'Wire' finale lacks power of previous...

'Wire' finale lacks power of previous seasons

There are 77 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Mar 7, 2008, titled 'Wire' finale lacks power of previous seasons. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Editor's Note: In this review, we have been careful to avoid disclosing major plot points in Sunday's finale of The Wire.

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Boston, MA

#1 Mar 7, 2008
did templeton write this?

Ithaca, NY

#2 Mar 7, 2008
sorry. could not disagree more. already saw the finale, and it wrapped things up perfectly. no big wham, but the message was clear...the circle continues, things go on, and not much at all changes except for a few small victories for individuals here and there while the majority get crushed.

i think the news paper plot line was a little one dimensional, but so are a lot of newspaper reporters, and their reporting. yet none of you at the Sun have addressed Simon's main point, though I've asked you to over and over again. the main point of the newspaper plot eas that they missed the main stories, all the big ones over and over again. the things that really mattered to the people didn't get cover, whether it was because of a lack of resources or prize focused egos or maliciousness.

and there is a pretty compelling case in the US right now that this analysis of the media is dead on accurate.

no this finale was not as emotional as the season 4 one, which was heartbreaking. but it showed what simon has been trying to show us all along. that not much changes because people dont want to make hard choices and own up to the way things really are in this world.

Westminster, MD

#3 Mar 7, 2008
cannot wait to see this. the entire series paints the city as it is, a black hole destroying everything around it. needing more money to support corrupt politicians.
does the sunpspers fold in this episode?
Brad Spaulding

Linthicum Heights, MD

#4 Mar 7, 2008
Templeton didnt write this. Zurawik is telling the truth!

Columbia, MD

#5 Mar 7, 2008
While I appreciate you having the opportunity to watch the finale before the rest of us, it's really annoying to broadcast the main theme of your review in the title. Considering the fact that the Sun panned most of the season and I have found it to be one of the best ever, maybe the opinions can wait until Monday.

Quantico, VA

#6 Mar 7, 2008
Kind of hard to take a negative review from the paper that gets lambasted in the show. Its kind of surprising that a paper that lays off legitimate news writers still has a dedicated television reviewer.
steve silber

Frederick, MD

#7 Mar 7, 2008

White Plains, NY

#8 Mar 7, 2008
brooklyn makes baltimore look like beverly hilly

Baltimore, MD

#9 Mar 7, 2008
Yawn, so again the writers at the Baltimore Sun criticise this seasons The Wire. The series is coming to an ending because of the need to wrap up a series that has completed.

It is a shame that The Baltimore Sun, often writing weak and innefective articles feels so threateaned this season that it has so little good to say.

Baltimore Sun - be a better paper with better writing for Baltimore. I am sure that as David Simon moves forward he too will write a new fresh story.
Wire Fan For Life

Upperco, MD

#10 Mar 7, 2008
Having not seen the final episdoe of the Wire I can not imagine this show ending on a high note. With all the story lines crumbling how could the finale episode be anything but a dissapointment. However, the real dissapointment is when viewers miss the real point of the final season. That real news is not being reported. Crime, drugs, politics, school, etc. are poorly reported. Rather than report stories about American Idol and Britany Spears lets focus inward and look at what our city has become and how we have let become what it is. Day after day you read about young African American males being killed in a nonwinning drug war. Your paper gives the story a few lines about who died, where he died, when he died and then you move on to the next body. When we all know why they are being killed and who the sources are but yet we turn a blind eye. It is you the reporter who is suppouse to be providing this information to our attention but instead we get to hear about Britany Spears. When does it ever stop?

Baltimore, MD

#11 Mar 7, 2008
I saw it and it was pretty weak. I was waiting for more from Micheal but nothing came but that one scene. Marlow can't leave the game and the lawyers, are well, lawyers. The storyline about the CHief of Police was a little unexpected but Daniels has always been a straight shooter. Dukey character was typical of what happens everywhere: A kid full of potential that is void of parental direction.

Churchville, MD

#12 Mar 7, 2008
well i have really enjoyed "The Wire" and am sad to see it go...i come from the streets and found it to be very realistic, i've since turned my life around...the actors all played there rolls well and the areas of the city they used were areas where i had traveled in my addiction...

