Coffin used in weekend health care pr...

Coffin used in weekend health care protest placed in lawn of Re...

There are 20 comments on the Fox4KC story from Mar 25, 2010, titled Coffin used in weekend health care protest placed in lawn of Re.... In it, Fox4KC reports that:

A spokeswoman for Congressman Russ Carnahan is expressing concern after a coffin that was used as part of a protest against health care reform ended up in the lawn of the Democrat's St.

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Columbia, MO

#1 Mar 25, 2010
Now that’s FUNNY. I don’t care who you are. The American people don’t want this bill but yet most of them vote yes. Then they add an amendment that makes it so politicians, vice president and president don’t have to have the same health insurance. Wonder why, you think it is so great they should use it too.

United States

#2 Mar 25, 2010
I was laughing hysterically this morning when I saw that the Health Bill Reform was a mess and has to go back through the process again. It just goes to show that we have elected liars and thieves to make decisions for us. They did not even read the bill.

It appears our president is not the brightest crayon in the box and the people we elected to make decisions for us are all followers and in it for what they can get for themselves.

I also see where one of the elected officials in MO. is having sex with an 18 yr old. Do you want him making decisions for you?????

I can't wait for November to get here. With ACORN out of business we might get some leaders that can read and still have moral values

United States

#3 Mar 25, 2010

Russ Carnahan is divorced from reality and he's an embarrassment to the 3rd district. He's in Politico trying to claim he's been targeted for violence because some folks from the Tea Party held a mock funeral for those who will die under this healthcare bill. Cue the creepy music. They used, get this, a coffin, in the mock funeral! And candles! Oh, the humanity!

Really? Is he that clueless? Note that Politico doesn't point out the coffin was draped with a flag. But there is video. Rush the children out of the room as Bill Hennessy talks about the loss of freedom under healthcare.

According to an Article on KMOV Channel 4, a Spokesman from Democrat Russ Carnahan's Office claims that a Coffin was left on his lawn Wednesday night. The Spokesman said that the Tea Party left it there:

"Sara Howard, a spokesperson for Congress Russ Carnahan, confirmed tonight that a coffin was left on the front lawn of the Carnahan's home residence in the St. Louis area.

Howard says there was a Tea Party protest in front the congressman's office earlier in the day on Wednesday and a coffin was there. So it's assumed that the protest moved to Carnahan's house and the coffin stayed."

This story is SOO Wrong where do I begin.

First the Protest was on SUNDAY not WEDNESDAY, gee the Spokesperson can't even get the day right.


We were having a Peaceful Candlelight Prayer Vigil for Lost Freedoms and the Victims of Government Run Health care(which is what the Coffin Represented) on the SIDEWALK in Front of his house. And we LEFT WITH THE COFFIN.

Russ had been caught in another lie!

Kansas City, MO

#4 Mar 25, 2010
Tea, I think someone took it back to the house. It's stil hilarious! Best way to get back at him is take his job away. Even though for the rest of his life he will get his salary plus the plush, extravegant health care they have. Too bad we can't do something about that.

Kansas City, MO

#5 Mar 25, 2010
Hey, by the way. If gov't is going to tax those health care plans that are "plush" does that mean their plan gets taxed??????
Think for yourselves

Rockland, DE

#6 Mar 25, 2010
The biggest plight, we as americans, have is the the inability to think for ourselves. We now get our news from 30 second sound bites, or 1 hour programming devoted to whichever side of the political aisle you are on. Stop "listening to Beck, Obermanm, O'Reilly, Maddow, King, etc... Use your own deductive reasoning. Read a book for a change. Come up with your own thoughts based only the facts. How many of you have "truly" spent the time to read the entire Bill?

