Civil rights activist to address Harv...

Civil rights activist to address Harvard graduates

There are 13 comments on the Brunswick News story from May 24, 2018, titled Civil rights activist to address Harvard graduates. In it, Brunswick News reports that:

It caps several days of activities that also featured speeches from Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake. The 78-year-old Lewis is a Georgia Democrat known for leading the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

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Los Angeles, CA

#1 May 24, 2018
There you have it, kids. The boomers are finally letting go of power, but not before shifting into "elders entitled to complain" mode. Have a some steep college loans to pay still, don't cha?
Harvard Yard Birds

Patchogue, NY

#2 May 24, 2018
Q: How do you get a Harvard graduate off your porch?
A: Pay him for the pizza.
HeresOneHarvardG rads

Los Angeles, CA

#3 May 24, 2018
Is everyone ok with all the domestic spying going on between big tech and government on the domestic public -that's you. Take for instance a story that was on KFI this morning about facial recognition.

So the hosts were talking about the fact that when you walk into a big box store there is now facial recognition software scanning everyone without their permission.

Police departments are now also using this software apparently donated to them by invasive tech companies like Amazon (but you know most likely Google, Apple and Facebook as well) so they can track everyone in live time as well.

Handle points out that this could be, a little out of control, but that since he's not doing anything wrong he has nothing to worry about and you shouldn't be worried either. And also, they do this all the time in England and people just accept it so move along.

Hey, Mr. Mieskeit in the morning, you are always saying you came from a family of Holocaust survivors that fled to Brazil. Do you know what Hitler would have done with this kind of facial recognition software if he decided to round up Jews or anyone else with it that complained about what he was doing? Your family would have most likely never made it out. I'm sure he would think that was funny.

This technology is fine, till one day you get a tyrannical deep state in control, like for instance the one America almost had under Hillary Clinton, and the one currently running mainland China.
The mainland Chinese government (not to be confused with regular Chinese people) are the biggest pushers of facial recognition, drone technology and internet tracking in the world. They use it to track what people are doing at stores, on the street, in people's homes, etc. But they go further.

They then coordinate with what you do on social media and flag people who complain about government abuse or criticism. Currently, they give everyone a social media score based on how "good" a citizen they are. The more control and tyranny you accept the better your ranking and social score.
HeresOneHarvardG rads

Los Angeles, CA

#4 May 24, 2018
The better the slave you are, the more privalges you get. The more you complain about human rights abuses (never mind civil rights abuses) the lower score you get.

Those with bad social scores are being targeted to not be able to have a job or board an airplane and they are also getting banned from the internet or having their internet blocked.

China is now talking about cutting off peoples ability to use digital currency if a person is not a good digitlal citizen -aka slave. Since China is doing away with physical currency you could say they have blocked the abliity to buy or sell. Sound familiar in biblical terms?

See, unlike that infowars piece which explains what is going on and how it is bad, that news story on KFI and other mainstream media is put there to condition people to accept tyrany. Don't question if it. Don't ask if it violates the 4th ammendmant by treating everyone like a criminal until proven innocent. Just don't let it bother you, watch the baseball game, the football game, the soccer game -oooh look at the ball go.

Did the public get to have a discussion about this? Were we told this was going on? No, they thought they'd just slip that one by like the street corner cameras after 9/11 and get us to accept it later through media conditioning.
HeresOneHarvardG rads

Los Angeles, CA

#5 May 24, 2018
What we need are some serous lawsuits and then a technological bill of rights. This is where the ACLU could have a field day and get the public behind them for a worthy cause. This technology is a double edge sword. It's good because it keeps people safe by catching criminals. It's bad because it could be used by big business or uncsrupuloous individuals to round up people some day that are not good "citizens."

I mean, If you get some rogue elements in your local police department with this technology they can target anyone they like without impunity. They may also not stop to think that another government agency could be looking over their shoulders analyzing ther inividual habbits and everyday personal transgressions. It goes on and on. When you think about, just about anyone will be able to be blackmailed in the future -and that's not right and will lead to a Stasi environment. What we are all going to be watching each other now? It's ridiculous that it could get this far without being addressed en masse by congress.

