Caroline Kennedy and lure of royalty

Caroline Kennedy and lure of royalty

There are 40 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 17, 2008, titled Caroline Kennedy and lure of royalty. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Does the mere fact of being a Kennedy qualify Caroline Kennedy to be anointed to the United States Senate? Chitose Suzuki/AP 2005 If New York Gov.

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United States

#1 Dec 18, 2008
Right here in Illinois we have similar examples of the "monarchy" system of relatives of pols soaring ahead of the rest of us common folk. Names like Madigan, Stroger, Daley, Jackson ring a bell? And people tend to forget that Ted Kennedy was considered ultra-light when he was elected to the Senate, considered to be the "dumb" Kennedy who had flunked out of an Ivy League school. Face it, the Kennedy name is magic and Caroline will simply dance into an organization (the Senate) that is not exactly noted for having a corner on deep thinkers.
John Stanton

Chicago, IL

#3 Dec 18, 2008
Are there no qualified people in New York to be senators. I don't care if they are male, female. Race is also unimportant. What is the matter with that Governor. I would rather have Eliot Spitzer.

San Jose, CA

#4 Dec 18, 2008
Unfair to Prince Charles: the job of succeeding the monarch automatically falls to the first born son (preferably), or first born daughter if no sons. He has not chosen his lot in life, but has had to accept it and make the best of it. We still have elections here in the US, and if people want to vote for a politician's relative just because of the relationship, they can; then they can hope for the best and live with the results until the next election.

Hackensack, NJ

#5 Dec 18, 2008
Funny that you didn't take the same critical tone of Caroline Kennedy when she was equally unqualified to be one of Obama's VP candidate vetting committee, along with a couple Fannie Mae cronies. Have to give you some credit for taking the blinders off for a second, though, this time around.

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 18, 2008
What about W?

Did he become Govenor on his own merits? Or was a name important?

I may feel somewhat uncomfortable with this, but it does happen in all parties.

Caroline, though, does not seek fame or power. I really think she would work hard for the good that government can do.

I must say that although I would feel uncomfortable, if it happens, I will probably smile comfortably.

United States

#7 Dec 18, 2008
If we had less "royalty" and more knowledge and honesty...our country would not be in this mess. Get a life Caroline, your name means nothing to me. Now is you had experience, that would be different, oh wait, you have experience..oh, I ment money..GET A LIFE!!

United States

#8 Dec 18, 2008
There was once a long tradition of public service among the wealthy. I agree with those who Kennedy as a progressive who has nothing to gain for herself by serving. Besides, Obama trusted her enough to put her on the team vetting potential VPs -- and that says a lot.

Chicago, IL

#9 Dec 18, 2008
Kansas Bailey wrote:
I'm sorry but I must be what others might feel, insensitive. The Govenor of New York, Patterson, is not physically blind, but mentally blind. He is a suck-kup, a follow the crowd and part of the problem today in politics, especially among African-Americans. Corruption, easy gratification and irresponsible. Oh, I cannot leave out - childish. Hence the moniker, "boy"
It can't have been easy to make political nepotism among the Northeastern elite the exclusive domain of black people-- a straight intellectual line from welfare queens to David Patterson to the Kennedys to the Bushes!

And then to throw in an antiquated racial slight-- you win 10 internets!

Chicago, IL

#10 Dec 18, 2008
Puba wrote:
<quoted text>
It can't have been easy to make political nepotism among the Northeastern elite the exclusive domain of black people-- a straight intellectual line from welfare queens to David Patterson to the Kennedys to the Bushes!
And then to throw in an antiquated racial slight-- you win 10 internets!
Needs a shoe

United States

#11 Dec 18, 2008
There are 100 Senators--in a population of 300 million. Literally one in 3 million. And they keep coming back to the same limited gene pool? No one more qualified? No one with the same view of the world (if that's what is wanted) but with real accomplishments in the real world?
The appointment would be unamerican in the deepest sense of the word.
Dan Shea

Alburtis, PA

#12 Dec 18, 2008
watching 42 ways to kill hitler, just didnt realize there was so many attempts to take this guy out. political assassins are either heros or the scum of society. in this i mean that there are times when an assassin is just a nutjob. however in some instances, one has to beleive that "the situation that we are in is detrimental to society as a whole, because of the leader we have." it then becomes paramount to remove that person from office for the greater good of the country, or even the world as it were. just think if he had been taken out when he first took over, the world would be a different place. millions of people would not have died. millions more would not have blindly followed this young charismatic detriment to the country placing him in worshipable status.
just looking at the pros for political assassination. my mind tends to ponder a bit late at night and i know you cant change history, only the future, but i cant help but wonder how things would be if someone had succeeded in removing him.

