Priest admits molesting boys

Priest admits molesting boys

There are 19 comments on the LA Daily News story from Dec 3, 2008, titled Priest admits molesting boys. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

Ending another case of priest sexual abuse, a former member of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who worked at a Pacoima church pleaded guilty Tuesday to molesting a boy 20 years ago.

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Since: Jul 08

Pinecrest, CA

#1 Dec 3, 2008
This priest--George Miller is only going to receive a three year prison sentence for molesting a young lad more than twenty years ago? And, this pedophile also admitted molesting three other youngsters, which he was not charged with; since the statue of limitations had run out. Why such a short prison sentence? Plea bargain perhaps. This is an outrage! Nevertheless, pedophiles don't do too well in prison. Feed him to the prison wolves. Serves him right!
Man bites dog

United States

#2 Dec 3, 2008
candorguy wrote:
This priest--George Miller is only going to receive a three year prison sentence for molesting a young lad more than twenty years ago? And, this pedophile also admitted molesting three other youngsters, which he was not charged with; since the statue of limitations had run out. Why such a short prison sentence? Plea bargain perhaps. This is an outrage! Nevertheless, pedophiles don't do too well in prison. Feed him to the prison wolves. Serves him right!
There's no longer any news here. However, if boy molests priest, now that's news.

Columbus, OH

#4 Dec 3, 2008
Man Bites Dog, boys *do* molest priests, and so do girls. That is, according to the doctrines of RCC Inc. Priests are never to blame for raping children (girls at least as often as boys, but women know better than to even bother reporting rape to misogynistic authorities because females "always" "ask for it"). According to RCC Inc,*Satan* personally sends beautiful and sexually precocious children to priests to defile their perfect and holy male priestly purity. The priest can't help it. The priest believes that the child is tempting him, not the other way around. The priest's bosses believe that the children are all full of sin and will do anything to tempt a priest to do evil. RCC Inc blames *everyone* for clergy sex abuse but its own doctrines, dogmas (which are disordered at their roots), policies (like Crimen Solicitationis, which enforces secrecy on all parties involved on pain of excommunication), and political and legal actions *against* its victims.

I was raped during the last week of August, 1964, by someone I learned in 1990 was a newly-minted priest at the time of the assault. Because I failed to report the assault to a RCC Inc priest within 30 days, I was automatically excommunicated and remained so for my entire life as a believer (until about 1981). Every time I tell about this, I am excommunicated *again* and *again*. I say now that they can bring it on because I don't care anymore. I was one of those beautiful and perfect little girls (very pretty and sweet) that was completely irresistable to the pedopriest who assaulted me. However, according to RCC Inc, I was personally sent by Satan to defile this newly ordained priest with my wanton harlotry and extreme youthful beauty.

The true relationship of the shepherd to the sheep is fleece 'em, screw 'em, kill 'em, eat 'em.

What do you expect from a church whose central myth is that of the rape of a young girl by their pedogod? The whole organization is loaded with sociopaths, right up to the top. Why any parent would pimp their child to these pervs even knowing what they know now is beyond my comprehension (oh, wait, they've been extorted with eternal damnation if they don't - extortion not unlike the Mob uses).
How get nun pregnant

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Dec 3, 2008
How do you get a nun pregnant?
Disguise her as an altar boy.
God will know his own

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Dec 3, 2008
clevelandgirl wrote:
I was raped during the last week of August, 1964, by someone I learned in 1990 was a newly-minted priest at the time of the assault. Because I failed to report the assault to a RCC Inc priest within 30 days, I was automatically excommunicated and remained so for my entire life as a believer (until about 1981).
I'm so sorry to hear about that.
I'm male and was mildly molested, at the age of 17, by a Protestant organist/choir director. I was an immature virgin and I rather freaked out. I talked about my upset with my best friend, a girl whose dad was on the session of the church, and very, very soon, the musician announced that he was leaving his position with the church to devote full time to his boys' choir. He got in trouble with that later, though.

Columbus, OH

#7 Dec 3, 2008
God will know his own, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. There is no such thing as "mildly molested", only MOLESTED. Anything from suggestive talk to coming on to you to "diddling" to full-on rape is molestation and the priest is a pedophile, full stop.

A priest at my hubby's parish kept ogling him, hovering around him, invading his space, constantly encouraging him to sign up to altar boy for *his* masses. This priest was grooming in preparation to molest my husband. This same priest refused to give me absolution for making out with my now-husband - now I know why. The creep was jealous of me!!!

There was a guidance counselor at our high school who would start feeling the legs of boys sent to him, so boys learned to bring another friend (especially a girl) along with them). He was a pedophile too, though I doubt he got any further than feeling boys' legs because the boys were high school age and better able to defend themselves. Plus, he was not seen as an "Alter Christi" as clergy are. We also think there was a pervert nurse at the high school who was into measuring genitals as a part of a required pre-sports participation exam - in inactive and active states. She would make sure the boy was active to take that measurement. That *can't* be a required part of an exam, not even as a measurement for a protective cup.

