Pennington might just as well run in the next presidential primary, or be trying on big hats to be the next Pope.

If Pennington wanted to raise money, absolutely the last thing he should have done is propose transparency in state government. The people with their hands in the state's cookie jar are making way too much return on their investments, and they know that Deal will keep it all behind closed doors - as a matter of fact, the first thing he did was to dismantle the state ethics office.

Given all of the documented scandals Deal has been involved in - everything from his daughter's fake company to funneling millions in state funds to his crony at Lake Lanier Islands, shifting Delta's 35 million dollar tax obligation to middle class taxpayers, misuse of his Washington office, and who knows what else since he's gone underground - why are local politicians still
supporting him? Who are they representing?

People had better hold on tight to their pocket books.