Gov. Patrick Meets with Armenian Prim...

Gov. Patrick Meets with Armenian Prime Minister, Discusses Armenian-Massachusetts Ties

There are 11 comments on the story from Dec 12, 2012, titled Gov. Patrick Meets with Armenian Prime Minister, Discusses Armenian-Massachusetts Ties. In it, reports that:

The following information was provided by Gov. Deval Patrick's Office: Governor Deval Patrick today welcomed Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan to the Massachusetts State House.

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#1 Dec 12, 2012
West represent the liberal world.

Before 1990 planet was 3 parts: West, USSR, and Third World.

Now USSR not exist, so is only wWest and Third World.

Armenia need to belong to west.

Armenia need to join eu-nato-euro.

Nambour, Australia

#2 Dec 12, 2012
Sorry but, looks like west has already decided to join the thirld world!
It is called "muhammed going to the mountain".

Since: Sep 09


#4 Apr 2, 2013



) "Armenian Insurgent Bands Attack Kurds Near Erzeroum" Daily Gazette, 17
Nov 1899 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Residents Kill Turkish Gendarmes" Davenport Morning Tribune,
Iowa, 9 Sep 1890 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Attack Turks" Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 15 Jul 1920, Nov 02
1895, Iowa NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Bands Attack Turks in Mush" Fort Wayne Sentinel, 22 Jan 1902
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) Armenian Army Wants Aid To Set Up New Nation, Out For Independence, Fort
Wayne, Indiana, 14 Dec 1918 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Attack Tartar Village" Monitoba Free Press, 15 Nov 1905
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Destroy Seventeen Villages, Insurgents Are Active In Sassun
Area" Post Standard, 19 May 1904, Syracuse, New York NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "French Attempt To Invest Asia Minor Frustrated By Turks" Armenian
Volunteers Make Landing Possible Are Wiped Out, San Antonio Light 19 Apr
1920 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

Since: Sep 09


#5 Apr 2, 2013
) "Armenians Burn Turks, Constantinople" Tyrone Herald, Pennsylvania, Dec
20, 1905 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Sassoun Massacre:Proof Of Assertion that Armenian Revolutionists Caused
It" NewYorkTimes Aug 23, 1895 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "America And The Armenians" Reno Evening Gazette, Nov 14, 1915
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Begin Religious Assault:Attack Turks" ProgressReview, Nov 02
1895, Iowa NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Destroy Village Massacre 400 Tartars" NewYorkTimes Nov 15,
1905 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Attack Turks And Tartars" Daily Dorthwestern Oct 12, 1920
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Attack Turkish Villagers" Newport Daily Oct 25 1895
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians, Not Turks Set Smyrna Ablaze" Relief Worker Declares: San
Antonio Express, 1923-01-22 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !


Since: Sep 09



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Dec 20, 2011




"Armenian Army Approaching Erzerum" Bismark Daily Tribune, 13 Nov 1914
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Ready To Side With Russians" Elyria Evening Telegram, 13 Nov
1914 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "General Antranik Ozanian, Famous Armenian General, Engaged In Many
Battles Against the Turks, Dies " Fresno Bee, 31 Aug 1927 NewsPaper's
Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Aiding Russians Besiege Turkish Town Van " Manitoba Free
Press, 7 Nov 1914 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Erzerum Taken From Turks By Armenian Corps, Aided By Detachment Of
Armenian Volunteers" Oakland Tribune, 4 Apr 1918 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Insurgents, Uprising in Van" Post Standard Syracuse, 6 Sep
1904 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Fresno Armenian Weekly Editor Welcomes Gen Antranik, Headed Armenian
Volunteers Against Turks" Van Nuys News, 14 may 1920 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "Russian Troops Linked with Greek and Armenian Civillians As The
Perpetrators" New York Times, 22 Oct 1915 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Rebels Advance" New York Times, 6 Sep 1904 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "5 Armenian Revolutionary Societies To Bring About The Ruin of The
Ottoman Empire" New York Times, 24 Sep 1896 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot


Since: Sep 09



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Dec 20, 2011




"170 Armenian Bombs Exhibited" New York Times, 23 Sep 1896 NewsPaper's
Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Bomb Factory was Discovered Near Kassim Pasha Cemetery" New
York Times, 12 Sep 1896 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Are pardoned : Turkish Amnesty To Zeitoun" New York Times, 14
Feb 1896 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Insurgents Massacred All The Turkish Soldiers at Zeitoun" New
York Times, 21 Dec 1895 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians landed with Arms and Bombs" New York Times, 15 Dec 1895
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Aggression Of Armenians" New York Times, 2 Nov 1895 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) " Mosque, School and Bazaar : Armenians Set Fire " New York Times, 15
Dec 1891 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Accused of Massacre. Tartar Complaints" The Times London, 19
Mar 1920 Page 15 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "8.000+ Armenian Volunteers fighting for the Russians in Turkey"
Armenian Red Cross To The Times Editor : The Times London 12 Jan 1915 Page
7 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Welcomed Russians in Armenia Entered Turkey" Atlanta Constitution, 1914
11 07 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Druse Tribe Revolt Spreads" Indiana Evening Gazette, 1925, August 13
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Volunteers in Victory Over Turks" Nevada State Journal, 1918,
10 05 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Bands Preparing To Invade Ottoman Territory" Oakland Tribune,
1905, May 10

Since: Sep 09


#6 Apr 2, 2013
"150 000 Armenian Volunteers in Russian Army Were The Only Forces
Against Turks: Boghos Nubar, Paris" Times of London , 1919 Jan 30
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Threatening Letters From Armenian Revolutionionary Committee" Liverpool
Courier, 1897 08-23 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Bomb Outrage in Constantinople Eight Armenians Arrested" Liverpool
Courier, 1897 08-21 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Raiders From Turkish Territory on Turco-Persian Frontiers"
Bristol Times And Mirror, 1897-09-29 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Reported Armenian Aggression - Terrible Barbarities" Liverpool Courier,
1897-08-10 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Aid Russians Against Turks" Tyro Herald, 1914 12-10
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Four Hundred Cleveland Armenians Waiting to Call Back to Armenia To
Fight Turkey" Lima Daily News, 1914 11-02 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Mahommedans Plan To Aid Co-Religionists - Barbarities By Armenians"
NYT, 1905 June 26 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Four Villages Reduced To Ashes by Armenians" Lima Times Democrat 1906
Sep 19 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Join Russians and Scatter Turks Near Feitun" Washington Post,
1914 November 13 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Fight For Russia" Reno Evening Gazette London 1915 Jan 7
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) Russians Take Turks' Fort Near Erzerum, In Pursuit of Turkish Cavalry
Armenian Students Enthusiastic Volunteers in Petrograd" NYT, 1914 November
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Fighting Turks, Besieging Van Others Operating Turkish Army's
Rear" " NYT, 1914 November 7 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Russians Win Van District" New Oxford, 1916-24-2 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

"(Armenians) From America To Fight" NYT, 1915 January 8 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Join Russians" Indianapolis Star, 1915-1-08 NewsPaper's
Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Aiding Russians in Campaign Against Turkey" Fort Wayne News,
1914-11-07 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Active in European War" Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
1914-11-13 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Volunteers Are To Increased to 15.000" Daily Kennebec Journal,
1914 May 28 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

Since: Sep 09


#7 Apr 2, 2013
"Armenians in Revolt" Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, 1895-11-12
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 18 Oct 1915 : "Dangerous Rebel Armenians Betray Their Rulers, Take
Refuge in Christian Missions : The Kind of Armenians A Turk Knows"
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 22 Nov 1915 : "Rebel Turk Djemal Pasha Orders 2 Turkish Band Chiefs
Be Hanged For ill Treatment of Armenians" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 14 Nov 1920 : "Armenians Complain of French" NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) NYT: 13 Nov 1914 : "Turkish Armenians Refuse To Join Turkish Army -
Ready To Join Russian Invaders for Armed Revolt" NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) NYT: 2 May 1928 : "Huncak (Agitates Against Turkish Rule) Editor S
Sapah-Gulian Dead" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 15 Dec 1903 : "Armenian Revolt Likely" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 4 Aug 1940 "Armenian Military Hero, General Sebooh Arshak
Nersesian, Who Fought Against The Turks In 1920, Died At 66" NewsPaper's
Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 22 Jun 1935 "Armenian Patriot Miran Sevasly Dead: He Helped Raising
10.000 Armenians To Fight Against Turkish Front In Armenian Legion "
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 8 Jan 1915 "Armenians From America, Arrived In Tiflis, To Serve
With The Russian Army Against Turkey" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT: 9 Oct 1915 "Why We Aid Armenians: It's Because We're Bought by
Anglo-French Gold" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) NYT 13 May 1947 "James Chankalian, Won Honors, in Organising 300
Armenian Volunteers To Fight Against Turkey" NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot

