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Almost two months ago Peterborough held its breath as two marches from different ends of the ideological scale marched on the same day.

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Surah Al Duha

Kolkata, India

#8998 Nov 8, 2011
11. But the Bounty of thy Lord Rehearse and proclaim!

NOTE- Besides the petitioners, who ask for help, there is the case of those who do not ask but are nevertheless poor-poor but contented in worldly goods, or poor in knowledge or resources and not even knowing that they are poor.

If you are bountifully endowed by Allah, your duty is to make that Bounty spread far and wide. Proclaim it and share it, as the holy Prophet always did.

We all receive Allah's grace and guidance in some degree or other. We all owe it as a duty to our fellow-men to be kind and helpful to those less endowed in any respect than ourselves.

*** Holy Quran English Translation & Commentary will continue INSHA-ALLAH.
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#8999 Nov 8, 2011
ah, there is ONLY 1 message these muzzlim bazturds understand...brute force and violence and the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines need to give them a healthy dose of what they understand...blow them back to the stone age!!!

Dwale, KY

#9000 Nov 9, 2011
This here be the TRUE/REAL EVILNESS of Islam,
Religion of The Stupidity Goes On.

This here be from;

It must be stopped: Raids over "anti-Islam" toy gun spread from Saudi Arabia to UAE

All that's missing is an assessment of blame. That promises to be entertaining. An update on this story. "Anti-Islam toy guns seized in Dibba," from Emirates 24-7, November 2:

Authorities in Dibba seized nearly 100 Chinese-made toy guns which offend Islam by mocking the wife of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), the Arabic language daily 'Al Bayan' reported on Wednesday.

The guns, sold in shops, were found to be issuing sounds that sneer and insult Aisha, a few days after an Emirati female activist said she found one such gun in a shop in Bani Yas just outside Abu Dhabi city.“We have seized around 100 of those guns and we are now conducting an investigation on how they were brought into the UAE,” the paper said, quoting Khaled Danhani, head of the commercial licences at Dibba Municipality.

In Saudi Arabia, police said last week they had seized nearly 1,500 Chinese-made toy guns at a local market found to be issuing sounds that abuse Aisha, one of the most venerated women in Islam.Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice seized the toys during a raid on a shopping centre in the western town of Jeddah.

“The guns were found to be issuing sounds which are considered mocking and offending against the Prophet’s wife,” newspapers said, quoting Commission spokesman in Jeddah, Turki Al Zahrani.

Ban/Destroy Islam - Religion of The Stupidity Goes On, forever!
Day, AKA Evil Bastard # 7473.

Dwale, KY

#9001 Nov 9, 2011
This here be the TRUE/REAL EVILNESS of Islam,
Religion of Stupidity.

This here be from;

Raymond Ibrahim: Does the Crucifix 'Provoke' Muslims?

Today on Hudson NY (via RaymondIbrahim.com ), I discuss how, whether at private Christian institutions on American soil, or at public schools in the Middle East, the cross—the symbol of Christianity—has a way of, in the words of one sheikh, "provoking" Muslims.

[...] As Newt Gingrich observed regarding this affair [lawsuit against Catholic University of America]: "Are you [Muslims] prepared to sponsor a Christian missionary in Mecca? Because if you're not prepared to sponsor religious liberty in Saudi Arabia, don't come and nag us with some hypocritical baloney."

Notable, too, why Muslim students are seeking to create Islamic havens (or enclaves) in universities: as one of them put it, "Arab [code for "Muslim"] and American students have a difficult time befriending each other because people naturally gravitate towards others with similar backgrounds and interests." In fact, this is a product of Islam's own doctrine of wala' wa bara', which commands Muslims to be loyal to one another, while completely disassociating themselves from non-Muslims.

Now, consider Muslim behavior toward Christian symbols, specifically the crucifix, where Muslims are the majority and thus in charge—where might not only makes right, but often exposes true sentiments...

Read the rest and see how all this relates to the recent murder of a Christian student in Egypt, and even the Maspero massacre.

