Mark Harbinson has been remanded in custody charged with a number of sexual offences

There are 20 comments on the Oct 28, 2009, UTV story titled Mark Harbinson has been remanded in custody charged with a number of sexual offences. In it, UTV reports that:

High profile loyalist Mark Harbinson has been remanded in custody charged with a number of sexual offences involving a young girl.

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True Orangeman

Aberdeen, UK

#102 Jan 20, 2012
Just had a wee look at the Stoneyford Paedophiles of the Village Flute Bands facebook site. I see they still back their Paedophile leader 100%!!!Will they never learn, this sick bastard WILL do it again 100%. I also see a quote from one of his followers saying free the POWs....HArbinson is no POW. maybe a P aedo O r W anker ??

Belfast, UK

#103 Apr 18, 2012
getting near the time to keep a close eye on young girls and boys as pretty soon this monster will be free again to prey on and abuse more children. hope he clears off to somewhere far away but that is unlikey as his many dirty disgusting lying followers are still licking round his backside. Maybe they sad as his absence has meant they are no longer able to enjoy the benefits being his mate gave. Wonder who or how they all get their dicks hard now.... and how their even more disgusting partners let them near them when they do. Makes me sick to see them walking the streets sticking together like flies on shite.... makes everyone sick be it in stoneyford or lisburn or wherever they are seen. No descent people are fooled by you lot...we dont want you in our churches cuz you are just like priests pretending to be one thing when you are another. Dont leave your children in creche sunday school or anywhere near any of these sick people....they are all in it together... all abusers!!! Mark silly sentence will be no deterent for them... he has done the crime and will soon have done the time while the poor kids are left to live with his memories til the day they die. I am left not knowing who i can trust in my life. I feel that when i have a child i wont feel happy when its not beside me. I have lost faith in everyone. teachers the lot. I hate him. I hate them all.
True Orangeman

Brechin, UK

#104 Apr 18, 2012
You are so right lilyrocks Paedo Harbinson will soon be about again to prey on the vunerable. His henchmen will still be at his side, but will Paedo Harbinson be at their sides or in their childrens beds ???? wouldnt be the first time. You big S*******, check it out hes been their but you are so far up Paedo Harbinsons ass you cant see what he did, and as for your stupid GF has she no sense either. Paedo Harbinso may have fooled alot of people, MINISTERS included, But one thing for sure he will not fool his maker. The Lord will make this sick Paedo suffer in hell for the sins that he has brought upon his children.
orange lilly

Belfast, UK

#105 Jun 17, 2012
Well well thats its all over Mark has lost his appeal and has to stay where he is for another while ,how long for who knows ha ha .To shout no surrender from the dock when being taken down is a disgrace to the protestant people ,he should be linked with the roman catholic church sick peado .
its over

Ballyclare, UK

#106 Jun 18, 2012
well well well, all that money spend just to prove once and for all that Harbinson is a 'PERVERT' says the sun,I would have called him a dirty low down stinking B*****D.
And what has 'no surrender' got to do with this, please!!!


#107 Jul 12, 2012
justice is done
joe soap

Belfast, UK

#108 Jul 12, 2012
ha ha it couldnt happened to a better person
orange lilly

Belfast, UK

#109 Aug 13, 2012
Writing a book are we Harbinson ,think you may start writing the truth and not the lies you told in court .
True Orangeman

Newport Pagnell, UK

#110 Dec 16, 2012
See that Paedo HArbinson has withdrawn his appeal to the supreme court. Bet you his legal team have told him to wise up and that No judge was going to beleive his lies about not being a kiddie fiddler. Its bad when yor own legal team think that your a Paedophile !!!!!!!!!!I think some of Harbinsons pervert friends are beginning to think the same.Dont think he will be getting a warm welcome around stoneyford from his pervert friends. Some are privately asking questions regarding who else he molested,(AND THERE ARE QUITE A FEW). And if the truth be told his wife thinks hes a pervert too, imagine chosing a 13 year old before your wife. Hope you have a rotten christmas. you and Big Davy could share a cell and play with each other.:>


#111 Dec 16, 2012
was hoping that perv had a couple of years to do yet, is this book he is writing a horror story

Nottingham, UK

#112 Jun 28, 2013
so the sick paedo is out and is straight back to perv with all his sick supporters in stoneyford. i am sick of reading that he has followers that have fallen for his story that he was set up! what a heap of shite!! do they think that the topless picture, thousands of texts etc were all planted on his phone? NO they do not. they all know that he is guilty and many of them are also guilty of abusing children along with him. his sick wife must never ever be allowed to teach our children again as she would rather say that his behaviour is in no way unusual and perfectly normal. how many mothers would be happy for a man in his 40s to be texting their young daughter in the early hours of the morning? Not a single one!! her child needs to be removed from her care and brought up in a loving caring and safe home away from all these disgusting people who prey upon young children. at least the wife of the school teacher that ran of with the young schoolgirl didnt try to protect her filthy husband and she deserves the sympathy and support of those around age is safe around this man or anyone connected in any way to him... i have heard that he was very interested in opening a day care facility in stoneyford years ago. imagine the horror that many families could have been facing today had he had the opportunity to open such a facility. he would have been able to enter such a place at any time and ruined even more lives. it makes me sick all this claiming his supporters dont know he is guilty...they know! and everyone else out there needs to know too. so if your daughter or son wants to have anything to do with them be they male or female dont let them cuz when it comes to getting justice for your child they will all come up with lies at any cost to keep their little paedo ring going


#113 Jul 2, 2013
I thank you all the brave women that have shared there stories further exposing the ghastly abuse meted out by these perverts, thankfully Harbinson being convicted has exposed what low life they really are. The public living close by will be keeping a trained eye on them. Meanwhile out of prison, living in the same house, back to old tricks putting up flags, spotted at the bonfire at reservoir, and spotted at orange hall seems that life for him is back to normal.

