tesco in mablethorpe

tesco in mablethorpe

There are 36 comments on the Louth Today story from Oct 14, 2010, titled tesco in mablethorpe. In it, Louth Today reports that:

ACCORDING to East Lindsey District Coucil, a Tesco store will be coming to Mablethorpe in the future.

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Gainsborough, UK

#1 Oct 21, 2010
Tesco in mablethorpe would ruin the whole town like they do in most places they would suck the town dry all the other shops would close,mablethorpe as a town would be in a worse position than it is now,anyone who knows anything about this company know that all they are interested in is money and power and they dont care who or what small or large business they hurt to get it,i am sure a lot of people would like to have them but the reality of it is if they come it will destroy the whole town.People from louth are not going to come here they will go to grimsby and people from skegness will not come here either to shop so its not as if its going to bring people into the town because it is not as there is nothing hardly here for them to come here for people go to these places not just to shop but to have a look around the other shops,its shops like argos ect ect we need not another food store we have more than enough of them as it is,so to think it will bring people into the town just to shop there it wont,the little we do have here will be gone anyway when they come so we will simply be left with there shop and nothing else i hope the people of mablethorpe would be happy with that because thats what will happen.
tony mablethorpe


#2 Oct 23, 2010
eric you live in doncaster. we need tesco the town is full of crap shops. co ops a rip off we need a big company to come here and show other companies its worth coming to this area and investing in the area. most of the shops here charity shops so there is nothing in this town for tesco to ruin we are aleady there. maybe you like it the way it is now but you only visit. we are here all year round lets hope we get more companies coming here the more the better

Sheffield, UK

#3 Oct 23, 2010
I live in mablethorpe and the town will die and the shops will close as soon as that company get there,they will close everything and as said before suck the town dry,they dont care who they hurt in the process so long as they make there money,there are people who have lived in this town all their lives and worked hard for what they have and the business they have built and these guys will shut them all,at the end of it all mablethorpe will consist of tesco and amusement arcades due to everything else closing and going out of business,they dont care about other company's or business that people have created and built over a long time and hard work they care about money and how much they can make.

Hove, UK

#4 Oct 24, 2010
I live near mablethorpe, The co op is a rip off. If you want to go the a supermaker you have to got all the way to Skegness or Boston. 40 mile round trip for me.
Why shouldn't we have a tesco. more people want it than don't.
Empty Miles


#5 Oct 25, 2010
What makes you think that Tesco being in town will encourage other businesses to come to Mablethorpe? That's not the way it works. Tesco are renown for their trading practices which destroy local businesses as well as holding their supply chain to ransom. Their are also well- versed in the long game when it comes to planning consent. They have the money to 'buy' ELDC. I fear , even if it doesn't happen immediately, Tesco have lined enough councillors pockets to make their eventual arrival in town a formality. Tesco care about their profits and their profits only. They'll build a store, give you enough time in free parking to get round their aisles (but not enough to follow up your shopping with a stroll around Mablethorpe) and will turn a blind eye to the businesses, households and families they destroy in their wake. Mablethorpe needs more people like you, Eric.

London, UK

#6 Oct 26, 2010
can we have one in sutton then
sue coventry


#7 Oct 27, 2010
we live in coventry but have a chalet in mablethorpe for 8 months of the year. and yes we pay full council tax , so have a right to a point of view , i think it would be very good to have a tesco in mablethorpe Some town folk of mablethorpe are unwilling to see changes. In this ever changing world we are faced with all kinds of change. Why not have a Tescos. It's healthy competition for all. people ought to accept that things don't stay the same. The town is growing and no one can change that. The town needs to cater for all."of mablethorpe . I do not believe the reasons for not having a new tesco's store in mablethorpe are valid. I agree that trafic in the town is a problem, but it is a problem that all small towns are having to deal with. Putting off this chance to bring yet another big name brand to our streets simply because of this makes no sense. The traffic will get worse no matter what, so we may as well have the benefit of healthy competition between Tesco , lidl ,co-op & and heron. I believe it will regenerate the town's economy and create more jobs. The fear of the town's traders is offset by the advantages of a new store opening. I have looked at the make up of the town's shops and concluded that probably no more than 5 independant types of shops are under threat.For those who say local shops will suffer, I say 'which'? everyone knows that our high street is much like any another these days, there are very few local shops to suffer! I feel there is a niche for every business, adapt or become exctinct!"
Sandy Nr Huttoft