Ban/Destroy Islam - Religion of Stupidity, forever!
Day, AKA Evil Bastard # 7473.
mud ham mad


#9002 Nov 9, 2011
true message of islam:
lies, ignorance, pedofilia, mass-murders
Surah Al Layl

Patna, India

#9003 Nov 9, 2011
The Night

Introduction- This was one of the first Surahs to be revealed---within the first ten; and may be placed in date close to Surah 89 and Surah 93. Note that in all these three Surahs the mystery and the contrast as between Night and Day are appealed to for the consolation of man in his spiritual yearning. Here we are told to strive our utmost towards Allah, and He will give us every help and satisfaction.

1. By the Night as it conceals (the light);

NOTE- The evidence of three things in invoked, viz., Night, Day, and Sex, and the conclusion is stated in verse 4, that men's aims are diverse.

But similarly there are contrasts in nature.

What contrast can be greater than between Night and Day?

When the Night spreads her veil, the sun's light is hidden, but not lost. The sun is in his place all the time, and will come forth in all his glory again in his own good time.
Man pursuing diverse aims may find, owing to his own position. Allah's light obscured from him for a time, but he must strive hard to put himself in a position to reach it in all its glory.

2. By the Day as it appears in glory;

3. By (the mystery of) the creation of male and female --

NOTE- The wonder of the sexes runs through all life. There is attraction between opposite; each performs its own functions, having special characters, primary and secondary, within limited spheres, and yet both have common characteristics in many other spheres. Each is indispensable to the other.

Love in its noblest sense is the type of heavenly love and the highest good; in its debasement it leads to the lowest sins and the worst crimes. Here, then, striving is necessary for the highest good.

4. Verily,(the ends) ye strive for are diverse.

NOTE-There are wide contrasts in the nature and aims of men. These may be broadly divided into two classes, good and evil.

As night replaces day on account of certain relative position, but does not annihilate it, so evil may for a time obscure good but cannot blot it out.

Again, night in certain circumstances (e.g. for rest) is a blessing; so certain things, which may seem evils to us, may be really blessings in disguise.

Whatever our aims or positions, we must seek the highest truth from the light of Allah. Considering these contrasts, do not be surprised or depressed. Men's immediate aims may be different. The duty of all is to seek the one true light.

5. So he who gives (in charity) and fears (Allah),

6. And (in all sincerity) testifies to the Best --

NOTE- The good are distinguished here by three signs:
i) large-hearted sacrifices for Allah and men:
ii) fear of Allah, which shows itself in righteous conduct for Taqwa, includes just action as well as a mental state: and
iii) truth and sincerity in recognising and supporting all that is morally beautiful, for Husn is the good as well as the beautiful.

7. We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Bliss.

NOTE- So far from there being any hardship in a good life, the righteous will enjoy their life more and more,and Allah will make their path smoother and smoother until they reach eventual Bliss.

8. But he who is a greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient.

9. And gives the lie to the Best --

The evil are distinguished here by three signs:
i) selfish greed and denial of other people's rights;
ii) arrogance and self-sufficiency 96-7); and
iii) knowingly dishonouring Truth out of spite, or seeing ugliness where there is beauty.

Such men's downward progress gathers momentum as they go, and their end can be nothing but Misery.

Where will be their boasted wealth and possessions, or their self-confidence?

Surah Al Layl
Surah Al Layl

Patna, India

#9004 Nov 9, 2011
10. We will indeed make smooth for him the Path to Misery;

11. Nor will his wealth profit him when he falls headlong (into the Pit).

NOTE- Wealth amassed in this world will be of no use at the Day of Final Judgment, nor will any material advantages of this life bring profit by themselves in the Hereafter.

What will count will be a life of truth and righteousness, and of goodness to all the creatures of Allah.

12. Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide.

NOTE- Allah in His infinite mercy has provided full guidance to His creatures. All through His creation there are sign-posts indicating the right way.

To man He has given the five senses of perception, with mental and spiritual faculties for coordinating his physical perceptions and leading him higher and higher in thought and feeling.

He has besides sent inspired men as prophets for further teaching and guidance.

13. And verily unto Us (belong) the End and the Beginning.

NOTE- In the End man will return to Allah, and even from the beginning of man's life Allah's mercies and loving care surround him.

In the probationary period of man's life, he has a measure of free-will, and he is expected to use it in such a way as to bring his whole being into harmony with the universal Will and Law. For he will have to answer for the right use of his talents and opportunities.