Sick that the choir director went from molesting you to being devoted exclusively to a boys choir. A pedopriest we knew in college got busted in the 80s for picking up teen prostitutes and taken out of state. His bishop put him under "house arrest", but they needed him to pastor a parish, so that ended. He was busted at least one more time after the time we knew about. He was put on a "leave of absence" - he now lives at a Manhattan shelter for runaway teenage boys in Alphabet City (East Village). Easy pickings among the most vulnerable youth - runaways and throwaways. That's as bad as what that choir director did. These clowns just don't get it!

BTW, THANK YOU for your kind words. Every time I post about this, I get attacked for "lying", "being angry" (if I were male, that would not be a "problem"), "catholic-hating", etc. Your kindness and empathy are a breath of fresh air, the first in months. I'm glad someone listened to you and did something, how ever inadequate it was. If you can, report this guy's whereabouts to the police if you can figure out where he is. I reported the pedopriest to the NYPD precinct for his neighborhood. I don't know how much good it did, but at least they know *something* that might protect one more child from being raped by this sicko (btw, he seems to have been laicized and dumped into the general community, where he doesn't have to register as a sex offender and no one will know he's a pedophile - convenient move by RCC Inc).

(Cha-ching, just got excommunicated again, LOL!)

United States

#8 Dec 3, 2008
I hope that the sicko priest gets raped by a 300lb inmate every day of his three year sentence. Wait he might like that so I hope the guy beats him with a very sturdy object first. Wait he might like that too, well maybe prison is not right for these sexual deviant men of god, unless they get their d#%ks cut off first.

Portland, OR

#9 Dec 3, 2008
The Cathol church has never been about Gawd; it's always been about SECRETS!
Albino Luciani

San Jose, CA

#10 Dec 3, 2008
The article is missing the MAIN POINT. Miller's enabler, aid & abettor, Roger M. Mahony, remains unremoved, unpunished, unprosecuted, while continuning with the USCCB (Unremoved Sexual Criminal Cabal Bishops) a scorched-earth policy of diverting at least $3 Billion Laity Offetory Plate (Tax Free) Dollars to protecting themselves & actively lobbying in every state legislature directly, or through laity paid for lawyers & insurance compnies, to STOP any child protection legislation, statute of limitations extensions, etc.

The Solution? "STOP DONATING LAITY!" as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted. for daily verified & vetted reporting on EVIL Mahony and the ongoing curia crime spree, who remain a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to all children, as the pedo ring cult they are.


Where's RICO Act Enforcement?! Yes, the USCCB is a racketeering and obstruction of justice criminal organization.

"The only condition for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to do nothing!" as Edmund Burke reminds each of us.

No Curia Accountability Or Removal? No Problem! Also No Laity Monies!

There is no correction going on in the Roman Catholic Church, because the main perpetrators, the bishops and cardinals, remain in office, who caused it, & continue to hide thousands of clergy pedophiles blackmailing them over their own miter/red hat pedo and gay activities.

Fiat Lux & Veritas!

Albino Luciani,

Downey, CA

#11 Dec 3, 2008
All I can say is that I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic schools, sent my children to Catholic schools ..... and when we were in need, the church turned its back, when the children got into pickles they were told to take thier punishment - I am disgusted with Cardinal Mahoney's efforts to protect these perverts from the long arm of the law - I am disgusted with the whole attitude the church has taken on this issue. "Leave unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser's and unto God that which is Gods" - Mahoney and so many others have assumed that they had the authority to dictate mans law AND Gods law ... Frankly I wouldn't want to face my maker being either the ones that protected the criminals - or the perverts that did the deed.I don't know who is worse - one is sick, and the other cruel. God only knows how many lives have been DESTROYED because of the direct actions, and the direct and dilberate inactions that have been taken. I hope they all rot with thier conscience.
Albino Luciani

San Jose, CA

#12 Dec 3, 2008

2006: US Academy Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated 'DELIVER US FROM EVIL'(Why office holder Roger M. Mahony is an arch criminal)

2007: Cannes Film Festival winner 'VOWS OF SILENCE'(about the Fr. Marciel pedo cult The Legion Of Christ in Mexico, and Regnum Christi, their lay fund raiser division, also aid and abetted by Cardinal Noberto Rivera, another evil red hat, who needs to bunk in HELL with Mahony.

2008: Just out in national movie theaters on this upcoming December 8th,'DOUBT' Starring US Academy Award Winning BEST ACTRESS Meryl Streep & US Academy Award Winning BEST ACTOR Phillip Seymor Hoffman

At (and FREE in your public libraries) over 100+ empirical and factual recently published books on the USCCB ongoing criminal cover-up, costing laity untold multiple BILLIONS OF DIVERTED OFFETORY PLATE DOLLARS, from such salient & cogent authors as: Roman Catholic Bishops Jeffery Robinson (Australia), Thomas Gumbleton (USA) and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (Milano, Italy, as well as Fr. Richard Sipe, Dr. Robert Grant, MD, Dr. Leon Podles, Jason Berry, David Yallop, Attorney/Scholar Marci Hamilton, Fr/Dr Thomas Reese, SJ, Fr/Dr Howard Bleichner, SS, and Fr/Dr/Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle, OP, to name only a few.

