Dean and Alex...Dalex? (porn-ish)

Dean and Alex...Dalex? (porn-ish)

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Mooresville, NC

#1 Dec 11, 2008
Launching sex story in 3...2...1...

Mooresville, NC

#2 Dec 11, 2008
Chapter 1
I walked into school. Still as shitty as ever. But at least there was one good thing about it. Dean, he was a new kid and TOTALLY H-O-T. All the girls like him, but I know he likes ME the most.
I spotted him over at his locker (which is conveniently next to mine). I strutted over as sexily as possible. "Hey Dean," I said in a husky tone.
"Hey, Alex." he didn't even look at me! What the hell?
"So what are you doing after school?" I asked with that same tone.
"Oh, just the usual. Hanging out at home." he answered, STILL not looking at me. I sighed. This shit was going no where.
"Wanna have sex?" I blurted out.
THAT made him turn around. "S-sex? Where? In school? HERE?" he stammered.
"No, silly, at your house. After school." I answered lustily.
"But...I..." he stammered.
I put a finger to his lips and sexily whispered in his ear,
"Pick me up right after last period.'Kay?'Kay."
Then I walked off, leaving him behind speechless.

Mooresville, NC

#3 Dec 11, 2008
Chapter 1, cont

He did as he was told, surprisingly. I didn't even expect him to recover after that. It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing for Christ's sake! I'd been nervous as hell. But aleast I was about to get what I had been aching for so long.
He pulled up to his house in no time.
"Are your parents home?" I asked, licking my lips.
"N-no," he said breathlessly.
"Good." I replied, stroking the growing bulge in his jeans.
When he opened the door, I dragged him upstairs and to what I thought was his room.
"T-this is my parent's room!" he cried out.
"So? It'll be even sexier with you fucking me in here without them knowing." I persuaded.
That did it. He THREW me onto the bed and started shoving his tongue down my throat.

Mooresville, NC

#4 Dec 11, 2008
Chapter 1, part 2

He had both of our jeans off in a second and was now working to get my shirt off. When he accomplished it, he smirked.
"No bra, huh?"
"I like to...air out a little." I smirked back.
He started attacking one of my nipples. He sucked on it and twirled his tongue around it. "Oh, Deannn.." I moaned. My nipples were getting hard and my panties were starting to get wet. He sucked on one boob while he massaged the other. I couldn't stop moaning. Then he kissed me again while sliding my panties off.
He shoved 3 fingers into my p*ssy at once.
"OH, GOD...." I moaned even louder. His fingers reached every corner I had. I arched my back as I came all over his hand, screaming.
He ripped his underwear off, and postioned the head of his dick to my entrance.
"Are you ready?" he asked cautiously.
I nodded, biting my lip.
He slowly entered. I gasped, trying to get used to it. It was obviously my first time having sex.
"Are you okay?" he asked, starting to slide out. "No...don't." I begged. He nodded and went back in. It felt better that time. He started thrusting slowly, then faster. I met each one of his thrusts, screaming and panting wildly each time. "Faster!" I shrieked. He went faster, as fast as he could possibly go. I felt myself tense up, then I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I screamed his name at the top of my lungs, and he came a second later.
We did it 2 more times, then drifted off to sleep together.


Mooresville, NC

#5 Dec 11, 2008 was more of a oneshot than a story...xD
I might add more...idk.



Since: Feb 08


#7 Jan 4, 2009
heaps horny

United States

#11 Jun 1, 2009
that was nice you should do another

Houston, TX

#12 Jun 11, 2009
yeah its good to imagine that

Philadelphia, PA

#13 Jun 26, 2009
This Needs Pictures!!!!

United States

#14 Jul 4, 2009
needs picters
sxy is back

Two Harbors, MN

#15 Jul 26, 2009
i was walking in the school when i saw dean i walked up to him and sead wats up dean. then i cut the shit and said come to my jouse at 12am i have a surprize 4 u. well my surprize going to give him a kiss but before i could he pushed me on the bed and ripped my clothes off we had so much sex when it was over i felt like i was in heaven

Birmingham, AL

#16 Aug 2, 2009
omg that made me horny dame

Toronto, Canada

#17 Aug 4, 2009
i know eh

Woodbridge, Canada

#18 Aug 12, 2009

Geneva, NY

#19 Sep 3, 2009

United States

#20 Oct 17, 2009
that was fun lol ;)

Leeds, UK

#21 Oct 28, 2009
awesome should be a video

Leeds, UK

#22 Nov 7, 2009
wtf people who can rite stuff like that are just sluts i was searching for a wizards of wavely place story book for my daughter and she saw this and the other day i caught her watching porn and shes 9 year old its people like this that turn decent kids in to f**kin porn stars and she also found about wat masturbating is and does it in the toilets how do i know coz her friend rosalie told me do you know how upseting it is to know ur daughter asked a man in the street if he wants a blow job and he says yes and ur tryin catch her well if i find another one of ur storys im telling the police becoz for the sake of our kids i think this should be on a more privated site becoz children use google as ther search engine everyday i we cant just expect they wont find this wen its third on list of suggestions ps. all the people on this who complimented HEYYYY!'s work are just as disgusting and hope you feel ashamed of urselfs becoz the post by "sexaddict" was my 9 year old daughter u have turned her into a disgusting filthy slut who wants a sex change and it pains me to say that but becoz of her mother and you my little girl wants sienna sky wants to be samual jake and a male stipper when shes older good day

Leeds, UK

#23 Nov 7, 2009
wtf is he on about

Leeds, UK

#25 Nov 7, 2009
seriously i didnt OMG u gotta trust me dude

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