DJB wrote:
It would also help if the teachers knew English. I had a step daughter who went to South St school and had a PR teacher who spelled words wrong and told me it was her first time teaching in English. I should also mention the child was from Ukraine and didn't know English so she thought the teacher was right. She also didn't have the advantage of teachers who spoke her language but she did good in school. So I dodn't see why Spanish kids have to be taught in Spanish or it's considered unfair. I'd like to see them go to Russia and force everyone to use Spanish to make their life easier. You want to come here then learn more of the language other than the ability to claim discrimination.
And judging by your own use of the English language, it looks like you could do with a few lessons too, Don't tell me, You live on a trailer park and eatfast food for; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner???????? ILLITERATE AND OVERWEIGHT AMERICAN CNUT.