A Cold War Bias Toward Russia

A Cold War Bias Toward Russia

There are 13 comments on the OpEdNews story from Aug 10, 2013, titled A Cold War Bias Toward Russia. In it, OpEdNews reports that:

President Barack Obama criticized Russian leaders for slipping back into Cold War thinking during an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California., Aug. 6, 2013.

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ObamaWeak PutinStrong

South Bound Brook, NJ

#1 Aug 10, 2013
The bottom line is....Barack Obama has been making critical comments of Russia and Putin because that's his silly way of trying to make himself "look strong".

Barack knows Putin makes him look like a Puny Weakling.
ObamaWeak PutinStrong

South Bound Brook, NJ

#2 Aug 10, 2013
Even if you are not a fan of Russia....any fair minded person can see that Putin makes Russia look strong and Obama makes himself and America look weak.
Leaping Lanny Poffo

Glendora, CA

#3 Aug 10, 2013
Obama is a ringer -I hope he is impeached before he lets Russia role us.

Of course Obama is not as bad as Hitler ...yet. But give this moronic textbook puppet dictator and his Nazi handlers some more time and power and they won't disappoint.

America is being soft killed/genocided with cancerous GMO's and vaccines as you read this. It's a sneaky new low for even these creatures ...WAKE UP!!!

People assume Nazis were right wing conservatives. The media bashes Libertarians every day with this kind of stuff.

Not true, the Nazi party -National Socialist German Workers' Party- were radical leftist socialists engaging in eugenics like the corrupt criminals we have running the foreign banker owned federal government today.



They believed anyone that was not genetic perfection should be terminated. If you were old, had medical problems, or were a little slow at childhood you were not fit to live or get any medical help when needed. And yes,they had end of life death pannels for elderly and many others.

That sounds like Obamacare to me.

Ask Canadians or Brits how they like their radical socialist health care. That's why they often came to the US for medical treatments.

States need to opt out. Looking now how broad it is, Obamacare was a covert dismantling and re-write of our constitution.

It opens the door to pure tyranny.

Putin Laughing At US

Glendora, CA

#4 Aug 10, 2013

Obama had 4 years to change the country for the better.

Seriously, can anyone name one good thing this guy's done for America?

I need not explain how he and his corrupt guttertrash Chicago mafia handlers have made everything worse. Simply look around with your own lying eyes for proof.

In some aspects Obama is right when he says ((("you didn't build/create that, government did.")))

Let's look at what this administration has created in 4 short years:

-Socialist eugenics based health care (((Obamacare)))

-NDAA (((National Defense Authorization Act))) where Americans can be disappeared without a jury

-Out of control (((Crony Capitalism)))-government picks winners and losers based on payouts -not free market eg. Solyndra, GM, GE, MF Global, Numerous Bank Bailouts, Cancelling Keystone Pipleline, No Prosecution of criminal Banksters

-(((Skyrocketing Unemployment and Outsourcing)))-The idea that welfare checks/EBT cards are paychecks

-(((Fast and Furious))) and other suspected domestic false flags like Aurora CO to argue for abolishing the 2nd ammendmant

-Massive (((TSA expansion))) onto America's streets and armed (((survellance drones/now blimps))) operating over US territory.

-(((UN control of U.S. military troops to invade))) Egypt, Syria, parts of Africa, etc. for offshore bankers aka Nazism

-(((Trickle Down Government))) The idea that nothing can be built without (((more government bureaucrats and global warming regulations/taxes))) getting in the way

-(((Throwing Israel -an important ally- under the bus))) by destabalizing all the county's around it but not offering them any assurances of protection

-A(((continuation of Bush's failed policies))), like not getting out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and no closing of Guantanamo torture camps

-(((Polaraized race relations))) eg. Disrespectful hadling of the Treyvon Martin family after his murder -opportunistic my son would have looked like Treyvon soundbite- and media staged racial infighting between Americans

-(((No Proof Obama supposedly got Osama)))) America was never really allowed to see the body/proof ; -)

-(((Defunding of NASA))) No exploration of the stars for the U.S., leave that to countries that are exceptional

-(((No Plan/ or Budget to Fix Anything if he is re-elected )))-always says what you want to hear, then does the exact opposite hoping you''ll forget by the next speech -(((Sociopathic Liar)))

-(((Obamaphone)))-Massive expansion of this program for his dependant voting base

-(((Unlimited QE3 leading to hyperinflation/ monopoly money))) Dollar is rapidly losing purchasing power resulting in skyrocketing food and GAS PRICES (especially for "green gas" in CA)

