Your rabbit ears might not catch all ...

Your rabbit ears might not catch all digital TV signals

There are 24 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Feb 28, 2009, titled Your rabbit ears might not catch all digital TV signals. In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

If you use rabbit ears to watch Lost , Desperate Housewives , Ugly Betty , NBA basketball, or Dancing with the Stars , you might soon find yourself staring at a black screen with a NO SIGNAL box.

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joe from middletown

Lancaster, PA

#1 Feb 28, 2009
yes with the box and rabbit ears i have lost my stations too.
Just a Thought

Dillsburg, PA

#2 Feb 28, 2009
Boy, isn't it funny..."THEY" (whoever 'they' are) did NOT tell us about needing a new antenna when this crap first started. All we heard was to get your $40 coupon to help pay for the converter box. That was ALL you needed.
NOW they say...Welllllll, you MAY need a new antenna also.
What a bunch of crap...yes, folks, the government has led us down the proverbial garden path...AGAIN!!!
(BTW, who the hell has money for a new antenna??? or for something other than rabbit ears, which has worked for me all this time??)
Proverbial Fools

Valrico, FL

#3 Feb 28, 2009
Maybe you folks should trade in you 1946 TV for at least a late model 1953. And I am supposed to support a $40 coupon for you idiots. Check with the FCC, I heard they are giving away phones, so as you folks can get rid of that old crank jobby on the wall. Hoping your a$$ is really sore from using those corn cobs.
John Vonzeit

Mechanicsburg, PA

#4 Feb 28, 2009
What a hoot! It appears that those who are complaining about losing stations are the 'cable-only' generation; never saw OR used an outside TV antenna let along even know what rabbit-ear antennas look like.

Hey; that's the way it was "back in the day!" I can also remember using a pipe wrench on the mounting pipe to 'turn' it to get stations in different directions. Someone inside would holler when the picture was clear... Hey; TV antenna rotators were a luxury 50 years ago! Another wrinkle - All of those converter boxes being sold are not the same i.e. some are much more sensitive (will receive more stations) and have different features, like automatically turning your antenna rotor if so equipped. Be careful of those cheaper converters sold at some stores. IF you are only interested in receiving local stations you should be ok with them but if you go the outside antenna route, and say place it on a pole or tower, the better the antenna AND the better the converter box the more stations you will receive.

Do your homework folks. Whether you have Internet or not, there are lots of good resources available to help you make a decision that you will be happy with and enjoy the picture quality.
Nostalgia for sure

Valrico, FL

#5 Feb 28, 2009
John: Did that bring back memories. Freezing outside and someone out there turning antenna on a pipe. We however were brilliant as we had a hole drilled in antenna pipe with a rod running horizontally, no pipe wrench stuff. Had the entire neighborhood in to watch, was it Wed. or Thur. night RASSLIN'? Also had a sheet of plastic scotch taped to tv screen. Top of sheet was blue, bottom green. So WHATEVER program was on, always blue sky and green grass. Took away the dullness of the black and white screen, oh brother!
Managur Pants

Midland, GA

#6 Feb 28, 2009
You didn't include all of the stuff for the FCC signal-strength-check Website. Specifically, you left out the "www". This is the REAL link:

YOu may now resume being oblivious to the 21st Century.

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Feb 28, 2009
My gosh, WHO CARES!
I certainly don't!
I don't have cable....waste of money.....I
don't care if my picture does go blank!
Comcast recently offered me 6 months of
80 channels for $8. a month and I turned it
Comcast charges way to much, and most channels you pay for you don't want.

While I'm at it, my Verizon phone bill is
$17. a month. No over priced extras.
My number used to be unlisted, at what they
charge, I won't pay, my cat is
now listed in the phone book with my last
name and, no address either. I don't get
B. S. calls, and the couple I did get asked
to speak to my cat, and then I knew it was
someone I didn't want to talk too!
The bill is still in my name, but I enjoy
unlisted status and don't pay Verizon $6. a
month for unlisted service.
Just tell Verizon to list your boy or girl
in the phone book with no address, and you
got it! No pets? Make up a name!

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Feb 28, 2009
I work with a guy that one day was
complaining about his heat bill.
They have oil heat.
He quoted a sky high price and he was
concerned about paying it.
His woman works, and his kids are at a
sitter all day.
I knew this so I said, do you turn your
heat down or turn your heat off while
no one is at home?
He got a funny look on his face and said
No, they never do that.
I replied, well you could probably cut
the heat bill in half if you shut down
the heat....why pay to heat a whole house
all day when no one is there.
He still had that funny look on his face
and he is one of those people who likes
to brag about how smart he is!
Believe it or not, there are people who
leave the heat on all day long and no is
home! And they pay thier hard earned
money for it too!

