where is the money. show me the money. show me new job creation. the higher oil prices are suppose to give louisiana increased revenue for the budget. the prices at the pump are killing us all. next all prices on everything will go up and services will decrease. I'm glad we broke ground in N.O. for a new LSU Hosp. when it is done will can shut down the rest of the LSU hosp. system and complete a dream of MIKE FOSTER and BOBBY JINDAL. All the poor and under privalaged can either drive to Shrevport or N.O. for care or just do without. I wish the economy was better so I could sell my house and get out of the hell hole called Louisiana. looks like that will not happen for many years. Maybe I'll let the bank take back my house. My poor kids, I tell them to get out as soon as possible. Do not eat gulf seafood it is poisioned. BP money is spent on increaseing tourism?? what a joke. Take a hot,smelly tour. of what?