United States

#7 Mar 25, 2010
Think for yourselves wrote:
The biggest plight, we as americans, have is the the inability to think for ourselves. We now get our news from 30 second sound bites, or 1 hour programming devoted to whichever side of the political aisle you are on. Stop "listening to Beck, Obermanm, O'Reilly, Maddow, King, etc... Use your own deductive reasoning. Read a book for a change. Come up with your own thoughts based only the facts. How many of you have "truly" spent the time to read the entire Bill?
You mean the one's bama promised would be posted on the net 5 days before he signed them into law so anyone could read them?

Yep, bama lied about that too.

Lees Summit, MO

#8 Mar 25, 2010
This is the same Carnahan who let the union members in a side door of his town hall meeting and blocked everyone else. It was this site where some union members beat up an African American who came to see what was going on. So don't cry a river for Carnahan, he is very familiar with intimidation and violence unleashed on anyone who disagress with him. Carnahan is a bad and stupid.

United States

#9 Mar 25, 2010

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 1: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten, And by Whom by Stage Right

On August 6, 2009 two Service Employee International Union (SEIU) leaders and a volunteer for Organizing for America (OFA) assaulted Kenneth Gladney outside of Rep. Russ Carnahans Town hall meeting on health care. The perpetrators were arrested at the scene of the crime, and three months later charges have finally been filed.

Much has been said in the past three months about this incident. Here at Big Government calls have been made for justice, for formal charges and mostly for the mass media to follow the story and delve into the governments role in this violent attempt to intimidate and silence dissent. We can no longer wait for the establishment journalists to connect the dots and bring to light the insidious relationships between the SEIU, OFA, Russ Carnahams office and the Obama Administration.

Was this assault merely a flare up of tempers during a heated exchange of rival political camps? Or was it a coordinated attempt to silence the scores of protesters who had been so effective at swaying public opinion against the Presidents health care scheme? Today, Big Government will bring to light documents that read like an instruction manual for the SEIU forces in St. Louis the evening of August 6th. We will also show that on the very same evening of the St. Louis assault, an almost identical scene played out in Tampa Bay, Florida. Also involving SEIU and OFA. Also resulting in hordes of union members shouting down and physically evicting protesters from a U.S. Representatives Town hall meeting. Finally, we will introduce all of the various players in leadership roles at these organizations, what they said in instructing their members in how to fight back against the Town hall protesters, and how these individuals all connect to each other and to the Obama Administration. As I said, weve been waiting for the Real journalists to do this, weve waited long enough.

Read entire article.

United States

#10 Mar 25, 2010

Yesterday we discussed the events leading up to the August 6th health care town hall meeting featuring Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO). The event was hosted by Health Care For American Now (HCAN) and Organizing for America (OFA), the former a front group for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the latter an off-shoot of the Obama Campaign now run by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). We revealed a four page document released by HCAN two days before the August 6th town hall meeting. In that document, guidelines are revealed for members of HCAN (union members) on how best to stifle the protestations of ObamaCare.

Meet Margarida Jorge. She works for HCAN and is the person who released the memo that served as a template for the meetings in Tampa Bay and St. Louis. Ms. Jorge worked for SEIU in Missouri prior to her position at HCAN. She is often featured at the Peoples World web page (a direct descendant of the Daily Worker the newspaper of the American Socialist and Marxist Movement). In fact, Ms. Jorge was honored with an award from Peoples World for her work with an organization called Progressive Vote, or Pro-Vote. Pro-Vote is a coalition of many organizations including SEIU, HCAN and ACORN. Their mission: To fight for progressive issues and progressive candidates.

That is Margarida Jorge. She wrote the HCAN memo. In the past she worked with Sara Howard.

Meet Sara Howard. She used to work with SEIU. She also worked for a group called America Coming Together (ACT). In the 2004 campaign, ACT was very active in registering voters on behalf of the Kerry Campaign. ACT was later fined $775,000 for taking illegal donations (including those from SEIU), the largest FEC fine in history. She also worked as a Senior Strategist for Obama for America. On August 5th, the day before the St. Louis town hall meeting featuring Rep. Russ Carnahan, Sara Howard was named the Communications Director for the Missouri Democrat.

