Sorry im a proddie from alba and from catholic and protestant parents from ireland! I love my life as I was not brought up to hate"My daughter now is marrying a polish laddie,obviously catholic and we are so happy!!!We dont tar and feather!Im happy with my life,I dont need reasons!My father was catholic and my mom protestant,they gave me a great life with understanding!The only political belief we all held was Scottish Nationalism,read the history we dont all shout about!Read what happenned to the highlanders when they wore highland dress!read what happenned when they spoke their scottish gaelic,Read what happenned when old scots dialect was used!Read the highland clearances along with the LOWLAND clearances which many people are unaware of,read the many wars!!And Ireland thinks it was hard done by?Humble yourselves!Other nations exsisted and Scotland also had famine and much poverty but we learned to coexsist and thats the initial important fight that will continue,not killing each other,and by that I mean Im now an Irish Scot that will take my heritage on both sides much further on my family tree through both cultures and love" and after all the world has bigger problems to solve than ireland as much as I love you,its true,world affairs belong to you no more!!!!!!!