Asian Guy wrote:
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did you read the link on "smoking bans"?
it points out that second hand smoke causes lung cancer to those who are exposed to it.
if this is true, how can you say it is wrong to ban smoking??
It takes away the rights of the business owners. If I buy a building and open a restaurant why can't I decide to make it non smoking or not?
If people don't like my decision then they don't have to eat at my place.
Asian Guy wrote:
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as for your twist of words about marijuana and booze, if you admit that both can kill, what's with the bullshit about NOT being harmful?
Maybe you can show me where I said marijuana kills or where I said it wasn't harmful.
Don't put words in my mouth.
Asian Guy wrote:
<quoted text>you are not on drugs, you say?
give me a break.
you think just like the cocaine using, marijuana smoking, brain dead stupid hippie politicians do - MESSED UP.
So you twist my words to justify violating my rights and then resort to personal attacks.