That is Sara Howard. She is Russ Carnahans Communications Director. When she was working on the Obama Campaign, she was under the direction of Buffy Wicks.

Meet Buffy Wicks. Buffy Wicks is the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement directly under Valerie Jarrett. She was the White House representative on the infamous conference calls involving Yosi Sergant and the NEA which were exposed by Big Hollywood resulting in Mr. Sergants forced resignation. Before her job at the White House Buffy Wicks ran the Obama Campaign operation in Missouri where she was instrumental in get out the vote programs involving SEIU, ACORN and Pro-Vote, where she worked with Sara Howard and Margarida Jorge.

That is Buffy Wicks, Sara Howard and Margarida Jorge. In their capacities with SEIU and Pro-Vote and HCAN and the Obama Campaigns, they were involved with SEIU Public Service Director and former organizer Elston McCowan and SEIU Business Agent and Organizer Perry Molens. McCowan and Molens are the men charged with the assault on Kenneth Gladney.

United States

#12 Mar 25, 2010

Dealing with Right Wing Attacks in the Field,

From: Margarida Jorge
To: HCAN Field Partners
RE: HCAN Responding to Right Wing Attacks in the Field.

United States

#13 Mar 25, 2010

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 3: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten And by Whom

Now, lets add THIS one to the mix

Robert McCulloch worked on behalf of the Obama for America campaign (Wicks and Howard) by aggressively promoting a pre-emptive strike against negative campaigning against Barack Obama. McCulloch is the person charged with the duty to bring charges against McCowan and Molens for assaulting Gladney outside the town hall meeting of Carnahan arranged by Howard following the volatile template written by Jorge!(Follow all that?)
So, how did McCulloch do in executing his duties in the Gladney case? McCulloch handed the case over to county counselor Patricia Redington and washed his hands from that point on. It is interesting that McCulloch moved so quickly in using intimidation tactics by wielding the power of his office and the threat of legal ramifications for any negative advertising that may have suggested that candidate Obama might not actually lower taxes on everyone making $250,000 per year (have you gotten your tax cut yet?) but he passed the buck when it came to this case.

Meanwhile, Redington let this case languish for months before finally bringing modest charges against the suspects on the afternoon before Thanksgiving (an obvious attempt to let the story disappear). One week before the charges were brought, Big Government reported:

Redington hasnt spoken to Kenneth Gladney
Redington hasnt called any of the witnesses on the police report.
Redington hasnt contacted any of the Tea Party members that are seen on video
Redington hasnt contacted any of the people who shot video that night and whose YouTube urls are listed on the evidence page
Also, despite the fact that Redington never investigated the injuries Gladney suffered and never interviewed the medical personnel who administered assistance to Gladney, she still felt it best to reduce the charges down to an ordinance violation. In the words of Judge Anthony Napolitano:The moral equivalent of jay walking.

Watch the video!
The truth squad?

United States

#14 Mar 25, 2010

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 4: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten And by Whomby Stage Right
On July 31, 2009, the Democratic House Leadership communicated to their members that they were working in close coordination with the White House and Health Care for America Now (HCAN) to get grass roots activities at town hall meetings through the month of August. Five days later HCAN released a detailed instruction sheet for the union members of SEIU on how to control admission, speech, behavior and security at town hall meetings. Two days after that staff members of the St. Louis SEIU implemented these strategies at Rep. Russ Carnahans town hall event which resulted in Kenneth Gladney being beaten by an SEIU Business Agent and an SEIU Public Service Director.