#8 Oct 27, 2010
Mablethorpe is not a nice place to shop - cheap shops ever where. Although I do not like tescos' that much I think one would improve some of the facilities available. The Co-op is expensive but quality is good. Sorry, but Something needs to be done to make the town less like a run down inner city area, bring it up to be interesting to other type of visitor. And no Sutton is the only town of the three along this coast that has not been completely ruined - not sure it would like all Mablethorpe and Skegness visitors flooding the place to get shopping done.
Empty Miles

Lincoln, UK

#10 Oct 29, 2010
"Thebig supermarket chains claim that they have achieved their pre-eminence in this country by providing people with what they want. They are, they insist, able to offer their customers better value, more choice and more convenience than British people have ever been able to enjoy before. Supremely competitive, they have beaten their rivals by fair means in a free market.
It is true that superstores are adept at attracting custom, and many British people do enjoy shopping in them. But the key to much of their success lies not within the market but outside it. They enjoy more political influence than almost any other corporate sector in Britain. Their huge financial muscle helps them to bend both local and national government to their will. This political powers appears to have enabled them to trade on terms which would surely not be tolerated in any other area of British commercial life. They offer convenience and choice in their stores only by destroying convenience and choice everywhere else." George Monbiot.
Malcolm-mabletho rpe

Doncaster, UK

#11 Oct 30, 2010
live and run business in mablethorpe. We do need this development and more schemes in mablethorpe.
we have to shop at grimsby at present and i know lots more that shop out of town.the way forward for this town is to encourage all types of development.

Sheffield, UK

#12 Nov 4, 2010
A tesco in mablethopre would not bring other companys to mablethorpe if thats what you all think,it will destroy the ones we have close the whole town basically and we will be left with nothing,if you think it will bring in other company's your deeply mistaken because it wont all it will do is ruin the ones we have and tesco wont care one bit about doing that they do it all over the country their main goal will be to have a sole shop in the town THEIRS and nothing more,stay away we dont want you Tesco your nothing but a plague that grows and grows hurts other people and other company's and cares nothing for its community all its cares about is money and how much it can drain from the town.

Gainsborough, UK

#13 Nov 4, 2010
I too live in mablethorpe and yes a tesco or Asda supermarket is good news what other business is it going to ruin all the gift shops that close down in winter
jan mablethorpe

Nottingham, UK

#14 Nov 4, 2010
ACCORDING to East Lindsey District Coucil, a Tesco store will be coming to Mablethorpe in the future.
if thats the case why dont the council east lindsey district council use their initative ,and give tesco full planning permission on the condition that they relocate the leisure centre and build an indoor swimming pool along side of the leisure centre at tescos expense , it's something mablehorpe is crying out for , if they want to build a tesco in mablethorpe let tesco contribute to the town itself and give something back to the community , if the council can ill afford to do it , tesco make millions a year , what does everyone else think?
Carol from Mablethorpe

Sheffield, UK

#15 Nov 4, 2010
I believe Eric is right, Tesco will build a new sports centre as a back-hander to get the planning they want, when they get the store open they will be rutheless to get every bit of trade in the town at the cost of other businesses. They will bring in staff from their other stores and jobs created will only balance out with those lost from Co-op, Lidl and smaller shops.
As a person that was born in the town I would like to see it develop, maybe a new supermarket in the future when we have a good base of other shops to draw people into town, maybe we should be encourageing Argos,NewLook,Currys,Primark,W ilkos,Virgin,JJB,Specsavers,Tr avel Agents,McDonalds etc to come to the town to bring jobs for the people in the proposed new housing!! Or we could build new supermarkets and people will still go elsewhere to shop!

