Meet Brad Womack... and Chad Womack

Meet Brad Womack... and Chad Womack

There are 15 comments on the The Hollywood Gossip story from Oct 12, 2007, titled Meet Brad Womack... and Chad Womack. In it, The Hollywood Gossip reports that:

“Brad actually brought it up to see if I could meet some of the girls and form my own opinion”

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Rayville, LA

#1 Oct 24, 2007

Durham, NC

#2 Nov 21, 2007
I think last year's Bachelor was better! Andy was true to his heart and here Brad is a chicken %$#@#. Why in the World did he get in the show knowing that he didn't want to get serious with anyone? Then he gets the ring too and makes DiAnna she is the one. She would of taken him back too after seeing Brad in the Final Rose Show. He is a jerk! Go back to your bar joint and pick up a slut then. Brad you are a loser in my book Jenni and DiAnna are way too good for you!!!!!

Durham, NC

#3 Nov 21, 2007
Brad you are a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!
Jenni and DiAnna are too good for your own good! Go back to your mama.
And, stay mama's boy! 34 yrs. old and you are still single, what a joke!!!!!!!!

United States

#4 Nov 21, 2007
Leave the guy alone. He never ever told any of the girls he was in love with them. He could not make himself fall in love, and I can't see where he led them on. He was polite and courteous to them, and quiet often would tell DeAnna she had all of the qualities he was looking for, but that still doesn't mean he was in love with her. President Bush has all of the qualities I am looking for, but I'm not in love with him. I think he is to be commeneded, because he was man enough to walk away and tell the truth. Better to do it when he did, instead of going thru with it and hurting the girls worse in the long run. Rejection is not good at any time, but it's a part of life. He didn't owe these girls anything. He gave it some serious thought at the end and decided it wasn't what he wanted and he backed out. So what if he is 34 and single? It takes some longer than others and if everyone was as cautious as he was, there would probably be a lot less divorces. I knew neither of these women were right for him, because they were boring, and put ons. Brad owns bars and meets all kinds of women and he said he wanted a low maintenance, down to earth woman. DeAnna thought she had him wrapped and she didn't. She even thought that she was going to get him back on the final show, but he didn't give in. I am guilty of breaking up with guys that loved me and I didn't love them back, but I was not going to ruin my life and be miserable to satisfy someone else, sorry, I don't see it that way! Love hurts, and these girls weren't guaranteed anything when they went into this. Get over it! We all have been heartbroken. Thats how love works. If you can't be with the one you the one you with....NOT!!! I would rather be single the rest of my life than be married to someone I don't love. When Brad meets the right one, he will know. DeAnna was too serious for Brad and Jenni was too fake.As far as his type, I think Hillary was the closest of all of the women. She knew what she wanted and didn't sit there and hesitate to say how she felt, like Jenni and DeAnna did. If you love someone, let them know, if they don't love back, that's not your fault. DeAnna should have started from the very beginning to tell Brad how she felt instead of taking one night, trying to cram it all in, like a rehearsal or something. There is a lid for every pot! You just have to stop looking and it will eventually come to you when you least expect it!

Tucson, AZ

#5 Nov 24, 2007
The problem lies with the girls thenselves and going on that show to bbegin with...25 women chasing after one man just doesn't make sense. It made it too easy for him. Men are supposed to pursue!!! This guy probably has women chasing after him on a daily basis....please,
Where is there self-worth! That's the problem. If they knew there self-worth they would have never gone on that show. They should have asked the question why is he not good enough for me, rather than why am I not good enough. They were all beautiful and worthy women. Brad did them a big favor they just know it yet. The ahow is stupid and is a set up for women. SO stop going on it.

Manchester, UK

#6 Nov 24, 2007
I totally agree, that it is ridiculous for 25 women all hoping to find love on a television show. Also, I agreed with Brad's decision, he did them all a favor and they will be happy that he did in the end. I also applaud him because at least he did not just pick anyone knowing full well that ultimately he would not continue the relationship. Who in their right mind goes on a tv show to find love. For ppl to be making a big stink of it is really foolish, the track record of show proves that the experiment mostly does not work. Also what amazes me is that hardly ever do these women turn the tables after meeting the bachelor and say I not attracted to him.

All of the women some how believe this is their destiny and most immediately believe the guy is the one for them after hardly knowing the guy. What most of these women dont realise is ultimately only one gal ends up with the guy temporarily in the end. That means 24 women are going to be losers. It is a competition, why are we degrading ourselves. Thus the odds are against women finding 'love' on a show. The reason for most these women fits of tears is not so much that they have found the one but the belief that they have to get a chance at love or their life is not complete.