If man's will has any meaning, he has the choice of accepting Allah's guidance or rejecting it, and in the latter case he must take the consequences. Hence the warning of the future "Fire" in the next verse.

14. Therefore do I warn you of a Fire blazing fiercely;

15. None shall reach it but those most unfortunate ones,

NOTE- The Fire of Punishment will not reach any except those who have deliberately sinned against their conscience and rejected Allah's Truth. The term used for them is "Ashqa" (superlative degree).
The corresponding idea in Christian theology is expressed in the following sentence. "All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men" (Matt. 12:31).

16. Who give the lie to Truth and turn their backs.

17. But those most devoted to Allah shall be removed far from it --

NOTE- "Those most devoted to Allah": the Atqa, the Allah-fearing men who live lives of purity, and seek only for the "Face of their Lord Most High".
See the verses following.

18. Those who spend their wealth...
for increase in self-purification,

NOTE- The Arabic root word zaka implies both increase and purification, and both meanings may be understood to be implied here.

Wealth (understood both literally and metaphorically) is not for selfish enjoyment or idle show. It is held on trust. It may be a trial in itself, from which a man who emerges successfully is a man all the purer in his life; and even if he was a good man before, his proper use of his wealth increases his position and dignity in the moral and spiritual world.

19. And have in their minds no favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return,

NOTE- The good man does not give in charity or do his good deeds with the motive that he is returning someone else's favour and compensating and rewarding someone for some service done to him or expecting some reward in return for his own good deed: the sole motive in his mind is that he desires the Countenance or Good Pleasure of Allah Most High.

This "Countenance" or "Face" (Arabic, Wajh) implies good pleasure or approval; but it implies something more.

It also means the Cause,-either the "final cause" or the "efficient cause" of Aristotelian philosophy.

For the Atqa would refer everything, backwards in origin and forwards in destiny, to Allah. Allah is the source of their goodness, as well as its goal or purpose.

20. But only the desire to seek for the countenance of their Lord Most High.

21. And soon will they attain (complete) satisfaction.
Surah Al Shams

Patna, India

#9005 Nov 9, 2011
The Sun

Introduction- This is one of the early Makkan revelations. Beginning with a fine nature passage, and leading up to man's need of realising his spiritual responsibility, it ends with a warning of the terrible consequences for those who fear not the Hereafter.

1. By the Sun and his (glorious) splendor;

2. By the Moon as she follow him;

NOTE- The first pair is the glorious sun, the source of our light and physical life, and the moon which follows or acts as second to the sun for illuminating our world.
The moon, when she is in the sky with the sun, is pale and inconspicuous; in the sun's absence she shines with reflected light and may metaphorically be called the sun's vicegerent. So with Revelation and the great Prophets who brought it; and the minor Teachers who derive their light reflected, or perhaps doubly reflected, from the original source.

3. By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;

NOTE- The next contrasted pair consists, not of luminaries, but conditions, or periods of time, Day and Night.

The Day reveals the sun's glory and the Night conceals it from our sight. So there may be contrasts in our subjective reception of divine light, but it is there, working all the time, and must reappear in its own good time.

4. By the Night as it conceals it;

5. By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure;

NOTE- The next contrasted pair is the wonderful firmament on high, and the earth below our feet, stretching away to our wide horizons.

The sky gives us rain, and the earth gives us food. Yet both work together; for the rain is moisture sucked up from the earth, and the food cannot grow without the heat and warmth of the sun.

There are many other contrasts under this head; yet they all point to unity.

6. By the Earth and its (wide) expanse;

NOTE- The ma masdariya in Arabic, in this and the subsequent clauses, is best translated in English by nouns. Thus what would literally be "and the (wonderful) making or construction of it" or "the fact of its (wonderful) construction" is, idiomatically, "its (wonderful) structure." "The (wide) spreading out" of the earth is rendered "its (wide) expanse," and so on.

7. By the Soul, and the proportion and order Given to it;

NOTE- Allah makes the soul, and gives it order, proportion, and relative perfection, in order to adapt it for the particular circumstances in which it has to live its life.
He breathes into it an understanding of what is sin, impiety, wrong-doing and what is piety and right conduct, in the special circumstances in which it may be placed. This is the most precious gift of all to man, the faculty of distinguishing between right and wrong.