Munster, IN

#13 Dec 18, 2008
This is not new. The Tafts ran Ohio GOP politics for over 100 years. Presidents John and John Q Adams, Presidents William H. and Benjamin Harrison. The Lodges of Mass. The Browns of California. The Dodds of CT. The Sunnus of NH. The Lees of VA.

Russellville, MO

#15 Dec 18, 2008
Wow! A lot of cheap shots at the Kennedy's - especially deceased Kennedy's who can't respond. Weren't two of the funerals Caroline attended her Dad's and her Uncle's. This doesn't necessarily qualify her for the Senate but having nefarious cousins doesn't disqualify her either.

Since: Nov 07

NW Chicago Suburban Area

#16 Dec 18, 2008
"That's without even taking into consideration the minor matter of Mary Jo Kopechne, the young woman killed in a mysterious car wreck in 1969."

W T H, minor matter???????

Mysterious car wreck???????

Steve, what mystery.

TK drove his car off the road while drunk, leaving a young woman to die?
Robbins Mitrchell

League City, TX

#17 Dec 18, 2008
Well isn't this just too,too precious?....Nazi Joe's grandtwinkie wants to be a US Senator....never mind that she is a scion of what is arguably the sleaziest family in the history of American politics....since the only thing that matters is that little Caroline have a 'fairy tail dream come true', the Gov really has no choice but to nominate her....thereby demonstrating that blind politicians can be just as terminally stupid as those will full vision
Idzan Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#18 Dec 18, 2008
Ow Vey go Caroline. Give America a taste of royalty.
We have a King and nine hereditary Sultans, Regents and princes and princesses in nine out of 13 states.
Figure where our taxes go.
Just like Britain, our former colonial master.

Westchester, IL

#19 Dec 18, 2008
If she can sail an Oldsmobile she's more qualified than Ted. However this inbred generation of Kennedys shouldn't be allowed to ride an escalator without a helmet.

Valparaiso, IN

#20 Dec 18, 2008
Well said Mr Chapman, well said. Especially the line:
'Both expect to attain a high office without the bother of having to submit themselves to the voters.'
Oddly enough, some people totally disrespected Gov Palin, but the fact is that she did GET elected for her office. Say whatever else you will about her, she did go about getting into the political arena the right way. And without any family connections.

But I digress. WHAT is with this country, that we fought to remove ourselves from monarchy, and then we turn around & pine for it? I have seen our future and it is depicted in a movie Idiocracy (esp the presidential figure). Sad.

Valparaiso, IN

#21 Dec 18, 2008
to Dan Shea: I disagree. If Hitler HAD been 'taken out', another similar nutcase would have shown up. Germany's conditions were ripe for it, and as they say: nature abhors a vacuum.

to MLG: Lots of people have had tragedy in their lives, attending funerals for your father & uncle does not qualify anyone for the Senate. Neither does having a wife with cancer, nor a deceased wife, sad as both cases are/were. We just don't insist on quality & substance, but rather are bedazzled by celeb-types. So we get what we deserve. BURN your tvs, ignore Hollywood, dump the teachers' unions, that may help start the next generation on the road to education & reason.

Chicago, IL

#22 Dec 19, 2008
Caroline Kennedy is aptly qualified to assume the seat to be vacated by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Interestingly enough.........the short list of Democratic candidates to assume the vacant ILLINOIS US Senate seat are:

1) U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
2) U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez
3) Illinois Atty. General Lisa Madigan
4) IL Senator Debbie Halvorson
5) IL Rep. John Fritchey
6)IL Sen. Emil Jones
7) IL Rep. Michael Madigan
9) E-Bay candidate
10) No special election, please.

Yes, Christopher G. Kennedy, President of Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. in Chicago, is a saavy businessman and the son of Robert & Ethel Kennedy. Could Christopher be the next US Senator from the State of Illinois???
Like Caroline, Christopher's not in the inner circle of Illinois politics and possesses both the leadership and business experience to succeed in Congress. That may not be such a bad thing. We need a new strong leader who can represent the Land of Lincoln honorably, not in the way we are currently being seen in the national media.

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