You can read Mr. Hoft's version here:

While I do not agree with this kind of protest, I don't think it rises to the level of a threat.

Fenton, MO

#21 Mar 25, 2010
Come November, grayghost, we shall see who gets voted out, the Dems for trying to fix a problem, or the repubs for insisting that the broken status quo system is good enough. Your a fool. I don't know what makes you people think that the American people are behind you on this, but they're not! No one asked me and I'll bet no one asked you. The repub mouthpieces told us the switchboards were jammed with angry citizens and you believed it. How many of those phone calls do you think they answered? Maybe they were angry over the clear in your face partisanship the republicans were displaying. After 8 long years we finally get a president who can complete a full and lucid sentence, and you just can't stand it.

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