Winnipeg, Canada

#13 Mar 7, 2008
[quote]i think the news paper plot line was a little one dimensional, but so are a lot of newspaper reporters, and their reporting. yet none of you at the Sun have addressed Simon's main point, though I've asked you to over and over again. the main point of the newspaper plot eas that they missed the main stories, all the big ones over and over again. the things that really mattered to the people didn't get cover, whether it was because of a lack of resources or prize focused egos or maliciousness.

and there is a pretty compelling case in the US right now that this analysis of the media is dead on accurate.[/quote]

you have it right on the button.

this is from an interview by david simon that can be found here: http://marcsteinerblog.wordpress.com/2008/03/...

a quote taken from the interview

David Simon: Sure, thank you. I gotta tell you this, too, and I know it didn’t come up in the interview, but this is the part that I’m totally loving this year, which is everyone’s paying attention to the fabricator, the fabricating reporter, because that’s the overt outrage in this story, but the real critique of the media that’s in this season of The Wire is that with the exception of a very good act of journalism on either end, you know, in the beginning episode, they dig the stuff out of the city council meeting. They do a good piece of adversarial journalism, and at the end, the Fletcher character writes a beautiful narrative piece about Bubbles. Between those bookends, The Baltimore Sun depicted misses every single story. You know what’s going on in the world. You know they’re cooking the stats. You know that No Child Left Behind third grade test scores are bullshit. You know how the Clay Davis prosecution was undercut. The viewer knows everything and they see just where the disconnect is with the eviscerated, half-gutted newspaper missing the real dynamic of the city, episode by episode. Down to not knowing who Prop Joe is, and running it as a brief. That’s the total theme. And here is the great moment of meta. I am the king of meta. With the exception of one or two guys who’ve been watching closely, it as tv, but the journalists are just freaking out, and, angry and petulant. They sound like a heard of cats in the alley. And not one of them is referencing that. And if you think about it, it’s so beautifully meta. All across the country, newspapers that have been killed by out of town ownership, are missing, are no longer covering their city in a viable way. That’s depicted, and nobody notices that it’s depicted.
Blue In Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

#14 Mar 7, 2008
Wow! The Baltimore Sun does'nt like the season finale of the Wire. Shocker!!!!! They also said in the beginning that it was'nt that good of a season. Pretty sure they are using their utmost journalistic integrity when writing this piece.
David Simon has been nothing but brilliant and I'm sure the finale will reflect that.

Winnipeg, Canada

#15 Mar 7, 2008
another part of the interview

But it’s so obvious, it’s not just, see, even in the middle, when you talk about, because most of the characters in the newsroom are honorable newsmen trying to do a job.

David Simon: Absolutely, but between the economic preamble of the internet and the cutbacks and everything, and the fact that, the ambitions are so stunted and small trick, in terms of the Pullitzers and prize journalism. When you look at what they’re capable of, in terms of sustained journalism, that’s the depicted tragedy. And nobody will talk, it’s not that they’re not arguing about it, they don’t even see it. Which is again, I thought the king of meta. They don’t see it because they don’t actually see it in the newspapers. If they did, they’d be freakin out, saying we don’t cover our cities anymore. That’s why people have turned away. So, I’m fascinated by the fact. I figured I’d pick an argument, and they’d argue over that depiction. They don’t even notice it.

That’s amazing.

David Simon: It’s a season about, we can’t even recognize our own problems, and the institution that’s supposed to recognize problems, can’t even recognize it’s own. They’re arguing about whether the fabricator is a fair portrayal, and whether the editor’s would, you know. Yeah I know guys, that’s the easy part. Look at how the newspaper connects or doesn’t connect to the city. The only guy who got it was a guy Brian Lowry who writes for Variety. He used to be at the L.A. Times, and now he’s at Variety, and I think it’s the distance of walking away from a newspaper, and standing a few steps away. He got it instantly. Everybody else is arguing about, you know, they’re arguing about character, they’re arguing about this scene or that scene. Why would, you know, Zurawick is about the cameos of Olesker. He’s like, you know, a little something about forest and trees, you know. They’re arguing about whether or not Alma would have driven down, why didn’t she just look at her first front-page byline on the website.

Bethpage, NY

#19 Mar 7, 2008
How is everyone seeing the final episode already? Its not available on demand until after the broadcasted final airs. I would love to know.

Also, will it be available in high def?

Ya Dig!!!
Blue In Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

#20 Mar 7, 2008
GHT wrote:
I am guessing this will be an excellent episode. I don't listen to the critiques. I heard all the criticism of this year's show being worthless, yet, I have enjoyed it very much. The writer states that the fake serial killer plot is hard to believe yet thought the Hampsterdam episode was believable??
Hampsterdam was'nt that far fetched. One of the mayors of Baltimore was actually pushing for the legalization of drugs so I think that whole story line was developed around that.

Baltimore, MD

#21 Mar 7, 2008
Sounds like someone is bitter about how The Sun was portrayed.

Bethpage, NY

#22 Mar 7, 2008
Another Sun writer without creativity. Has he not watched the entire 5 seasons?

He feels the fake serial killer is to hard to believe? Zurawik should take a look at the murders across the country, not only are their many copy-cat killers out there, but sometimes the press through the police or other law enforcement will release false details, to narrow down to what will become 'real leads.'

I shouldn't have read the article, but I couldn't resist...shame on me, ya dig!

Baltimore, MD

#23 Mar 7, 2008
The Sun should stop trying to white wash The Wire this season just because it reveals what's really going on at the paper that once had such a proud standing in this town! It really is shallow to "review" the series and now the ending under a cloud!

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