After the six external evidences mentioned in verses 1-6 above, this internal evidence of Allah's goodness is mentioned as the greatest of all. By these various tokens man should learn that his success, his prosperity, his salvation depends on himself---on his keeping his soul pure as Allah made it; and his failure, his decline, his perdition depends on his soiling his soul by choosing evil.

8. And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; --

9. Truly he succeeds that purifies it,

10. And he fails that corrupts it!

NOTE- This is the core of the Surah, and it is illustrated by a reference to the story of the Thamud in the following verses.

11. The Thamud (people) rejected (their prophet) through their inordinate wrongdoing.

12. Behold, the most wicked Man among them was deputed (for impiety).

13. But the messenger of Allah said to them:
"It is a She-camel of Allah! and (bar her not from) having her drink!"

14. Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her.
So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, High and low)!

15. And for Him is no fear of its consequences.

Surah Al Shams continue...
Surah Al Shams

Patna, India

#9006 Nov 9, 2011
The story of the Thamud-

The allusion to the story of the Thamud will be understood by a reference to Quran 7:73-79
Their prophet was Salih, but he had to deal with an arrogant people, who oppressed the poor and denied them their rights of watering and pasture for their cattle.
The prophet Salih was given a certain she-camel as a Sign, a test case,
"This she-camel of Allah is Sign unto you: so leave her to graze in Allah's earth and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment" (Quran 7:73).
But they plotted to kill her and sent the most wicked man among them to dare and do that deed of impiety. It was probably when she came to drink at the stream that she was hamstrung and killed.
The man who was deputed to do the impious deed of hamstringing the she-camel had of course the sympathy and cooperation of the whole people. Only he was more daring than the rest.

**Verse 15 of Surah Al Shams has been variously construed.The general opinion in referring the pronoun "Him" to "their Lord" in the last verse and the pronoun "its" to the Punishment that was meted out to all, high and low, equally. In that case the meaning would be: God decreed the total destruction of the Thamud;in the case of creatures any such destruction might cause a loss to them, and they might fear the consequences of such loss or destruction, but Allah has created and can create at will, and there can be no question of any such apprehension in His case.
An alternative view is that "him" refers to the prophet Salih, mentioned in verse 13. Then the interpretation would be: Salih had no fear of the consequences for himself; he had warned the wicked according to his commission; he was saved by Allah's mercy as a just and righteous man, and he left them with regrets.Yet another alternative refers "him" to the wicked man (mentioned in verse 12) who hamstrung the she-camel: he feared not the consequences of his deed.

Holy Quran English Translation & Commentary will be continue INSHA-ALLAH
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#9007 Nov 9, 2011
cool guys
Holy Bible study

Kolkata, India

#9008 Nov 9, 2011
Little wonder why we hear from the media about christian Priests that are in involved with Pedophilic acts. However, from where thesePriests inspire to do such acts?
The answer is that they inspire from Bible. Actually, Pedophilia was born from this book of perversion. Let us see some passages that clearly support Pedophilia and Rape of preteen girls...

Numbers 31: 17-18

17. Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

18. But all the women children , that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

NOTE- Here we Christians were commanded by “God” in the bible to keep the woman children (little girls) for ourselves ! In addition, we commanded to kill every woman that hath know a man by lying with him.Simply we verify it by raping them and if we discovered that they are non-virgins then we kill them as we commanded by “God.

Important- So what we Christians are doing in Iraq,Afganistan actually commanded by our God & our Holy Bible.We are innocent and all are children of God.
Holy Bible study

United States

#9009 Nov 9, 2011
Sarcasm N Society wrote:
ah, there is ONLY 1 message these muzzlim bazturds understand...brute force and violence and the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines need to give them a healthy dose of what they understand...blow them back to the stone age!!!
Well,this is the real sprit of a true Christian my son.Keep it up & visit your nearest Church they will give you a advance ticket for entering into the heaven after your death.