Glasgow, UK

#114 Oct 13, 2013
You are all good at talking about a man behind his back, the truth is if anyone and i mean anyone does not go with the whole peace process flow they leave themselves open to be be set up by MI5 so remember that, to all these so called "loyalists" who say they would harm this man "if they got hold of him" I can tell you now they are full of crap !!! you are all hard hiding behind your keyboards if any of you feel brave enough to take him on go face to face with him to see how hard you are!!!!!!!!!! This man has done more for the Loyalist cause than you ever did or are going to do !!!!! ADACES FORTUNA JUVAT !!!!!!!
True Orangeman

Great Yarmouth, UK

#115 Oct 13, 2013
What a load of crap "Mr Basher". So you are one of Paedo Harbinsons tin soldiers fighting for his "good name" on the internet......You and you friends are defending a man who has, not only brought disrespect to the loyalist cause but disrespect to the Orange Order. Read the facts of the case, I assume you can read, or do you rely on Paedo Harbinson to do that for you. Have you ever asked Paedo Harbinson why he had more texts on his phone to this unfortunate young girl than he had to his wife?? I bet he told you a story and you believed it. If I was you I wouldn't let him too near your sister ;).he might give her a bashing. You chose a strange way to sign of a letter, A staunch loyalist using LATIN!!!!! ps FORTUNA was the goddess of LUCK. pps when his book comes out will it tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!! is Mrs Harbinson still seeing her Fenian boy friend?????


#116 Dec 9, 2013
Basher you talk about people saying things behind paedo Harbinsons back, but look what you and your elk have been doing behind peoples backs kiddyfiddlers the lot of you.
True Orangeman

Antrim, UK

#117 Feb 23, 2014
We are still waiting for the Paedos book. I thought that Paedo Harbinson would have plenty of time to get it published. We wait on it with interest, will it contain the number of young boys and girls that he interfered with? That would make great reading. Will he reveal the politicians that knew he was a Paedo but turned a blind eye, maybe they were that way inclined too, that would make a few sit up. Old bastard C------ will be shitting him will b---.

Edinburgh, UK

#118 Apr 5, 2014
I read all these comments with interest in this man who has been set up by the spooks in the NI state.
Let's face it mark harbinson was set up to the hilt. He was becoming a major problem to the peace process and to agreement loyalists the UDA etc .
Somthing had to be done.
And to kill him like Billy Wright! might of been to much for anti agreement loyalists in today's climate of the appeasement process.
The worrying fact of it all shows us only that picture messages and texts were sent from this girl and she was sexually assaulted (no sexual intercourse) at the trial was given. Sexual assault can mean a lot!! And do not get me wrong here folks it's wrong and discusting. But in this case it's been used as a tool to discintragate an anti agreement loyalist and his followers and not to mention a band aswell. If he had if been shot dead the problem would have got worse.
Set up to the hilt.
True Orangeman

Magherafelt, UK

#119 Apr 5, 2014
Albert you talk a lot of crap. The only spooks involved here are in Paedo Harbinsons head. Your comments are highly offensive to say the least. The texts sent to the young girls phone from Paedo harbinsons phone numbering 1000+, how do yo explain this! did the spooks steal his phone and send them?also you seem to think sexual assault is ok as long as no intercourse is involved, you are as perverted as Paedo Harbinson. Finally who, apart from you, says it would have been a bad thing if he was taken out of the picture....... Albert I would guess that you are one of Paedo Harbinsons armchair generals who can not see how vile and offensive a bastard he is. I bet he even has an eye on your mum, no she's to old, your much younger sister. Keep an eye on her she could be his next victim.

Edinburgh, UK

#120 Apr 5, 2014
True Orangeman

I've nothing to do with this man.
The facts are simple he was done by the spooks of the land if your an anti agreement loyalist you will be shot down.
Billy wright was gunned down dy the state spooks this man was taken down in a dirty way by the spooks probley because it was the only way to get him. Because if he was gunned down like Billy the reaction would have been dire.
Welcome to the real world of dirty NI tricks
Anon girl

Belfast, UK

#121 Apr 5, 2014
Albert if you have nothing to do with him then don't talk as if you know what's going on. I am one of his victims. I am not one that came forward, as this happened a number of years ago when I was still in teenage years. There wasn't any point in me coming forward as I had no evidence and of course it would tortured me for nothing.

He hasn't been set up, he has done what he done, and I know I'm not the only one and he isn't the only one in that band that have their little secrets. He isn't the only one in that band that has abused me either, another member done it a lot more than he did to me.

So basically unless you have actually been involved and know and seen what has happened, don't say anything.

Also it sounds like your standing up for him, that's not nice for myself or other victims to hear, we where all young and innocent and didn't deserve what him and his mates done to us. How about think of the victims and what hell we have all been through and not how poor Mark has been "set up".

I don't know the girl that brought this all to light as I got myself away from their company a good few years before, but there was sexual intercourse in my case. I think the girl that brought this all to light is one very brave girl, as I was never that brave, I was to scared in the consequences.

Thinking of all the other victims of mark and his mates and also anyone else who has been a victim of similar cases. Remember it wasn't our fault and we didn't deserve it.

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