The three-page document titled:Strategic Communications Plan for August: Health Insurance Reform details various strategies for working district health care events, telephone town hall meetings, press outreachetc. Then under the heading of Coordination(and they say there is a vast RIGHT wing conspiracy) the House Democratic Leadership states:

The Leadership is working in close coordination with the White House and outside groups (including but not limited to HCAN, Families USA, AFSCME, SEIU, AARP, etc.) to ensure complementary efforts during August. The President, Secretary Sebelius and other principals in the reform debate will be working throughout the month to hold events, promote the message in the press and move the reform effort forward. We are also working closely with supportive organizations to ensure they are implementing comprehensive plans for August that include grassroots efforts, media strategies and anything else that can add to the momentum. In addition, a list of groups supporting health reform has been provided to your offices with information on ways you can partner with them in your districts.

(Read the Memorandum on the link)

On the evening of August 6th, at Rep. Russ Carnahans town hall meeting in St. Louis organized by HCAN hundreds and hundreds of protestors were shut out of the meeting while SEIU members were ushered into a side entrance. The protestors that did get in were shouted down by SEIU plants who were seated in the front of the room. Outside, while protestors who had been shut out by the union security were demonstrating, two members of the SEIU crowd control team began to confiscate the materials being distributed by Kenneth Gladney. Gladney was assaulted resulting in the arrest of the SEIU staffers.
Concerned citizen

Fenton, MO

#15 Mar 25, 2010
I'm glad to see the truth in this story is finally being heard. Cause truth is these people used that coffin as a "symbol" of all the babies and senior citizens in this country are going to affected by this Healthcare plan. This morning it was reported there were death threats to the Congressman. But it took 12 hours for the retraction of the correct story. Maybe that's the problem with media you report before the facts are in. I'm highly disappointed in this and not just by your network.

I would almost say the coffin could represent the death of freedoms in this country which we are losing...
Kill the Bill

United States

#16 Mar 25, 2010
Are democrats really surprised. I am not condoning the violence that has taken place since the vote on the health care bill, but come on. The democrats ignored letters, phone calls and protest. Refused to hear from the american people and would not budge when it came to listening to the republicans. And now they are suprised that the peacefull protests have become violent. Before I didn't care if someone got an abortion. I didn't have to pay for it. But now, I have to pay for something I consider wrong. And Don't think there aren't going to be other things that come out of this bill that hurts the america. The thing was 2700 pages long and no one read it. I'm for getting people health care, but there are much better ways to do it than give the government total control. After all, they have shown they are capable of handling small programs such as cash for clunkers. A huge failure. Sorry Dems, you shouldn't be surprised.

Ballwin, MO

#17 Mar 25, 2010
As a Registered Professional Nurse, I am very happy that finally the US is coming into the 21st Century when it comes to Healthcare.
I personally think that the bill addressing pre-existing conditions, not losing insurance if you become ill, no annual limits on your coverage, and not descriminating against women and chargin higher premiums are a few steps in the right direction.
If you like your insurance keep it! Why deny others the chance at a more healthy life? Anyway...this shouldn't cost anymore than an unecessary war should it? If you don't mind going into debt and paying for that, why not pay a few more dollars more a more healthy community?

Morrisville, NC

#18 Mar 25, 2010
Is that like all the crosses and the pretend dead bodies and naked sit ins the liberals do all the time. Gee Russ you are really brave. Afraid of a coffin??? Whoooooo And a bunch of people praying? Wow no wonder you are in Congress. What courage.
Yet you don't seem to want to face the voters. I guess campaigning will be a little tough or will you use the Coffin excuse to avoid your constituents. Maybe you can hide from them inside, they'll never find you in there.

Morrisville, NC

#19 Mar 25, 2010
Wars end, entitlements never do. Were you aware that Social Security has run out of money six years earlier tha GWB said it would. Guess he was right on that one. So now Obama has added a cost of 2.5 trillion dollars where he will take 500 billion from medicare, social security is in the red and promised a lot of people free healthcare.
Wonder what you'll actually get. I hope you don't have an old mom or dad to take care of.

United States

#20 Mar 25, 2010
If Rusty is re-elected then there is no God.

United States

#21 Mar 26, 2010

Proof Carnahan, his office and the some media LIES!

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