Honorable Mary Fallin,

I live in the SW side of Oklahoma City and I do not have a safe room or a shelter at my residence, without these shelter alternatives, I was trying to find a shelter to go to in the SW Oklahoma City area. But I have no idea where they are! Many people I work with found the same problem. Some went to schools, but they were locked!

Why can't we post storm/tornado shelter signs like
the snow route signs all over the city? Why doesn't FEMA make sure that these shelters are marked and open as long as the warnings are in the different areas and why can't they be listed on the news/weather channels when the storm warnings are being given?

As seen on the television, most people left their homes and did not try to seek shelter in their bathtubs, you cannot get a whole family in a bathtub! Most homes were reduced to complete splinters and rubble and the bathtubs gone off of the foundation of their homes!

I feel we are lacking in this area for protection for our people! Perhaps even have a Police Officer at each storm shelter location for everyone's safety.

Please Governor, I plead, have these locations marked clearly throughout the city and on the highways and advertised for those of us who was trying to seek shelter.

I await your reply.

Very Respectfully,
A Loyal Government Servent