So where does this all this lead? Are we going to get nailed on our future social credit score if we talk about not wanting homeless all over the place in our cities next. Or if we don'like illegal aliens living off our tax dollars. How about if we don't agree with a gas tax that was just buffaloed on us without a vote. It all depends on who is running the show and how much tyrany people are willing to accept.

It's great that Donald Trump was elected. His getting spied on by the deep state and them trying to overturn his election was a blessing in disguise because he just recieved an education on how out of hand this issue has become in the supposed land of the free.

Let's see if Donald Trump has time to break up some of the tech monopolies out there and get this country to have a better way of dealing with technology, privacy and freedom in the future. The 4th amendment needs to be applied to all this new technology. We should not be turned into some 3rd world technological banana republic, dressed up like a first world country.

That's your real news topic for the day. Don't look for this discussed in the LA Times or mainstream media, they have a royal wedding to cover.
A Real Education

Los Angeles, CA

#6 May 24, 2018
AreHarvardGradsS mart

Los Angeles, CA

#7 May 24, 2018
Not that impressed. Some don't make a lot of money. It really depends on who you know, not how good your GPA was.

There are Ivy League produces trust fund wealth, not innovative wealth a lot of times.
AreHarvardGradsS mart

Los Angeles, CA

#8 May 24, 2018
The Ivy League produces trust fund wealth. Very little in innovators. Look at Silicon Valley.

Since: Mar 09

The Left Coast

#9 May 24, 2018
Wonder if the leftist progressive antifa resistance, in their black ninja jammies, will be there to break some windows and burn a few cars to show their solidarity.
Cordwainer Trout

Owensboro, KY

#10 May 24, 2018
The maintenance of high profile "activists" in Academia is a disservice, as is the takeover of their legends by radical elements destroying U.S. history. In response, Northern military statues in the South should be torn down because of the much more significant Northern military rapes of Southern women during the Civil War, the overwhelming arson and property damage of civilians performed on Northern General's orders and the excruciating number of Northern Generals Carpetbaggers destroying property records and stealing Southern property through everything from false documents to murder. All of the genocidal acts committed by Northern Generals were much more numerous (by a factor of thousands to one) than any incidents of harmful actions against any Black slaves. Then, the Northern bankers and industrialists tricked Blacks into coming North for cheap labor worse than any slavery and locked them into segregated, poor, undereducated ghettos for generations. But, instead of facing these realities, race baiters keep Blacks angry at Southerners by disparaging more honorable men.
Ivy Leauge SJWs

Los Angeles, CA

#11 May 25, 2018
RustyS wrote:
Wonder if the leftist progressive antifa resistance, in their black ninja jammies, will be there to break some windows and burn a few cars to show their solidarity.
It's funny you mention that. A lot of SJW's (and Antifa radicals) are trust fund kids whose parents are rich corporate execs. They push their useless kids to partake in this stuff to create social discord knowing their families will always be taken care of as they are in the crony capitalist class (not regular capitalism). These trust fund Antifa rile up the poor to go after the middle class while the crony ellite make sure that they are exempt from paying taxes.

“Kenyan-born Obama=Antichrist”

Since: Sep 09

Casper, WY

#12 May 25, 2018
RustyS wrote:
Wonder if the leftist progressive antifa resistance, in their black ninja jammies, will be there to break some windows and burn a few cars to show their solidarity.
I would love to take every school official from elementary to college and hang them from the gallows for the way they have ruined our children and our nation.
ThirstenHowellTh eTird

Los Angeles, CA

#15 May 25, 2018
Islam n Judaism wrote:
<quoted text>

I heard someone say antifa/anti-first amendment covers up their faces to hide their Jewishness.
"hide their jewishness' Are you joking with that? Next you are going to say you can smell Jews. Do you think Harvard does more harm than good for the country? I can't really think of one good person that has graduated from Harvard that comes to mind.

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