-(((Needed a tainted Creepy Crawley moderator to hold his hand during the 2nd debate))) weak affirmative action President

- My favorite (((Legalizing the illegals))) temporarily until the election is over but not offering true immigration reform

Obama's 2nd Term

(((BenghaziGate))) Obama lied, our troops died -bigger than Watergate, this is outright treason -funny how Obama threw Clinton under the bus

(((IRS Gate))) Uses IRS storm troopers to go after political enemies by targeting foes for audits and leaking classified tax information -both felonies

(((Mediagate-Boston CIA Gate))) Trying to chill journalists by tapping their phone conversations -even spying on Associated Press and other old liberal allies

(((NSA/PRISM Spy Gate))) Persecuting whistleblowers like Snowden and now bumping off journalists who expose illegal phone/net wiretapping on public

(((Holdergate))) Is Holder is supposed to supervise all these hearings? He should be in jail over Oklahoma city, Fast and Furious, and Wall Street corruption. Laws without enforcement are useless.

What the hell does it take to get impeached or is Obama now a bonafide dictator?

Impeach The ManChild Pres

Glendora, CA

#5 Aug 10, 2013
The list of Obama's failures continues to grow exponentially. Please help by impeaching him before I run out of room.



You don't mind domestic spying yet? Wait till the government starts using your stollen private info to blackmail YOU into comitting crimes on their behalf. Welcome to modern day tyranny -high tech style.

Merger of state and corporation always = fascism/tyranny. Remember, we Americans will only recieve what we are willing put up with. They are testing us right now. Let's push back.

Mainstream media leaves you depressed, dumbed down, empty and hopeless. What kind of crap will they focus on next to distract us from what's really important?

Truth based media gives you a heads up and broadens your horizons. It protects your family, health, and life savings. It's your decision...


Once you have a taste of truthful reporting you never go back to mainstream contrived corporate media.

These hosts bash Republicans and Democrats equally because they know both sides are illuminati bought puppets out to screw us.

Give alternative news sources a chance before you knock them. Download these shows to your MP3 players and listen on your way to work or whatever. All you need from mainstream media is breaking news and traffic/weather. You can listen to all these shows on your smart phone as well.

Exposes US Gov Corruption and Global Wide Illuminati Plots


(Skip around, you'll learn something useful)

Exposes Wallstreet and absolutely teaches you how to protect your money from the crooked banksters


Exposes Secret/Ancient Knowledge Suppressed In Modern History Books and suppressed medical cures/prevention for diseases like cancer, etc. This guy is a medical doctor.


Often Exposes NASA Disinformation and Possible Offworld Intelligence -Search "Coast to Coast 2012 Shows" on Youtube and listen or use downloader -This is one way /Or get a CC Witness radio and record AM from your local affiliate. There is CIA disinfo injected from some of the guests but you learn how to identify it after a while by researching the guests' backgrounds. The hosts are simply great.


Connects Bible Predictions/Prophecy to Modern Day Events -How Illuminati uses bible prophecy to plan false flag disasters eg. earthquakes, etc. There could also be some CIA brainwashing here as well from some of the guest lecturers but they give a heads up of what to look out for/predict down the road. The host does a good job of teaching about the bible and does not fear political correctness.


These radio hosts should do a show together or at least make guest appearences on each others shows. They all value truth and liberty in their own way.

Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:


You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America.-mainland China style.

Madison, WI

#6 Aug 10, 2013
Part of my genetics is Prussian. German/ Russian and other. My father indicated since I was a brian and head injury if I have a conscious dream in ancestrial lands, to walk the line between Russia and Germany and border hop when military runs at you, I did have that dream and much other.

It is a fun topic,, althogh another is Alaska and USA the Ranchers of Russia Property, Hitlers store hoard houses, and Japan Geneology storage centers. Bunkers under ground holding aircrafts that appear as like UFO, a undergorund base on the proerty of Brother Francis Center(you may need a perceptual feed modulator to see; I have one on my pick up list for military surplus, Father was US Navy, Im not hoarding my supplies and pick up, I still have yet to another partner, Mine was US Airforce, he had 2 years service and defected like the A Team with Hellangles running his adaptor on any product Hellsangels gives him to embesslement of anyone funds, JERK, he is a Colonial Son and I beleive enlisted when I was around 15 he was around 25. he wanted drgus and a fly honey, and I dont fit his credtials)

anyway Laars was a Russian Foreign exchange student at Service Highschool in Anchroage Alaska, he was hired by my RUssian famileis to do inventory on my perosnaility and hounded me in school, but if he gets enough in formation, my family will fund him and his when he goes back to RUssia. I have family links to the Tzar and Raticliff and Hellboy, so I told him go back to Russia and drink the wine and look really deep into one of our family paintings and tell me what he sees when he looks at them.

