Carnahan Town Hall Turns Into Politic...

Carnahan Town Hall Turns Into Political Shouting Match

There are 23 comments on the KTVI - story from Aug 7, 2009, titled Carnahan Town Hall Turns Into Political Shouting Match. In it, KTVI - reports that:

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - The debate over health care reform has moved to South County, and the Town Hall forum held by Congressman Russ Carnahan generated plenty of fireworks.

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United States

#1 Aug 7, 2009
How many were Obama's "brown shirts" also known as ACORN and SEIU?
No One Important

United States

#2 Aug 7, 2009
Obama is down to a 47.8 approve and 41.8 DISAPPROVE among independents on RCP.

CNN/Opinion Research has 2/3 of people saying Obama has tried to handle too many issues.

51% of those said Obamaís policies have made things WORSE, only 44% said they have made things better.

The Quinnipiac polls hows 49% DISAPPROVE of the way Obama is handling the economy (only 45% approve), and 52% DISAPPROVE of how he is handling health care.

Independents give him a 53% DISAPPROVAL, and only 41% approval on the economy. The independents are LIVID with Obama and the democrats.

MEN give him a 54% DISAPPROVAL and only 41% approval.

His overall job approval is only 50% among EVERYONE, not just one group or another. 42% DISAPPROVE.

Independents give Obama a 60% DISAPPROVAL on Health care. Only 34% approve. MEN give him a 56% DISAPPROVAL, only 36% approval. WOMEN give him a 49% DISAPPROVAL, only 41% approval.

Do you UNDERSTAND how badly the nation is shifting against Obama and the liberal democrats?

Yet Obama is pledging to ram HC through, if he has to. 57% of the NATION (59% of independents) say it MUST be bipartisan.

57% of the NATION (more than the percentage Obama won by) NOW seem to ALREADY want a check and balance on the democrat majorities.

Think aobut that. 57% of the NATION is now essentially saying "we regret putting the democrats in charge."

Voters NOW disapprove of Democrats 55% to 35%, from 50%- 38%. The DEMOCRATS are also getting hammered hard for their behavior.

The democrats are burning down.

When the governing class loses the consent to govern FROM those they govern, that is how political parties fall.

The democrats are just too stupid to see it.

That's how mindless they are.
OMG More

United States

#3 Aug 7, 2009
google: Union Thugs Deliver Unprovoked Beating on Black Conservative at Carnahan Town Hall.

(Thugs wearing SEIU T-Shirts.)

San Antonio, TX

#4 Aug 7, 2009
Just look at these shouting, crazy, psychotic people.
And I thought George W. Bush looked insane. Hahahahahahahaha! George W. Bush looks like a well-adjusted person compared to these crazies.
They're all afraid they're going to be locked up and sent to the funny farm. And it's about time. That's why they're against health care reform.
Funny farm, here they come. Make room, George W. Bush, here comes a bus load of more insane Republicans. And it's the prescription the doctor ordered.

Valley Stream, NY

#5 Aug 7, 2009
Wes, the only one that may end up in the funny farm is obozo, when he finally wakes up and realizes he is losing his sheeple. I think their koolaid supply was cut.

Fenton, MO

#6 Aug 7, 2009
mr.carnahan and obama should be in jail for snding orders to hite on a blackman who did not do anythign worng!!!!he was pasting out flagpins to the pepole outside!!!!mr.carnhan should be a shame of him shilfe!!!!!!

United States

#7 Aug 8, 2009
Ken Gladney, victim of the 4 SEIU attackers, should sue Obama. He's the one sending out e-mails to his "corrupt supporters" to go to the meetings and cause problems.
No One Important

Reddick, IL

#8 Aug 8, 2009
He decided to give away his pins and flags to people, and then gets beaten for it.


Remember the minutemen speaking at columbia? Remember the stuff thrown at Coulter on a stage? Code Pink?

When Cindy Sheehan and a few people were protesting Bush, Bush's response was "She expressed her opinion; I disagree with it"

Now, compare that with what Obama is doing.

The level of class is stark. The classy response of Bush, the street thug behavior of Obama and the democrats.

There's just no comparison. Obama's lack of class, and the democrats lack of "tolerance" for dissent is showing.

Myyyyyyyyy, the "party of tolerance" sure is looking mighty low class and bad these days.

And every time, they're making Bush look better and better and better.
No One Important

Reddick, IL

#9 Aug 8, 2009
Think about this, Bush said this about Sheehan protesting outside is private residence.
I sympathize with Mrs. Sheehan. She feels strongly about her -- about her position. And I am -- she has every right in the world to say what she believes. This is America. She has a right to her position.
He responded to her appearances in the gallery about demanding an end to the Iraq war:
She expressed her opinion; I disagree with it
Now compare what these idiot liberals are doing. Seriously, look at them. They donít want to tolerate what they demand for and engage in themselves.

