I am a recreational sea angler,i've been traveling to the yorks coastline on and off for a good forty year's,seen a lot of changes it that time especially the declne in fish stocks,i's somthing that i have given a great deal of thought about,conclusion is we reap what we sow,unfortunatly with a lot things in like we think we have the god given right to take without giving in return,wether it be minerals from the earth,trees from the rainforests,fish from the sea,it seems everybodys on the get rich quick bus, but there just "maybe" a answer to the fish stock problem,why not try a breed and release programme, i know people will probably scoff at this but it might not be as difficult as it sounds,female cod for eg lay an estimated 6,000,000 eggs if only a small minority of these eggs are reared and released what a difference this would make in replenishing the stocks.the mind boggles.