Give the dyed redhead the KinnockHess the cake of the Kings of France then pair the waster with her husband and take them take them to the chopping block.
Have you noticed the Kinnockio and the Kinockhess have both been asked to be Lords by a creep called Brown that has not gone to seek the peoples vote.
AS when Kinnock was holding a discussion on why we ought not vote for an Assembley for Wales, as he at the time spoke about the Euro nasties that people like Roy Jenkins were going to come back from Europe and stroll into a seat in the Lords with no election taking place - now the Kinnock bratts will be expected to do the same as their parasite parents.
It was at that meeting at Trethomas that Kinnock clicked his heels and gave the Nazi salute and told the people that they ought not vote for the 'Natzi's'(Plaid Cymru or Plaid Cockney)
Neil Kinnoch had learnt the lines now to go with his fascist salutes and contempt for the people - Long live the new revolution and lets xget the owner of Liverpool to start making blades for chopping off the heads of rich parasites - or put more poison intheir food!