Ladera Ranch, CA

#21 May 5, 2010
snails are NASTY. I've always been told that I'm the only one in the world that's deadly afraid of snails. I can't even look at one. my friend teased me by putting a snail on my textbook for school and I just told him to keep the book because I didn't want it anymore. :( ughh the thought of them just makes me feel sick. and I'm always looking down at the ground to see where I step to make sure I don't step on a snail.

Caloocan City, Philippines

#22 May 26, 2010
Me too. I freakin' hate them..... as in SUPER! When I was a kid, I thought snails were fun and cute to look at but as I grew up I was SO DISGUSTED to the point of being SCARED! ERGH! Every time I would be careful when I walk alone in gardens or damp places. My Dad and Mom treats those as delicacies but when I see those served on the table I go frantic and run to the nearest toilet! DAMN EWW-ness!


#23 Jun 8, 2010
Sheree wrote:
happens with anything slimey/ creepy like that..snails, slugs, worms, caterpillars, maggots, leeches you name it im petrified :(
your comment freaking gave me 10000 shivers in 1 second. now i can feel something on my back but nothing's there :( i hate all those things that you just listed but i just CANNOT stand snails or slugs. I can't even look at pictures of them. in my brothers animal books, i can't even touch the image of the snail. i screamed and chucked the book down.


#24 Jun 9, 2010
Honestly, I used to love snails. I don't know what went wrong but I'm so scared of them. I can't go near them. I'm not just scared of one thing about it. It's the whole lot. I'm scared of the shells and the foot.

United States

#25 Aug 1, 2010
ok you feel bad because you're 22 try 35 and a mother of 3. My husband and best friend think I'm crazy because I break into a cold sweat and shake uncontrollably. I can't even look at an animated picture of them. Last year a little boy I was babysitting had a plastic slug and put it on my arm. I burst into tears and cried until I threw up! I've been told I was the only person in the world who was afraid of snails and their likeness so I love the fact I'm not alone.

Wageningen, Netherlands

#26 Dec 16, 2010
Oh my God I knew I wasn't the only one! I'm not afraid of the snail, but the shells freak me out! I hate damp nights, for they creep everywhere. I love reptiles, insects and other slimey creatures. But snail shells, ughn!

Alkmaar, Netherlands

#28 May 3, 2011
As a child I used to be SO affraid of snails... When I saw one I just felt tears burning in my eyes and I felt like I was going to trow up.. when they were close to me I started to shake and cry.My friends never teased me about it ; ) when it had rained I sometimes didn't want to go outside and then a friend in my naberhood would carry me on her back while I had my eyes closed. haha. I just kind of grwe out of it when I became older. I would still never touch one bit I can handle seeing them from a distance now ;D

Bromley, UK

#29 Jul 23, 2011
I know everyone keeps saying it, buht I actually can't believe I'm not alone. Snails are the creepiest, scariest, ugliest things known to man. I really don't know why people look at you like a dickead when you say your scared of them. They're not normal. In the summer when it rains I have to walk on the road and almost nearly get run over to avoid the bastards. PLUS I don't understand how people can keep african land snails, they are like the scariest thing in the world buht 10 times bigger. All this talk about snails is making me wanna cry. i

Göteborg, Sweden

#30 Jul 27, 2011
Oh god, i kinda love you guys and read everything cause i felt so weird. Im not afraid of ANYTHING at all but snails. And it's their SHELLS that freak me out, i don't really know why but it's just so disgusting. I can't understand how people can think that theyre cute. EWW!
james p L

Seattle, WA

#31 Nov 16, 2011
i feel the same way i hate it!!!

Ryde, Australia

#32 Jan 13, 2012
kiara wrote:
oh my gosh. i thaught i was wiered but theres more people like me. mine is wierd im not scared of slugs its the sn**ls shell that scares me it just pops up everywere i darnt walk near walls, u look n check the wall and theres non there, then they just appear they pop out at u. i dont mind slugs or worms its the horrible brown shell and the crunch it makes if you stand on one. i think iv managed not to stand on one for about 2 yrs now. i hav to be so careful. ive just moved house too i used to live next door to my aunt n every morning she would get rid of them and take my bin out on bin day. now i hav to try do it my self i keep screeming and have nightmares too.

