This ain't no outrage!

this is an every weekend occurrence in Chicago.

See some black people have learn after 50 year in Chicago they can shoot. kill, rape, burn, steal, sell drugs and no one on the planet surface cares.

Sad to say even the parents of the kids killed in chicago don't care.

Yes that's true, see if people actually really cared, really were upset things would have changed. But they haven't changed have they?? I rest my case.

Did you notice that this wild out of control shooting crap doesn't happen in any other community in the greater Chicago only da black community???

Guess that sums it up blacks just don't care how many blacks get killed by other blacks hence no one else on the planet cares how many black people are killed by black people.

even the race pimps don't care..........

Obozo don't care..

wonder if republicans care???