) NYT 29 Sep 1915: "Armenians Brought Reprisals on Themselves by Trying to
Stir Up Rebellion Against Turkey" "ARMENIANS' OWN FAULT-Bernstorff"
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

Since: Sep 09


#8 Apr 2, 2013
"Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels" The Washington Post,
1904 Aug 10 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Rebels Killed 20, Wounded 23, in Turkey" The News, 1904 May 2
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Aiding Russians In Campaign Against Turkey" Fort Wayne News,
1914 Nov 7 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) 2532) "Armed Armenians Kill Many" Muscatine Journal 19 Dec 1905
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenian Rebels Attack Town, Turkish Troops Fight Insurgents" Reno
Evening Gazette Sep 13 1904 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Kill Turks" Manitoba Free Press 1916-02-22 NewsPaper's Actual
ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Go To Europe To Fight For The Allies" Racine Journal-News
1917-08-31 NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !

) "Armenians Kill Azeri Turks (Tartars)" La Crosse Tribune, 1906-09-19
NewsPaper's Actual ScreenShot !
Armenian Rebellion: Feilding Star, 5 Sep 1905

Turks Were Defeated By The Armenian Army: NYT 29 Jun 1918

Armenian Priests Acted As Guides For Russian Army To Get To Van: Evening
Post 9 Dec 1914

Armenian Students Join Russian Army In Caucasus : Evening Post 4 Nov 1914

"Armenia Wants US Against Hun" -Miami Metropolis 27-Mar-1919

"Hentchakist Bands Invade Turkish Territory" NY Times 10-Nov-1903

" Tacitly Encouraged by Russia, Armenians Cross Turkish Frontier" NY Times

"Boxes Of Rifles, Ammunition & Dynamite in Armenian Church"
Feb13-31Jan1908-St.Petersburg Telegraph Agency

"Future Glorious Armenia Should Not Be Limited To Turkish Land, But Must
Cover Themselves & Russian Land" Nov11-29Oct-1903-Moscow-Paper

"5000 Armenian Revolters in Adana Preparing For Aggressive Action" NY
Times 15 Nov 1895

"Armenians Prefer Sultan's Rule Not Emperor Nicholas" NY Daily Tribune

"Armenians Armed With Revolvers & Spiked Staves, Dragged Armenian
Patriarch From Pulpit" NY Times 29-July-1890

"Armenian Revolt With The Help & Encouragement From Trans-Caspian
Armenians in Russia" NY Times 13-Oct -1903

"Armenians Responsible For Premeditated Riots" NY Times 25-Oct-1895

"Gen Spiridowitch Organizing Armenians In NewYork For A Revolt In Turkey"
NY Times 20-May-1907

"Turkish Armenians In Armed Revolt Ready To Join Russian Invaders, Having
Drilled & Collected ..." NY Times 13 Nov 1914

"Armenian Riots" Clutha Leader - 11 Oct 1895
"Sassoun Massacre -Proof - Armenian Revolitionists Caused It" NY Times 23
Aug 1895

"Armenian Bands Formed To Attack & Kill Turks or Kurds" NY Times 18 Jan 1894

"Armenians Have Plotted To Arouse Sympathy" NY Times 4 Oct 1895

15th Sep 2011 Update:
"Turks Hang Kemal Bey For Armenian Massacres" NYT 14 Apr 1919
"Turkish Garrisons Attacked By Armenian Rebels" Washington Post, 10th Aug
"Fighting In Sasun -Armenian Rebels" The News, May 2 1904
"False Info Circulated By The Armenian Agitators" NYT, Nov 3 1895
"Armenian Question: England And America Cannot Afford To Throw Stones"
NYT, 23rd Sep 1895

