Congresswoman Schultz,
Why doesn't the President focus on securing our borders(by hiring more imigration & border personnel). To show the world that we can no longer afford to allow our citizens to be violated. This would be good to begin to create jobs that would be permanent.It is time to put in place a permanent 'fence' around our nation, those Americans who reside on or near the borders should
not have illegals trepassing on their land. There should be no amnesty!All should have to comply to the rules as countless many have already done! The children of those who have entered our land illegally should not have automatic citizenship, but the path to it should be less complicated than those who are simply crossing the fence. Because if they are not treated differently we are rewarding their illegal migration to this country.
The country needs to be reminded time and again that the 'republicans' damn near killed this country and it would be insanity to return the precious care of our country 'wounded' as it is into there hands, for them to complete the abortion!