Round about 14 November 2009 heavy rains affected parts of Great Britain and Ireland. throughout November the worst effected areas were the North England County of Cumbria. The terential rains and windstorms of 90-95mph caused1ft of rain in 24 hours It reached 8 ft after it rained for days on edge , Care homes were evacuated and schools were closed also rescue centers were set up European windstorms bringing heavy rain and gale force winds caused damage and flooding to the south of Great Britain on 1314 November. Unsettled weather continued across the south and later to the north. On 1920 November, many towns and villages in Cumbria and Dumfries and Galloway were effected. A number of bridges collapsed, one of which led to the death of a police officer, who was standing on the bridge when it collapsed. Another death on 21 November as a canoeist was trapped against a tree near Poundsgate, on Dartmoor in Devon. There was a lot of damage such as an estimate, prepared by Cumbria County Council, is on top of 1.5m spent on emergency measures immediately after the flooding. The Government will foot most of the bill but the council must find at least 4.2m.