They still do it, they will jump out photographs at Elks club and VFW and still kick the shit out of whoever offended them, Fun to see, it happened the day I signed my authroization for VFW funds to permit some crime prosecutions in Madison Wisc when I was 6 years old.

For Russia; Hello Sirs oh pompous men...I saw a vision, Concentration camps in USA 400 sq feet per person. People sparced out by Genetics and DNA and Cellular primary's INCREDIBLE and the dogs to at your gates, permit to go into town when Genetic equvaliant is shopping with a list of age appropriate to pay special attention to that DNA will not cause cell breakdown and slow pain organ failure and death just by being housed with the wrong type of people internally, YOU AMAZE me, I wanted that for my proerties since I was a very small child. But remember Paper comprehsive so no hysteria.

Avoca Wisconsin Hitler spent time in, George Washington had a deal with Vatican to the werewolf famileis AKA REAL ROYALs and border guards, blue blood PEEK A BOO still alive HELLLO dear ones... Guess WHO oops.

Stole our children back in time, handed another baby to the real decendents of all thrones, and went back to other nations so Vatican and imposter royals and inlaws can have one so everyone can own a blue blood. We all raised who? sad kids and hard to manage is all the elders said, but they stole all theris and refused to permit DNA testing.

I believe I seen the Russian Ambassider and Iraq Personnaly for a public broadcast and random questions They knew more then any one man I have ever met or seen public broadcasted in USA. I thought it felt impressive.

We personally have a Japanese run partical disruptor out of Middleton Wisc going towards Baraboo, bet your sats went squirrely. Governor T Thompson back in 1990s had all computer and broadcasting numerical overlay data base sheets contracted to leave COncourse hotel for the Junkyard where they have a top data computer researcher, dont know his title he reads the numbers and can make the pictures or words, so all the States accoutns and informaitons is in their hands thru copies and we have yet to here any facts or findings as to the embesslements of infomrations systems off the mainframe.

Japanese acupuncturist working with Meriter Hosptial and fbi Does the tailbone surgeries, Japan computer was linked stock casino private2 mile
Russian Bear

Podgorica, Montenegro

#7 Aug 11, 2013
Mr.Putin is the Greatest Modern Lider!

Long live Mr.Putin and Snowden the Hero !!
Vladimir Puto

Covina, CA

#8 Aug 11, 2013
Russian Bear wrote:
Mr.Putin is the Greatest Modern Lider!
Long live Mr.Putin and Snowden the Hero !!
Putin is media whore who poses for tough guy news clips. The guy is a commie and not much worse than Obama. But at least he is honest about his stupidity.

Putin acts more like a closet capitalist while we all know Obama is a closet Communist by now.

“In the cockles of weirdness”

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#9 Aug 11, 2013
The mainstream media have picked up this theme and universally condemned recent Russian policies and pronouncements. Yet, there has been no discussion of U.S. missteps in dealing with Russia over the past two decades, particularly the actions of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The mishandling of America's "Russian problem" began with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991. President George H.W. Bush had an excellent opportunity to "anchor" Russia to the Western security architecture, as George Kennan recommended in his containment doctrine of the 1940s, but instead Bush held President Boris Yeltsin's Russia at arm's length.

Bush and his national security adviser, General Brent Scowcroft, believed that it was premature to buy into any notion of a "strategic partnership" with a Russia that "maintained imperial impulses." The Bush administration ignored the withdrawal of Russian forces from East Germany, Central Europe and the Baltics, and falsely accused Russia of encouraging an "ethnic explosion" in the Crimea. A major opportunity was lost to build on the arms control agreements of the 1970s and 1980s, and to exploit the opportunity for conflict resolution in the Third World.

President Bill Clinton left no legacy in foreign policy or national security policy, but managed to worsen Russian-American relations by expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in order to gain support from large East European immigrant populations in such key states as Michigan, Ohio and Illinois for the 1996 election.

Secretary of State James Baker had previously told his Soviet counterpart, Eduard Shevardnadze, that the United States would not "leapfrog" over East Germany if Moscow withdrew its armed forces, but the introduction of the former East European states of the Warsaw Pact into NATO marked a repudiation of an important security commitment and a slap in the face to the Yeltsin government.

The most significant damage to the Russian-American relationship occurred during the administration of George W. Bush, whose international policies created the worst of all strategic worlds. In December 2001, President Bush announced U.S. withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which had been the cornerstone of strategic deterrence and the arms control regime for 30 years. To make matters worse, Bush withdrew from the ABM Treaty in order to deploy a national missile defense that doesn't work as well as a regional missile defense in East Europe, another perceived threat to Moscow.

