NCLB is just another tool to assure that our best and brightest kids are un-educated as efficiently as our slowest students.

With regards to Soviet style quota's, nothing could be closer to the truth. In fact, if you look up the roots of our national education system, It's built upon the model constructed and taught by John Dewey. He received funding from Carnegie and other foundations to make his plan the reality for US kids, after visiting Soviet schools and modeling his program after theirs.

The result has placed our kids in a program designed for indoctrination rather than an emphasis on education. Our consistantly lowering performance on an international level is testimony to the failing results of our socialist educational system.

If our kids were truly educated, they would recognize that our political system has evolved into two socialist parties who both use "issues" to further centralize and expand the federal government. Without the proper education, these socialists have been able to carry out their agenda while most victims of our educational system are none the wiser.