Thank you Governor Snyder,

Just this year my county was forced to increase it's levy on property owners to make up for evaded use tax revenues. I really wish Congress will immediately act granting my state and so many others their right to enforce existing tax laws. Other states such as WV desire to eliminate harmful tax on groceries, but are left with few options until being granted authority to efficiently enforce their existing laws. Other states also are seeking to undue other harmful taxing schemes enacted over the past decade to make up constituents tax evasion. CT residents this year are enduring the largest tax increase in history to compensate for evaded use taxes.

Sales and use tax are actually voluntary when compared to income and property taxes which have harmful ramifications. I would much rather pay a sales and use tax at the time of purchase when the money is available versus, as this year and each year forward, be forced to essentially pay sales tax on my house every year if Congress fails to act. Landlords are now faced with having to raise rents challenging families budgets and forcing some to have to leave their homes.

My small internet company is enabled by modern technology freely available on the Internet to calculate, collect and remit sales tax for any jurisdiction in any state. Technological capability is no longer the issue. Any business can easily take honorable initiatives supporting the very communities their customers reside in.

The necessary legislation S.1832, taxpayers, and technology are all ready to reverse the current inefficiencies and harmfulness of the sales and use tax system in its current form. I strongly support S.1832, thank you for your support and urge Congress to immediately pass the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Justice White Quill v N. Dakota:

"Although Congress can and should address itself to this area of law, we should not adhere to a decision, however right it was at the time, that by reason of later cases and economic reality can no longer be rationally justified. The Commerce Clause aspect of Bellas Hess, along with its due process holding, should be overruled."