Rog 'Mahal' Mahony has personally done more damage in his tenure in CA (Modesto, Stockton & LA) AND STILL UNREMOVED, that The Devil Himself could every hope for, in the Roman Catholic Church.

There is only one way to take-out criminals like Mahony, Law, McCarrick, Egan, O'Malley, George, Leveda, Rigali, DiNardo, Maida, Keeler, Foley, Sambi, McCormack, Hubbard, Brown, Brom, Hughes, Blaire, Quinn, Walsh, Wuerl, Rivera, Re, Bertone, Sodano, Scola, Schonborn, Ratzinger, Pell, Hummes, Burke, Chaput, Gregory, Walsh, Soto, Weigand, Steinbock, Curry, McGrath, Cummins, Ryan, Barnes, etc....

"STOP DONATING LAITY!" as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted.

St Paul to the Ephesians, 5:11, also remind each of us: "Do not deal in fruitless deeds of darkness, but expose them!"

As St. John reminds us also "And the truth shall set you free!"


Albino Luciani,
Not Smiling From Heaven
Aaron Adamson

Burbank, CA

#13 Dec 3, 2008
It's time for the Faithful in the pews to wake up and realize that the problem of clergy sexual victimization involves more than just a, "few bad priests"; along with the continous cover up of these crimes by a, "few bad bishops". This has been a world wide conspiracy of silence by the Roman Catholic Church about the sexual butchery of the children that common decency would have told them they were bound by the Laws of GOD and of man, to protect. Catholics, stop giving your hard earned money to this criminal faith based corporation known as the Roman Catholic Church.

Rancho Mirage, CA

#14 Dec 3, 2008
OMG, dude was in Santa Clarita for a while, I hope some of the conservative, narrow minded, uninformed residents who live here are rethinking who they should be making state propositions about. They've spent so much time, energy and money keeping out the gays, that they let the pervs in. Priests (or anyone else) who molest(s) children are not GAY! They are pedophiles. Take the blindfold off and put the responsibility where it belongs. Stop worrying if your kid's teacher, scout master or mentor is a lesbian or gay man. Start worrying about whether they are a pedophile! Hope that your child is never molested by a "trusted" pedophile. Hope your children grow up straight too, or they may take that hatred of their orientation, which you taught them, and decide that self hate is deserved.
Mike Ference

Pittsburgh, PA

#15 Dec 3, 2008
The madness continues. These crimes will not go away until society says enough is enough. The Catholic church is a safe haven for dysfunctional sex freaks -- who are now bishops and cardinals and in a position to cover up these horendous crimes. We see more and more bishops and cardinals being outed for these crimes. The ridiculous claims by church hierachy of not knowing what to do when priest use young children as sex toys. Or, worse yet, cjurch hierarchy following the guidelines of psychologists employed by the catholic church who claimed these pedophile priests had been cured after three months of rest and relaxation at a seminary with other sexual misfits. The scam is over. Time to tell whatever is known about these freaks. Looking for information from anyone who is familiar with the phrase "a twirl with Wuerl" please respond.
Mike Ference
Clairton, PA
Frank Douglas

Tucson, AZ

#16 Dec 3, 2008
Here is one more example of the Catholic Church refusing to notify law enforcement when a suspected felony has taken place.

Where is the good citizenship? Where is the "the rendering unto Caesar?"

Frank Douglas
Tucson, AZ
Fred Ballesteros


#17 Dec 3, 2008
I hope the Church will do right with all four of the victims. Mahony should step down in disgrace for covering up, he is just as guilty!

“America & LEGAL Americans 1st”

Since: Aug 08


#18 Dec 3, 2008
Castrate pedophiles. I don't care how old or young they are. Fred B is right. Mahony should step down AND BE ARRESTED AS AN ACCOMPLICE IN ALL THESE CASES.

Columbus, OH

#19 Dec 4, 2008
Regarding "good" priests vs. "bad" priests. The estimates of the number of pedopriests run from 4 to 10 percent. That leaves the other 90%. What were *they* doing while their brother priests were molesting kids? Some were having consenting adult affairs with women and men and were being blackmailed by the pedopriests to not tell. Aside from that, back in the day when there were 3-5 priests assigned to each parish, there had to be anywhere from 2-4 priests who were aware that at least one of their rectory-mates was molesting kids - and *NONE* of them reported it to either their bishop or law enforcement. They might not have been molesting kids themselves, but they allowed and condoned it when their brother pedopriests were inviting kids over for overnight stays where drinking and looking at porn was a standard activity. Some even walked in on their brother priests "in flagrante" (i.e., actually *witnessed* the priest raping a child)- they quickly closed the door and moved on, nothing to see, these aren't the droids they're looking for, move along. This is even sicker than the actions of the pedopriests and their mafia don bishops because these guys *knew* what was right and wrong and did nothing.

Anyone who cares about kids should leave RCC Inc ASAP...

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#20 Aug 26, 2013
The Holy Roman Catholic child molesters

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