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There are 16 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Mar 20, 2013, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard Letters to the Editor | George Keyser. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

A little research uncovers that his budget not only cuts taxes, but narrows the gap between the rich and poor.

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Minerva, OH

#1 Mar 20, 2013
If you think Kasich has any concern for regular middle class people, then you need to sober up!

Minerva, OH

#2 Mar 20, 2013
And what is the Carroll County Central and Executive Committee? It sounds kind of like a part of the former Soviet Union....
Leave it alone

Uhrichsville, OH

#3 Mar 20, 2013
You don't like lower taxes or are you a taker of taxes Mrgoodcitizen?

Minerva, OH

#4 Mar 20, 2013
I think that this austerity move by the GOP is a real bad idea. I gladly would pay more taxes for better safety services. I would gladly pay more taxes for a single payer health care system. I would gladly pay more taxes to fix the bridges that are falling apart, etc, ect, ect....

BUT, if the government would make multi-national corporations pay their taxes - get rid of "private jet" write-off for wealthy people, I probably not have to pay more taxes. Make the people who spend millions on tax lawyers, just start paying the FAIR SHARE!

Minerva, OH

#5 Mar 20, 2013
Dude- we are all "takers." Do you use our roads? Do you call the sheriff when there is a crime? Does the county remove the snow from your road? Do you breath clean air, drink clean water? Hey, we are going to be in terrible shape if the GOP keeps supporting laws that allow the REAL TAKERS from not paying taxes. DUH!

Minerva, OH

#6 Mar 20, 2013
Leave it alone-

Why are you supporting a political party that does not have you self-interest as their main platform?
Leave it alone

Uhrichsville, OH

#7 Mar 20, 2013
You don't know a darn thing about economics. Fewer taxes brings in more jobs, thus more tax revenue. More taxes creats fewer jobs with less coming into the government.
Your scamatics are laughable and you know what I meant. Yes basic services are essential and with that we are not takers because you don't have to use them. Taking from one person (taxes)to give to another is theft, that's what I'm talking about.

The last party put the state in a huge debt or did you conviently forget that. With this party we have a surplus.

Your party are vote cheaters, voting again and again by the same person (Cinncinatti)and more people voting Democrat than are registered (Cleveland) and you want to say the Republicans are unscrupius, what a laugh.

Minerva, OH

#8 Mar 20, 2013
Hmm, during the incredible economy we had with Clinton, the tax rate was much higher, Hmmm. The incredible economy we had with Eisenhower, the tax rate was REALLY high. Hmm, when we lowered taxes for the RICH under Bush the economy went into the trash. Hmmm????

Wow, so if I don't agree with you, you attack the Democratic Party as cheaters. Randy Miller you need help. If you cannot win an argument - attack, attack, attack. Nice.

Don't you realize you are merely a pawn for ultra-rich people? They are laughing all the way to bank AND they are laughing at YOU! As long as voters, like you, keep them in power, we will have the crappy economy the Bush's tax cuts created.

So sad when people vote against their own self-interest.

Hmm, interesting, how do you get to work if you don't use roads, traffic lights, stop signs? Hmmm, do you walk to the hospital when you have a heart attack?

BTW- I am not asking to raise taxes, just make corporations and super-rich to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE. That's all....
Leave it alone

Uhrichsville, OH

#9 Mar 20, 2013
Under Clinton the Republicans had the congress and held spending down to a balanced budget. JFK after Eisenhower, cut taxes and the economy boomed, same with Bush. The downturn was the doing of the bad mortgage loans that went into forecloser that was tied to the bundling into the market. Capitalism does work.

Are you denying voter fraud didn't happen by your party?

The name on the post is not Randy Miller.

Bush tax cuts-4.6% unemployment, record revenues to the treasury, 200 Billion deficit in his last years, compared to a trillion now each year,$1.85 per gallon of gas, sounds pretty good to me so let's go back to those days.

Minerva, OH

#10 Mar 20, 2013
But you are Randy Miller, nice try.....
Leave it alone

Uhrichsville, OH

#11 Mar 20, 2013
Common Sense

Canton, OH

#12 Mar 21, 2013
Do the math , we cannot tax our way to prosperity. The biggest issue in this country is the economy and we are currently mired in the worst recovery in 50 years. Is it any coincidence that during that miserable recovery Obama has raised taxes, initiated an expensive new entitlement program, run up 6 trillion in new debt and imposed new regulations on energy and manufacturing? You want to raise government revenue? Promote economic growth! How? DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT OBAMA HAS DONE!

Obama could tax the rich of this country at 100% AND cut defense by 50% and that still would not balance the budget. Simple math. Entitlements must be reformed and now, the long term prognosis for our debt to GDP is staggering and entitlements are the driver behind that debt.
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#13 Mar 22, 2013
It is obvious the two judging Common Sense negatively know nothing how an economy is run successfully. Debt is not good, more people working brings revenue to the treasury and the only way to do that is cutting taxes and and cutting government regulations. We have less than 60% of the work force employed, not good. That number is getting smaller which creates a burden on the rest of the taxpayers to support them through a number of government programs. Which means more spending and a higher debt. Raising taxes only takes money out of the economy and it cannot grow and growth is what we need.

Cleveland, OH

#14 Mar 22, 2013
Of Course someone from Carrollton blames the Dems.
That Guy

Bowerston, OH

#15 Mar 24, 2013
99% of Democrats are disgusting anyway. Im no particular fan of our local Rep Party but at least they are open and up front about who they are and what they are about. The Dem Party should have to be renamed to the communist/socialist party so there would be some truth in advertising who they are and what they are about. These are not your grand daddy's Dems.
Blow Torch

Richmond, OH

#16 Apr 6, 2013
I agree with That Guy. When people ask me what party I am I say I dislike Democrats more than I like Republicans so what party does that make me?? Today's Democratic Party is a far cry from what it used to be (not for the better) father was a "blue collar" Democrat for 50 years but changed when after the Clinton experience- Democratic party has now been hijacked by liberals and "progressives", gay and lesbians, God-haters/deniers, abortion diehards, "entitlement" seekers and dependents, sure ain't your father's Democratic party!! At least Republicans have been and continue to be God, country, family, small Gov't, less taxes, etc....have been and still are. Unfortunately, there are too many life-long crooks on both sides that need to be gotten rid of....

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