Bethlehem, PA

#9010 Nov 9, 2011
Holy Bible study wrote:
<quoted text>Well,this is the real sprit of a true Christian my son.Keep it up & visit your nearest Church they will give you a advance ticket for entering into the heaven after your death.
Since you claim you study the Bible, can you tell me is this true or false, Is Mohammed the prophet of the God of Israel?
Is that true or false?
Surah Al Balad

Kolkata, India

#9011 Nov 10, 2011
The City

Introduction- This is an early Makkan revelation, and refers to the mystic relation (by divine sanction) of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) with the city of Makkah.

He was born in that City, which had already been sacred for ages before. He was nurtured in that City and had ( to use a modern phrase) the freedom of that City, belonging, as he did, to the noble family which held the government of its sacred precincts in its hands.

But he was an orphan, and orphans in his day had a poor time. But his mind was turned things divine. He protested against the prevailing idolatry and sin, and his parent City persecuted him and cast him out.

He made another City, yathrib, his own: it became the Madinah al Nabi, the City of Prophet, and it has ever since been called Madinah. We can speak of Madinah as the Prophet's child.

But the Prophet ever cherished in his heart the love of his parent City of Makkah, and in the fullness of time was received in triumph there. He purified it from all idols and abominations, reestablished the worship of the One True God, overthrew the purse-proud selfish autocracy, restored the sway of the righteous (people of the Right Hand), the liberty of the slave, and the rights of the poor and downtrodden. What a wonderful career centering round a City? It becomes a symbol of the world's spiritual history.

1. I do call to witness this City --

NOTE- The appeal to the close ties between the holy Prophet and his parent City of Makkah has been explained in the Introduction to this Surah.

It is a symbol of man's own history. Man is born for toil and struggle, and this is the substantive proposition in verse 4 below, which this appeal leads up to.

2. And thou art a freeman of this City --

NOTE- Hillun: an inhabitant, a man with lawful rights, a man freed from such obligations as would attach to a stranger to the city, a freeman in a wider sense than the technical sense to which the word is restricted in modern usage.

The Prophet should have been honoured in his native city. He was actually being persecuted. He should have been loved, as a parent loves a child. Actually his life was being sought, and those who believed in him were under a ban. But time was to show that he was to come triumphant to his native city after having made Madinah sacred by his fife and work.

3. And (the mystic ties of) Parent and Child --

NOTE- A parent loves a child: ordinarily the father is proud and the mother, in spite of her birth-pains, experiences supreme joy when the child is born. But in abnormal circumstances there may be misunderstanding, even hatred between parent and child. So Makkah cast out her most glorious son, but it was only for a time. Makkah was sound at heart; only her power had been usurped by an ignorant autocracy which passed away, and Makkah was to receive back her glory at the hands of the son whom she had rejected but whom she welcomed back later. And Makkah retains for all time her sacred character as the centre of Islam.

4. Verily We have created Man into toil and struggle.

NOTE- Man's life is full of sorrow and vexation; but our text has a different shade of meaning: man is born to strive and struggle; and if he suffers from hardships, he must exercise patience, for Allah will make his way smooth for him (65:7; 94:5-6).

On the other hand no man should boast of worldly goods or worldly prosperity.

See verses 5-7 below...
Surah Al Balad

Kolkata, India

#9012 Nov 10, 2011
5. Thinketh he, that none hath power over him?

NOTE- If a man has wealth, influence, or power, he should not behave as if it is to last for ever, or as if he has no responsibility for his acts and can do what he likes. All his gifts and advantages are given to him for trial. Allah, Who bestowed them on him, can take them away, and will do so if man fails in his trial.

6. He may say (boastfully): "Wealth have I squandered in abundance!"

NOTE- The man who feels no responsibility and thinks that he can do what he likes in life forgets his responsibility to Allah. He boasts of his wealth and scatters it about, thinking that he can thus purchase the support of the world. For a time he may. But a rude awakening must come soon, for he bases his hopes on unsubstantial things. Or if he spends his substance on self-indulgence, he is weakening himself and putting himself into snares that must destroy him.

7. Thinketh he that none beholdeth him?

NOTE- Allah watches him, and sees all his acts and motives, and all the secret springs of his follies. But lest he should think the higher forces too remote for him, let him look within himself and use the faculties which Allah has given him.