West Palm Beach, FL

#9 Mar 1, 2009
Comcast is the devil....Walmart also...
John Doe 000069

Enola, PA

#10 Mar 1, 2009
Digital TV is a scam. Even if you receive a clear picture your picture freezes every now and then or breaks up into little blocks. The digital TV's do not even work right INSIDE a TV station. But do you think the TV station will tell you. TV would be made a lot better if they would ban those 30 minute TV commericals and the Chyron squeezeback TV ads. Bring back the September to May TV season so people know what is on and it's not a repeat. If you don't know what a squeezeback is. Do a squeezeback TV advertising search. You can read all about those annoying TV ads.

Kissimmee, FL

#11 Mar 1, 2009
I sure hope the Home Owners Associations get with the times and allow rooftop antennas to keep up with the times. As it is, most HOA's require owners to subscribe to cable or satellite unless attic antennas or rabbit ears will work. They are forcing this for the beauty of the neighborhood--those "ugly" rooftop antennas keep people from buying there.

Indianapolis, IN

#12 Mar 1, 2009
Monte wrote:
Comcast is the devil....Walmart also...
Well, you never know!
Incorrect URL

San Diego, CA

#13 Mar 1, 2009
The URL in the story is incorrect. should be (note the www.) at the beginning.
Mandate Costs Us

Camp Hill, PA

#14 Mar 1, 2009
So the government REQUIRES television stations to broadcast in digital instead of analog. However did they really weigh the "costs" to the consumer? Granted many Americans are able to afford cable or dish service. But what about the rest of America ... especially those where basic cable is not available and dish is not an option due to costs. They may have been able to get one or two channels for news and basic entertainment over rabbit ears, but now with pure digital that may not work for them.
Once again a government mandate ends up screwing more Americans.
Chris Hutton

State College, PA

#15 Mar 1, 2009
Boo hoo. I can't believe my taxes are being used to support people who want to watch TV. GET WITH THE TIMES and get cable or satellite if you can't get your channels or SHUT UP. The switch to digital will generate a truckload of money through the sales of the old analog frequencies.
Comcastic - NOT

Camp Hill, PA

#16 Mar 1, 2009
Comcast's monopoly (especially in York County) should be illegal. They are the only game in town, so if you want cable your MUST go to them. They raise fees two, three, or more times a year to "upgrade equipment." Yet they remove channels to "force" you to purchase higher premium services. How these people (and the local government that approves their agreements annually) can live with themselves is beyond me.
And heaven forbid you should EVER have any problems with their service. Their first response is always, "no one else has complained about this. It must be on your end." However, like magic, without making any changes on our end the television or Internet "service" is restored.
Impressed with Comcast I am NOT!
Chris Hutton

State College, PA

#17 Mar 1, 2009
Remember when we had Suscom? There were always letters-to-the-editor wishing Comcast was here---- they got their wish! I was a Comcast customer in MD years ago---- all they do is raise rates!

Brady, TX

#18 Mar 2, 2009
We live high above York behind Gabriel Bros. and WE also got more stations on analog. The only thing I use as an "antenna" is a stripped back coaxial cable & then wrapped around a socket grounding screw. I bought a top of the line DIGITAL powered antenna from Target and received even fewer stations (digital) so I returned it. The bottom line is that there is NO BETTER antenna then your "whole house" ground. As the article says, we also cannot pick up WHTM without it being broken up tiles of a signal and WHP, at present, does not exist for us. Everything else is CRYSTAL CLEAR including digital channel 8 movie channel (THIS).


Since: Apr 07

Location hidden

#19 Mar 2, 2009
This is such a mess! I see ppl struggling cuz they're jobless - they've already said they're just gonna have to be w/o TV. It's a choice between all this expense and food for many.

Philadelphia, PA

#20 Mar 2, 2009
Seriously this whole analog to digital switch is a waste of time you people either NEED to get with the times and get cable or Dish or guess what? Not watch anything at all I can't believe how many cheap people there are out there that couldn't even afford a stupid box to switch on FEB 17 and now there pushing it back more? Seriously this is a big waste of my time and the whole country when we could be doing more important things.

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