20th Sep 2011 Update:
"Armenian Rebels Taken In Hand" -Evening Bulletin, Hawaii, USA, May 16, 1903

"26.000 'Christian' Armenians In Revolt" -Guthrie Daily Leader, Oklahoma,
Nov, 1 1895

"Armenians In Van Rise In Arms Against Turks" -Washington Times, May 12, 1915

" Plot To Blow Up Foreign Consulates By Armenian Rebels' Dastardly Plan"
-San Francisco Call -20 Aug 1905

" Turks Battle With Rebels" -San Francisco Call -19 May 1904

"Were The Armenian Stories Of Atrocities Only Fabrications? " -Daily
Bulletin, April 25, 1895

Since: Sep 09


#9 Apr 2, 2013
"19 Coutries recognised the Fcukken Genocide thesis""is
Another Lie..

Recognation of Genocide Bullshit by the Countries..


See the Reality..

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Argentina - 1985

the Buenos Aires City Council decided Tuesday to include the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in the general curriculum for its public schools.
Not Officaly approved by the Parliement..

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Australia...Only South Wales Parliement

The New South Wales Parliament Thursday unanimously passed a Motion commemorating and condemning the 1915 Genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turkish Government, which began in earnest on 24 April, the eve of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps landings in Gallipoli.


18 June 1987 concerning a "political solution to the Armenian Question," recognized that the Armenians living in Turkey in 1915 were the victims of a genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman government of the time;

Just a sweet for the Liarmenian Mouths.Nothing Turkish

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Canada - 1996

It is alie..No resolution just BULLSHIT
-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Chile - 2007

No resolution just Bullshit

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Pseudo Southern Cyprus - 1982

It is normal for the Southern Cypriots.According to them Klingons and Cylons have been killed by the Turks too...


No resolution or recognization just Bullshit
-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by England

No resolution only Archbishop of Canterbury to Introduce Genocide Bill to British House of Lords

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by the European Union..

-EU hasn't recognize only European Parliement with only 34 votes in 550...
-European Court of Justice has rejected this resolution in 2003 and 2004.
Armenians said""It was a political issue and it may change every minute,the Parliement should change the bill and make it a compulsory matter for the entrance of turkey to EU BUT REJECTED..heheheh

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by France - 1998French Parliament Commission Approves Genocide Bill.""""W hile the French president explained that they don't see the recognition for the Armenian Genocide as a pre-condition for Turkey's accession to the European Union, he, however, insisted on Turkey's reviewing of its past."""" "
-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Germany - 2005 is a lie

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Greece

It is normal ,according to Greeks every single lost war in the history was a massacre and genocide..

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Holland
NO recognition only a warnimg to Turkey..

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Italy
Milano City wit %3 members of the City Parliement

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Kurdistan hahahahah

What is Kurdistan :))

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Lebanon

The resolution, presented by the parliament executive, calls on all Lebanese citizens to unite with the Armenian people on April 24 in commemorating the atrocities of 1915-1923.-

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Lithuania - 2005

No resolution

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Poland - 2005

No Resolution just a warning

The bill will be sent to the Senate for approval as well.
The Polish Foreign Ministry lobbied against the passage of the bill.

-Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Russia

The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation:
Condemns the perpetrators of the extermination of Armenians from 1915 to 1922;

Expresses its deep sympathy to the Armenian people and recognizes April 24 as a day of remembrance for the victims of the Genocide.
Means just Nothing
Mary Joe

Beirut, Lebanon

#10 Apr 2, 2013
You know okuz you're a negative person...
And you're blinded with your denializated ideology...
When there is denial ...there is neglection...

Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

#11 Apr 2, 2013
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hi boys...your favorite h0om0-sexual of topix forum IT Dander is here
taner akcam turns me on...I wish I could suck him while he is talking about armenians
I would like to have a 3some with taner akcam and serj sarkissian
my IT father is old IT mother works in a bro0thel in yerevan
thats why my armenian gypsy IT face is so ugly...please spit at my ugly IT face...

Since: Aug 08

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#12 Apr 3, 2013
Oguz ? My friend.

Did you learn your History ?

Some booklet ( pdf ) to download :

You can click on the flag on the left on this page : .

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