What, Obama didn't BUS what are called "advance" people in prior to his rallies during the campaign?

Just wish the idiot democrats would quit whining about "free speech" and stop with the thuggish behavior.

Besides, NOW, Obama is bussing in thugs now to STOP the protestors.

Valley Stream, NY

#10 Aug 8, 2009
I wonder what bush thinks about all of this. He must be laughing his ass off.

I didnt care for bush. I thought whomever replaced him had to be better.

I never thought I would see the day, where I wished he was president.

As much as I didnt care for some presidents, they always had my respect, because they were the president. I have zero, respect for this phoney in the white house. I dont consider him the president. He doesnt look like one and he doesnt act like one.

United States

#11 Aug 8, 2009
Couldn't agree most with post #10!
In order to get respect, you have to show respect.
He's shown none!

United States

#12 Aug 8, 2009
Opps: Counldn't agree 'more'

United States

#13 Aug 8, 2009
...bunch of regressive morons! You (mostly) make me ashamed to be of your age group - or perhaps I'm not! It would appear my brain hasn't locked up yet - at least not when compared to some posters herein!

Aren't you fools aware of the disruptive actions organized by the extreme right wingnuts and paid for by the insurance industry? What does it take for just the ilttlest bit of logic and analytical thought to seep into your rantings?

Do you not read the news? Have you not read about the opposition (right and corporatist) lawmakers vowing to make this issue Obama's Waterloo and or descroibing Obama's destruction in similar ways. This isn't about healthcare at all it's about Obama, racism (Susan) and having a prsident that's black, intelligent and progressive and the profiteers of the status quo will do or say anything to destroy him.

Have you not yet noticed the influence of the profit motive - read insurance companies and major pharmaceuticals - in eve4ry political issue we encounter as a society.

Are you truly foolish enough to think Obama actually wants to run OR leave a heritage of 'government managed' health care, the auto industry or the banks? Is your grasp of history so lacking that you're unable to see the fingerprints of Ronnie Reagan and the Bushies, all over our financial mess?

Use your heads people! Where did you leave your critical and analytical thinking skills?

Are you truly too slow to follow the money?

Fort Smith, AR

#14 Aug 8, 2009
The reporter on this video looked like those people just irritated her. Maybe she thought they were taking something away from her. The nerve of those people saying they dont trust government anymore. Government hasnt even answered any of the questions yet with facts...only opinions on what the bill says according to someone else. So far they are sucessfully hiding the text of this bill. I would personally love to see it. I guess theyll wait till its shoved down peoples throats before we know what they did to us.

United States

#15 Aug 8, 2009
'No one important'- or as I prefer ' no one intelligent', where do you get those lies? Do you actually believe those things because you are that mentally challenged or are you a troll here yourself trying to perpetuate the lies of the corporatist right?

Now I recall why I dumped my AARP membership! I wasn't actually ashamed of my age, I was just embarrassed to be associated with the weak mindedness of some of my age group!

AND SUSAN!'Doesn't look like a president!'??- smacks of racism!!'Doesn't act like a president.'?? Guess you just got so used to the management skills of 'W', the criminal minds and aristocratic entitlement of the last four Repugs and the IQs of the last three (Nixon was a crook but a clever crook!) and mental health (3 out of 4 - psychopaths!) that a bright, honest, man will NEVER act like a president to you!

If you aren't paid shills for the insurance and pharmaceuticals co's, take a closer look - if you are - BUSTED!!

United States

#16 Aug 8, 2009
Speaking of 'BUSTED'- You must read this!

Busted! Town Hall Hooligan is GOP Operative, Claims to Be 'Just a Mom'!

(cut and paste complete link)

United States

#17 Aug 8, 2009
Could someone please direct me to the strings where the thoughtful people go?- You know, the ones with triple digit IQs?

I'm tired already of the brilliant minds who post brilliant thoughts like 'LMAO' or find a ready made,'cute' emoticon because they can't think of an intelligent retort!

The ones who read and think and work - the ones with integrity - both intellectual integrity and the other kind. People who are who they say they are and have at minimum the native intelligence to act in their own self interest.

Dancing with you Rethug trolls was fun while it lasted - but NOT REALLY! Just NOT intellectually stimulated!

United States

#18 Aug 8, 2009
No one's holding you hostage here, plant!

Valley Stream, NY

#19 Aug 8, 2009
If you want to read the bill just google HR3200. Its all over the place.

United States

#20 Aug 9, 2009
Susan wrote:
If you want to read the bill just google HR3200. Its all over the place.
Someone told me last night, "the bill" was forwarded to Obama's "fishy" flag address!

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