Thanks for the link to that review, it was a great one! It seems some folks really didnít enjoy ďCouples DiscountĒ but I loved the episode. Itís good to finally get rid of the jerk Andy has become and let Erin and Pete get together. Also, I like a little drama in my comedies; it makes the characters more real, gives the show higher stakes, and ultimately makes the sweet parts and the funny parts more rewarding. Parks&Rec, Community, and Happy Endings all excel especially well in these areas, which is why they are the three best shows on network TV right now. I work at DISH and a couple of my coworker and I have decided to do a season nine marathon after the finale. Iíve been recording every episode of season nine with my DISH Hopper, which has 2000 hours of recording space. Iím not only able to save the entire season, but I donít need to worry about running out of room for my other shows.