Bush took NATO expansion to a new level by introducing former republics of the Soviet Union to the erstwhile anti-Russian alliance, including the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Bush's expansion of NATO, abrogation of the ABM Treaty, and deployment of national missile defense not only angered Russia (and China), but created diplomatic problems among key West European members of NATO that opposed all of these policies and had a radically different perception of the threat environment from that of the United States. These policies also forged a better relationship between Russia and China, which was not in the best interests of the United States.

“In the cockles of weirdness”

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#10 Aug 11, 2013
I always said it was our fault, not theirs.
Pro Ukraine


#11 Aug 12, 2013
-sunshine wrote:
I always said it was our fault, not theirs.
So you're saying it was Russia's fault?:-)

Tallinn, Estonia

#12 Aug 12, 2013
ObamaWeak PutinStrong wrote:
Even if you are not a fan of Russia....any fair minded person can see that Putin makes Russia look strong and Obama makes himself and America look weak.
Well, then, according to the wisdoms of Sun Tzu, Obama is wiser than Putin.

Madison, WI

#13 Aug 14, 2013
I never take fault in another persons shotty work and unlawful pratice. Who had unlawfu laffiliation and transactions go to prison, not supposed to be GROUP counseling your materials in YOUR OWN work station anyway, that is illeggal and you are still held accountable for your own decision, you couldnt make one of your own and asked around for opinions, you should have stepped down gracefully before embarking in ulawful interactions and ethical malpractice. You stil lhave to call 911 and make police report when you witness a crime, and office reports on those that barred you from making a accountable decision as well. Not one report, then you took liberty to unlawful acts and held soley accountable go to prison.

Rattcliff is who people believe to be Rasputin in the walt disney cartoon. His scorcery was impressive, the Shadows was homesteaders in a pyramid, They had a Mistress she worked with molecules and insect relams and portal magic. She was killed by a nighboring Hierachy, for permitting a servant to flee with a man from her domain, although she admired her successor and would have wanted to wed the elder man in the end, moral integrity was what kept her without mate into her midlife. She died around 47 years. Rattcliff was able to wield the shadows from her Pyramid, we talked in a dream.

I have been meaning to ask you men about the septors of power, and septic tank births:

Is it a stone of no power and urine collected around ovulaiton and menstrual and the ovum is in the stone with micro-organisms and when inseminated by one of thier sperm cells, little spide rthing, the stone ignites? I have been really desring my dream powers and status in life, but I ham only 50 years of spirit for the 250 unity rites, this is not the right life.

Bishop in Wisc Bishop COve in 1977 tried to over throw the Pope and have a anarchy of Funding committee rights instead. Pope was in route to meet me for Sainthood, the Madison MAyor indicated he would kill me the first second the Pope went to shake my hand and were ordered to Take out the Pope as well. Whole City thought I was like a robot coming back from NAM with my father who was US NAVY and tried to kill me.

When that did not work, they spread other rumors I was Damion the OMEN in reincarnate from my birth 2/25/1969

I battled parrelel feed disturbance in local surroundings, vapor mists interactive, Molecule men, Alien Grey(hauked a loogie in my hand and asked what the blood thread was in the loogie hauk and figured it would disrupt mind hold and make him think of the viral cell itself and not me, I giant Molecule in its natural air molecule formation at Tenney PArk, and other things. MAyor of Middleton firedepartment, bank Bishop groups, Middleton police all asked for my assistence on things.

Never paid, threatened to death and harmed

Same people still run all granting and affairs not all deceased and I am on SSI now of poverty $0-25,999 I get $750 a month and I still need surgery No doctor is competant they indicate so Ill die without it. Surgeon General of Wisc from 1990s indicate people vote indicated NOT to fund petition for DR of accreditments to assist Jaimie Drews We need 2 doctors out of nation qualified for surgical procedures, there is 2 in State and 3 in NAtion.

Then they barred me access to get my perscriptions, now they play amnesia as to why I need perscriptions and have set fire to warehouse and stole documens out of file indicated I AM a CRACK WHORE that is faking my injuries

Brain Injury several DOcumented and xrayed in 1977 and more current from life injuries

Broken Neck nobody knew I did nto want to upset anyone so caretook for it and just moved body as a child and not neck

No tailbone tip Birth defect

Radioactive from childhood alien encounters

Several leathal blow head injuries

Broken clavical bone shard throughout bone piece by lung and rib

Nerve and muscle cord twisted by shoulder pull in feet

I needed help.

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