Boston, UK

#16 Nov 4, 2010
Of course the people of Mablethorpe need a Tescoes.It will be competition for the other shops in Mablethorpe. I don't know why the people of Mablethorpe are expected to put up with the run down, overpriced, scruffy, unpleasant shops that are there. The co-op has improved since it was revamped, Lidl is expanding. Surely to goodness, this is beneficial to the people of Mablethorpe. If other eyesores can't cope with the competition then all well and good, good riddance to them. I think we can do without shoddy tat in dirty hangers.
jan mablethorpe

Nottingham, UK

#17 Nov 5, 2010
i cant believe people are against a tesco , mablethorpe is a really nice town, with a scruffy high street , get rid of the all the tat and bring in some decent shops . a home bagains i think would do really well in mablethorpe ,they have one in skegg its brilliant , quality items at really discounted prices .
steve mablethorpe

South Shields, UK

#18 Nov 6, 2010
To say mablethorpe will die is utter rubbish...tescos will only make the place alot better.....we have one of the dearest co-ops in the country.....a lidl that is basically pants......a local supermarket that has half empty shelves.....the only decent place to buy food is the heron but they dont have everything you need.
No matter what other stores may or may not come here in the future, a decent cheap supermarket is needed for locals and holidaymakers alike.
Heather Sutton on Sea

Dunfermline, UK

#19 Nov 7, 2010
I believe having a Tesco's in Mablethorpe would be a brillant Idea. Some of the comments I have been reading on here doesn't make any sence. Why would you not want a Tesco opening here?

Fair enough small retailers would suffer, but pehapes this would give them the oppertunity to up their game and make mablethorpe a brillant place to shop as a whole. If we keep refussing to move with the times, then my generation and the generation below me will suffer, as mablethorpe will be forever a run down town.

Why should the people of mablethorpe and other visiting consumers be held to ransom by a small number of people and retailers, that won't accept change.

We have the right to shop where we like. Well like the growing numner of people in the mablethorpe and the surounding areas, are now shopping online for our weekly food shop with Tesco.com .
So does that mean the internet will be targetted for a campaign to have it banned, in case it affects the area?

Come on everyone please think of the next generation and the 100 jobs it would create for the area. The small nallow minded people of Mablethorpe should stop scare mongering and imbrace change gracefully.

My views are based on living here for the past five years, and making this area my home.

I had grown up in South London and I have seen change first hand in my childhood area.
Mitcham, South London; one of the first areas to have a Tesco's in the late 60's and early 70's.
I was born in 1986 and half what people have stated on here, never happened to Mitcham.

There are still a good few small family retailers about, doing very well. Having a Tesco's there boasted the area. Brought new jobs, shops, and visiters to the are. I know some of you are thinking, hey what do you know, your only a outside. But I have eyes, and can see Mablethorpe will always remain a run down town, unless we step up to the mark, and support Tesco's coming to the area.

I feel so strongly that I have even set up a facebook group called; we need a Tesco in Mablethorpe. Please join and show your support.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#20 Nov 8, 2010
Tesco will kill the whole town and shut everything all we will have left is that because if you think other company's are going to come here your all very shallow minded it will ruin the town and what little shops are here will be gone,they dont care about anything,they dont care about the community they just care about making money,we have some very shallow minded people posting here if you think this will make a huge difference to the town because it wont it will kill it.

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#21 Nov 8, 2010
Hi Sarah I respect your feelings on this matter, but how can you actually kill the town with a tesco. When already the the town is slowing dying from a lack of direction and job oppertunities for the area. I have a young nephew, my family and I know that he will have to move out of this area to have a better chance of working.
Its a sad state of affices, when the younger people of mablethorpe are staved of oppprtunies to remain in this area, fair enough a few do remain in the area. I just feel we should all remain open minded to what is happening to the area now.
I would never descirbe myself as shallow minded, as I do support small retailers as a customer. But times are changing and we need to move with the times. Tesco.com is now widely used in the area, so if you think of it, tesco is already operating in the area now, anyway. If their was a Tesco built in mablethorpe now, I would stop shopping online for my weekly shop and go there. Then i would even start to visit the shops more in mablethorpe then I am normal able to. I know we are not going to agree on this one, but I do respect your stand on this matter
sarah wrote:
Tesco will kill the whole town and shut everything all we will have left is that because if you think other company's are going to come here your all very shallow minded it will ruin the town and what little shops are here will be gone,they dont care about anything,they dont care about the community they just care about making money,we have some very shallow minded people posting here if you think this will make a huge difference to the town because it wont it will kill it.

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