Sometimes as women we are so invested in this whole love thing and the happily ever that we end up in relationships that are bad. We act as if getting married is most important thing that will define us. Everyone needs to get over themselves. Because contrary to popular belief lots of ppl go through life never finding the 'one'.

I say live your life to the fullest regardless of what and when things might happen.

Pueblo, CO

#7 Nov 24, 2007
Brad is boring. THe onlly thing I don't get is why he told Dianna he missed her so much on the reunion show. It was as if he does really like her but for some reason something or someone is telling him that he can't choose anyone... seems kinda hoaky.
Right Choice

Fredericksburg, TX

#8 Nov 24, 2007
Brad stood up for himself and stayed true to his feelings. It is unrealistic to ask someone to move to Austin to get to know them better when your heart isn't into that person. Go brad!! We support your decesion and hope you find true love and happiness.

Quincy, MA

#9 Nov 25, 2007
Brad is a great guy! Greatness shone through when he accepted his love for himself over just trying to make someone happy. If I had his kind of wisdom, I would not have got into a three-year marriage from hell. I'm still hurting from the effects of a divorce seven years ago! I became aware of the pitfall on the eve of the ceremony, but I was too much of a chicken to do the right thing!

Those girls were all in it for themselves; not with any thought about Brad's wellbeing. That's why they refuse to accept his true feelings -- how selfish!

Kansas City, MO

#10 Nov 29, 2007
I think Brad is gay and doesn't want to come out of the closet about it!!!!!

San Antonio, TX

#11 Dec 1, 2007
Brad is a loser! IT seems as though he is not letting love if he has a wall up. It's shouldn't be looking for love. It'll just happen, But HE CHOOSE TO DO THE SHOW. If you are WILLING to do a show, at least be open to the possibility of pursuing a relationship. Knowing that there are 2 wonderful, strong-headed women to choose from, why not simply open your heart to a possible relationship? When I met my husband, I had NO interest in him as a husband. I went out with him simply b/c he was a very sweet man and I felt very comfortable with him. Our conversations were very open and honest. As I got to know him within 3 weeks, I thought he had wonderful qualities, and yet I still did not have butterflies in my stomach or did not feel in love. After another 3 weeks, I started missing him if I hadn't seen him for a few days. So I realized I was GROWING in love. Anyway, to make a long story short, ONE also has to be open and willing to fall in love. Those butterflies in your stomach is what I call infatuation. I can recall feeling butterflies in my stomach when dating other men. I was absolutely a wreck. I was not myself, I was SOOOO attracted to those men, but they were jerks!!! They were drop-dead gorgeous, but they were jerks!!!! Actually, one of them I dated for 7 years. Believe me, after 3 years, those butterflies eventually died, and then reality set in. In order for a marriage to endure, or for any relationship to last, both must work at keeping that commitment. You truly have to compromise yourself to a certain point, not completely. I believe Brad just isn't READY for that. He should have never done the show. The day he is ready to open his heart up to love is the day he will begin to find love with someone. Now remember, this doesn't mean you go LOOKING for it. But you do have to be open to it. He simply wasn't. Anyway, my husband treats me like no man has ever treated me. He looks at me as his queen, his angel, his everything. I am 100% myself in my marriage. I act silly, am playful, dance like crazy and say the weirdest things ever, and my husband just loves it b/c I am myself. I act with him as if I were to act like that in private with myself. I love our marriage. And ofcourse there is respect and sacrifice.(My husband also had two heart attacks and now lives with a heart condition.) I believe, when people have those butterflies in their stomach, they mistaken them for being in love with that person when in actually, you cannot even be yourself. You end up doing stupid things in order to continue the relationship. You do things you never thought you'd do. You wait up all night to see if they call, you check your phone to see if they called, you drive by their house to see if they are there, you put up with how crapping they treat you!!! IT's stupid. To me being infatuated makes you lose all self-respect and self-esteem... Just my opinion.
Kitten from Austin

United States

#12 Dec 11, 2007
Brad. Your decision shows that you have refined class, respect for yourself and others, and most of all it shows tenacious patience.

Good on ya!

Maria, Philippines

#13 May 1, 2008
hi..stephen Bradley womack,,,somebody telling you are mama's boy,it's?i hope that not true coz i want to meet you,,,i love u brad..
Impressive Expressions


#14 Jul 8, 2008
Brad made the right choice, and I have to give him a lot of credit for going with his heart. Even though it was obvious he was having difficulty with having to hurt someone's feeling, he followed his heart. And, at 34 years old, Brad is in the prime of his life, why does anyone believe that he has to rush into marriage if he's not ready.

Phoenix, AZ

#15 Jan 8, 2011
I think brad is gay I think he needs to come out of the closet and be gay u know. Its ok for a man to be gay there are alot of other men out there Brad that are gay. I think u are gay or stright.

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