See the next verses...
Surah Al Balad

Kolkata, India

#9013 Nov 10, 2011
8. Have We not made for him a pair of eyes?--

9. And a tongue, and a pair of lips ?

10. And shown him the two highways?

NOTE- The two highways of life are:

i) the steep and difficult path of virtue, which is further described in the verses following, and
ii) the easy path of vice, and the rejection of Allah, referred to in verses 19-20 below.

Allah has given us not only the faculties implied in the eyes, the tongue, and the lips, but has also given us the judgment by which we can choose our way; and He has sent us Teachers and Guides, with Revelation, to show us the right and difficult way.

11. But he hath made no haste on the path that is steep.

NOTE- In spite of the faculties with which Allah has endowed man and the guidance which He has given him, man has been remiss. By no means has he been eager to follow the steep and difficult path which is for his own spiritual good.

12. And what will explain to thee the path that is steep?--

13.(It is:) freeing the bondman;

NOTE- The difficult path of virtue is defined as the path of charity or unselfish love, and three specific instances are given for our understanding: viz.
i) freeing the bondman,
ii) feeding the orphan, and
iii) feeding the indigent down in the dust.

As regards the bondman, we are to understand not only a reference to legal slavery, but other kinds of slavery which flourish especially in advanced societies.

There is political slavery, industrial slavery, and social slavery.

There is the slavery of conventions, of ignorance, and of superstition.

There is slavery to wealth or passions or power.

The good man tries to liberate men and women from all kinds of slavery, often at great danger to himself. But he begins by first liberating himself.

14. Or the giving of food in a day of privation...

NOTE- Feed those who need it, both literally and figuratively; but do so especially when there is privation or famine, literal or figurative, i.e., when or where the sources of sustenance, physical, moral, or spiritual, are cut off.

15. To the orphan with claims of relationship,

NOTE- All orphans should be fed and helped. But ordinary orphans will come under the indigent in verse 16 below.

The orphans related to us have a special claim on us. They should be near and dear to us, and if charity begins at home, they have the first claim on us.

16. Or to the indigent (down) in the dust.

NOTE- Persons down in the dust can only be helped from motives of pure charity, because nothing can be expected of them-neither praise nor advertisement nor any other advantage to the helper. Such help is help indeed. But there may be various degrees, and the help will be suited to the needs.

17. Then will he be of those who believe, and enjoin patience,(constancy, and self-restraint), and enjoin deeds of kindness and compassion.

NOTE- Such practical charity and love will be the acid test of Faith and the teaching of all virtues.

The virtues are summed up under the names of Patience (the Arabic word includes constancy and self-restraint) and compassionate kindness. Not only will they be the test by which the sincerity of their Faith will be judged; they will be the fruit which their Faith will constantly produce.

Surah Al Balad continue...
Surah Al Balad

Kolkata, India

#9014 Nov 10, 2011
18. Such are the Companions of the Right Hand.

NOTE- They will be those who achieve salvation.

19. But those who reject Our Signs, they are the (unhappy) companions of the Left Hand.

NOTE- They will be the unfortunate ones enveloped in the Fire of lasting Penalty, heaped over them and all round them.

20. On them will be Fire Vaulted over (all round).

*** Holy Quran English Translation & Commentary will continue INSHA-ALLAH...

OUR NEXT SURAH...Al Fajr (The Dawn).
george whyte

Malton, UK

#9015 Nov 10, 2011
British Woman Gang-Raped by Five Afghan 'Refugees'...

The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town.

The 38-year-old woman - who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone - was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca.

Despite handing the video footage to police, only one alleged attacker - identified by police only as Abdurashid D., 25 - has been arrested.

Now local mothers have told police they are boycotting local schools from next week (nov 7) unless they clear out a local refugee centre containing more than 2,500 illegal immigrants which was built to hold just 120.

"These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble," said one mum.

"They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.

"My daughter isn't going to school again while four refugee rapists are still on the streets," she added.

The British victim had travelled to Serbia after striking up a Facebook friendship with a man who told her he lived in a town called Lozinca.

When she couldn't find him, the woman flew on to the spa resort Banja Koviljaca where she began chatting to three Afghan men in a local park.

