Maury I realilize you are making the bucks at the sad expense of the poor mixed up girls looking for love in too many places. Those childrens children don't stand a chance for anyyyyyyyyyyyyy stability in their little lives. You are stirring up a hornets nest full of irreversible pain. Our family values and systems are in desperate need of help. We as parents have Not set good examples for our children or grandchildren. Raised in a world where sex means only a fix and children are only a pawn to be used as these immature teenagers have all the privileges of playing house without any conscience of right and wrong. Why can't we see why can't you maury see what you are doing by stirring up already veryyyyyyyyyy troubled young people who don't have the foffest what real love not sex is.WHAT WHAT do these children have to offer those innocent babies and you are so sadistic to make money of their unbearable pain. I have lost All respect for you as a man dad husband and a person. How low can you go? These children need HELP not TV fame for 2 minutes making their wrongs seem no BIG DEAL. We are talking about precious souls. How can you pretend to care. IT makes me SICKKKKKKKKKKK. You are a dad where are our children going to end up. Alcoholics drug addicts abusers users depressed suicide etc. PLEASE GET THEM HELP and get some for your sick narcissitic money hungry mind. These children are crying CRYING out for our help your help. Our world and children are so messed up.we should be ashamed as their parents. Momsosad