Mission Viejo, CA

#33 Feb 10, 2012
I still cant understand why completly freak me out. Im a 17 year old male.. And those little things scare the sh*t out of me. I cam sit through the goriest and not care but i cant go within a foot of any snail. The grossest thing is after it rains their eyes are completly stiff and its sooooo gross. My skins crawling just thinking of them

Colchester, UK

#34 Jul 22, 2012
Thank god i thought i was a rare breed being frightened of snails. I used to be okay with them till i was 5, my dad was clearing the garden and told me to move a chip tray, i picked it up and it must of had 30 snails on it, i freaked had nightmares for 2 weeks and still get them now. Im 23 now and own a dog she used to bring them in the house as a puppy, i pulled the sofa out and 2 were on the wall inside i nearly died and my mum was on holiday. I made my dog get them out ha. I walk home at night using my phone too and walk in the middle of the road. My friends think its hilarious only my mum understands. Don't think il ever get over it. And can honestly say i know exactly how you all feel! Xxx

Auckland, New Zealand

#35 Jul 23, 2012 Suprize ... I'm scared of them too... It not the inside that scares me... It's the freaken shell... The shells are the worst!!! When people throw them, when they land the make a really scary hollow sound, and the worst thing is that they have their own transport, they are mostly in the gardens, I can't even do the gardening, I think the reason y I'm so scared them is because when i was little (around maybe 1 - 5) the first experience was when a toy went under the deck (there was maybe 10cm gap) and put my hand under there to get it out but... Yep u guessed it, a snail! I was curious about this new object and I decided to have a look, I put my head in an upsides down position so I could see under the deck and obviously the snail was right there! And I got a close up shot of the shell in my face! All I could see was a shape that looked like an eye! What else could I do but run and cry with wet pants.. That's all I can remember... The next was I went my Nan's house and there were probably 50 snail shells on the lawn, no I did not stick around for long!
There was a small mini flag in the garden/shrub that I remember in a dreem... So the next day I went looking for it, but what the hell did I find?!?!?!?!?!I do not need to finish that sentence).
My mum said when I was little I usted to put snails in my mouth to be funny........
When I woke up once there was a snail on my face...
I don't think I've had a good experience with snails...

Tauranga, New Zealand

#36 Nov 13, 2012
I'm so afiaid of snails same guy put one on my book I threw the book at his head and the snail went sqaus on his he and I threw up in class for it I though I was the only one, I find one the size of a dinner plate and I jumped on my anlce and he had to carry me out of the track a 6 ft female and the only thing I'm scread of is snails I can't handle them

Luton, UK

#37 Mar 12, 2013
at school 1 day some kid brought his african snail in, and put it on my arm (i'm extremely scared of them) i screamed at the top of my voice and ran out of class and i was all shaky and shocked, and he got detention for putting that scaryscaryscary beast on my arm :(

Slough, UK

#38 Apr 23, 2013
OMG!!! i am soo glad i am not the only one if there is a such thing i fear the most in this world then it would defiantly be a snail i hate them with a passion and i can not even imagine myself even touching a pikture of one if someone even talks about snails around me i start getting itchy and im itching typing this now soo really i believe you your not the only one!!! i understand you really !!!

Colchester, UK

#39 Sep 15, 2013
Omfg yeah they scare the fuck out of me! I would go out and see them on walls, in grass everywhere when it rains and I would just freeze! I can't look at pictures of snails, slugs or even snail shells! When I go camping I can't sleep until I've scanned the whole tent for slugs or snails! I'm fine with insects

Albuquerque, NM

#40 Jan 16, 2014
I honestly thought I was the only one who was afriad of snails! But I'm glad other people see the pain and struggle about having molluscophobia. I cannot go outside after it rains because of how scary snails are. I am so afraid of accidentally stepping on one and squishing it! And when you add salt to them and they bubble up. Molluscophobia is a real thing and I'm ready to overcome my fear.

Fergus Falls, MN

#41 Mar 23, 2014
Czech Girl wrote:
im afraid of snails, really, i am. they are nasty and i cant help but feel like they can kill me in a horrible, painful way. this is normal right?
I am sooooo scared of them I don't like to swim in lakes or rivers because of them. They are so disgusting that just thinking of them sends a shiver up my spine and food sounds very undesirable. When I was little I wouldn't eat noodles because they reminded me of slugs

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