But when they invited her for a drink at a local hotel, they met up with two other men and she was dragged behind the building and raped repeatedly.

Her harrowing phone video footage of the attack - which was handed to the police - is said by local media to show the faces of three of her attackers clearly.

Police said that Abdurashid D. has admitted sex with the woman, but claims it was consensual, although he was unable to explain medical evidence showing injuries suffered by the woman.

The rape occurred last week (27 Oct), but police only revealed the details after the woman had returned to the UK on Monday.

The case has shocked locals in the region, which is the most popular spa resort in the country and regarded as one of the mainstays of Serbia's tourism business.
george whyte

Malton, UK

#9016 Nov 10, 2011
Pakistan Police has arrested six anti-Shiite militants, and seized 25000 kilogramme explosives from a poultry farm in Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province.
The militants were preparing an explosive device for launching terror attacks in the holy month of Muharram (Imam Hussain Martyrdom) in Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad.

Two of them are expert in preparing suicide cars. These militants were being watched for the last six months.

The militants belonged to Swat, Swabi, Mardan, Bhakhar, Dera Ismail Khan and Quetta in Pakistan.

The Mourning of Muharram is an important period of mourning in Shia Islam, taking place in Muharram which is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is also called the Remembrance of Muharram. Many of the events associated with the remembrance take place in Hussainia, Mosques and other religious places.
Surah Al Fajr

Kolkata, India

#9017 Nov 10, 2011
The Dawn

Introduction- This is one of the earliest of the Surahs to be revealed---probably within the first ten chronological order.

Its mystic meaning is suggested by contrasts in nature and in man's long history. Thus does it enforce the lesson of Faith in the Hereafter to "those who understand". Man's history and legendry lore show that greatness does not last and the proudest are brought low. For enforcing moral and spiritual truths, the strictest history is no better than legend. Indeed all artistic history is legend, for it is written from a special point of view.

Man is easily cowed by the contrasts in his own fortunes, and yet he does not learn from them the lesson of forbearance and kindness to others, and the final elevation of goodness in the Hereafter. When all the things on which his mind and heart are set on this earth shall be crushed to nothingness, he will see the real glory and power, love and beauty, of Allah, for these are the light of the Garden of Paradise.

1. By the Break of Day,

2. By the Nights twice five;

NOTE- By the Ten Nights are usually understood the first ten nights of Dhu al Hijjah, the sacred season of Pilgrimage.From the most ancient times Makkah was the centre of Arab pilgrimage. The story of Abraham is intimately connected with it.

In times of Paganism various superstitions were introduced, which Islam swept away. Islam also purified the rites and ceremonies, giving them new meaning.
The ten days specially devoted to the Hajj introduce a striking contrast in the life of Makkah and of the pilgrims. Makkah, from being a quiet secluded city, is then thronged with thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the world. They discard their ordinary dress-representing every kind of costume-to the simple and ordinary Ihram (n. 217); they refrain from every kind of fighting and quarrel; they abstain from every kind of luxury and self-indulgence; they hold all life sacred, however humble, except in the way of carefully-regulated sacrifice; and they spend their nights in prayer and meditation.

3. By the Even and Odd (contrasted);

NOTE- The contrast between even and odd forms the subject of learned argument among those who deal with the properties of numbers. In any case, even and odd follow each other in regular succession: each is independent, and yet neither is self-sufficient. In ultimate analysis every even number is a pair of odd ones. And all things go in pairs: see 36:36, and n. 3981.

In the animal world pairs are but two individuals, and yet each is a complement of the other. Both abstract and concrete things are often understood in contrast with their opposites. Why should we not, in spiritual matters, understand this life better with reference to the Hereafter, and why should we disbelieve in the Hereafter simply because we cannot conceive of anything different from our present life?

4. And by the Night when it passeth away --

NOTE- That is, the last part of the night, just before full day-light. Note the gradations:
· first, the turn of the night, when just the first rays of daylight break through;
· secondly, the social and institutional rites of religion, like those during the ten nights of Pilgrimage;
· thirdly, when the usual contrast between the Here and Hereafter vanishes, and we can see heaven even here; and
· lastly, when this world vanishes, the full light of Day arrives, and we see Reality face to face.

Surah Al Fajr continue...

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