The alternative to more debt and deficits is Mr. Scott Sipprelle. He brings a fresh and prudent perspective that the district needs. Mr. Sipprelle has a proven record as a successful business owner. He has the ability to steer us toward surplus, solvency, and financial freedom. Mr. Sipprelle’s opponent, Rush Holt, is fiscally irresponsible. He, and his Democrat wire-pullers, who have controlled Congress for four years now, will eventually shackle us to even more specious tax and spending schemes, concocted in the dark of the night, surreptitiously slipped into the middle of enormous bills, with plenty of procedural gimmicks to get them passed, and with no legitimate debate at all to unmask the manufactured maladies they seek to eradicate. The constituents of CD-12 do not deserve ill-conceived partisanship?