Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case

Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case

There are 171 comments on the ThisWeek Community Newspapers story from Feb 21, 2009, titled Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case. In it, ThisWeek Community Newspapers reports that:

Union County Sheriff Rocky Nelson hopes national attention from the "America's Most Wanted" Web site will lead to new clues in the 2001 disappearance of Patricia "Patti" Adkins.

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your worst nightmare

Chicago, IL

#133 Aug 24, 2012
That's crazy! DAs file (and win) murder charges in cases when no body is ever found, so is it logical that a family member couldn't file a wrongful death suit (in civil court, where there is less of a burden of proof) without one? Especially since she has been legally declared dead. Patti's family absolutely can file a wrongful death suit, and I wish they would. I think many attorneys would take the case on contingency and agree to only be paid if they win, which I think they have a good chance of doing.

As we all know,a jury somehow found OJ innocent of killing his wife, but Ron Goldman's and Nicole Brown's families brought him down through a civil wrongful death suit. They were awarded millions. It was the beginning of the end for him.

At this point, Patti's family seem to want more than anything else her body for a proper burial. I don't know what's going on with the police, but they stand a better chance to retrieve her body or at least know where it was disposed so they could have a ceremony there if they depose some people.

In the interest of justice, I think they owe her daughter answers AND monetary damages. They basically stole her future from her. She could have gone to college and put a downpayment down on a home with that $90,000. Instead, it has gone to pay for things for someone else's children, someone who took her mother away and disposed of her.

The most important thing is to return Patti's remains to her family. I've been reading these forums, and I tend to believe that he disposed of her in Lake Erie and that we may never find her. It is ludicrous to suggest his concrete pour the very weekend she went missing, along with the cadaver dogs hitting on the leftover cement from that pour, had nothing to do with the body disposal. He either made anchors, like Scott Peterson did for Laci, or he built a form, arranged her in a fetal position (she was 110-120 pounds), and poured cement over her.

The work truck is key. Several witnesses said he never drove his work truck (for his garage) to work at Honda, so why that day? With the tonneau cover he had just purchased? The manager states that the truck had a hydraulic lift on it so they could lift heavy things like engine blocks. One of these could lift a block of cement that size. He may have dumped her in another body of water, though, more local. Dumping her on that fishing trip would imply that his brothers, if they were with him as reported by some, had to have known and maybe helped. I find it hard to believe that a bunch of adult men with families and children would take part in something so evil, even to pull a f***-up brother's fat out of the fire. But you never know.

It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that the married boyfriend was indeed responsible for stealing $90k and when it came time to pay it back (the very month he was to begin payments), he killed her. What he spent the money on is anyone's guess. But having dealt with embezzlement cases before, I know that money is not so easily traced, especially cash money. There are ways of laundering money that forensic accountants can't trace, and that's why many people get away with embezzling for years.

If anyone in Patti's family is reading this or knows Patti's family, consider visiting with an attorney who specializes in wrongful death. Patti has been declared legally dead, and that's dead, period. You may never recover her body, sad to say. But murder cases are won without a body, and so are wrongful death suits. Justice will ease your heartache, take it from me.

God bless.
Wondering wrote:
Cant file wrongfull death without a body!
Tm Rex

Stone Park, IL

#134 Aug 24, 2012
nightmare, someone who supports the suspect on these forums keeps bringing up carbon monoxide as a possible way she could have "accidentally" died. I did some reading this morning about tonneau covers, and they all have this warning, or something like it:

"NEVER allow people or animals to occupy the bed of a truck while the engine is running with tonneau cover on! Serious or fatal injury may occur from carbon monoxide poisoning or collision."

Someone is setting up a defense? But the carbon monoxide theory is really interesting, especially considering he ordered one especially for this occasion (the fake trip). He repairs cars. He knows about carbon monoxide. He would know how to route carbon monoxide from the exhaust to the truck bed, which would be completely encased by the tonneau cover. And 90% of tonneau covers lock. It would be like a gas chamber. Someone who also supports him under the name "animal control" posts terrible things about her. Animal control centers gas animals.

I agree with you about the cement, and I also think her mode of death was carefully planned. The co worker's stop at the fast food place, how the suspect says it took like 45 minutes to get his food. I think he way have just driven around waiting for her to die. Can they test the tonneau cover for exhaust residue in excessive amounts? I'm sure the db hosed it down after, but they might be able to find residue still.
Hard Attack


#135 Aug 28, 2012
You MF..king B!tch have no self respect and no F..king brains for that matter.

Who the f... let her talk here anyway ?! This B!tch talk the same f...king sh!t over and over again, like broken f..king record.

-Shut The F... up already with this ''adultry'' shit and ''how could anyone go with married'' man shit. Your mind is poisened with this shit. LET IT GO! FOR F... SAKE!

Where ever is Topic about ''Patti'', this stup!d Bitch is on every MF..king thread And talk the same shit over and over again. The only thing this B!tch change is her nickname and Proxy, so u had a felling, that a lot of people thinks the same shit as this b!tch does.. But the reality is , it's the same as-hole all along.. How sick and twisted mind this bitch have.

AND YES, FLOWERS WIFE B!TCH IS INVOLVED 100%!!! Is this careful enough 4 u ? I give you discrete my way... You r the F..king member of The Flowers clan, and we all now there is an agenda behind it. So you all go and f... your selves with this agenda BS, because we don't buy it !!!
Free 90k wrote:
Patricia Adkins was a loser. I'll bet even money that her daughter's father dumped her. Then she goes after a married man, lends him money and has fun playing sneaky by hiding under a tarp. Adkins was probably all too happy to be involved with adultry and couldn't care less that she was breaking up a marriage. What a stupid bitch. She had NO self respect. And no brains. Women! Wake up! And statistics show that women always recover faster from a break up and always do better alone. And why is it there are no photos of this Brian Flowers? Flowers conned all the money he could out of Adkins, asked her to play hide and seek, dropped his friend off and then pulled over and told her to remain under the tarp because a cop pulled him over and took a pipe wrench and smashed her cranium. Then he wrapped Adkins up and buried her. Flowers is a sociopath and he got away with it. Flowers' wife may be involved. Single women! BE CAREFUL!!
Hard Attack


#136 Aug 28, 2012
Who ever start this BS with carbon monoxide theory, should be f..king hanged on the first f...king tree. And when cops come to investigate and wondering why this as-hole hanging on the tree, then everybody should said:
''He was trying to put some tie around his neck but he made a mistake and use a rope instead. It was just an accident.''
That's how stupid this carbon monoxide theory sounds like.
It's nothing more then an attempt to sell this theory to the public, just to see if it works. To use in court later on, if theory comes through for them on this public test.
But since this theory is stupid even from technical point of view and also sounds stupid, this theory is d.e.a.d.- dead.
So,stop finding excuses for Flowers to justified her death.

Greenwood, IN

#137 Sep 7, 2012
see i wish police were as smart as the average bear but instead they spend a lot of time looking busy so they dont have to do much of anything. its as if there job is just that and not a dedication. paper work, long hours,and lack of evidence have clearly effected these so called detectives. its hard for me to believe that a normal everyday citizen has more insight and thought of a poor woman than those who are paid to do a job they are no longer dedicated to doing.i thank the lord that im not patti... that im not in her shoes because along with her and so many others it seems like nothing is even being done. the littlest questions, the simplest clues... it just takes one to be right it just takes one question to be asked and investigated full heartedly and case solve. Regardless of funds or weather or not the family is wealthy, it should not have an effect on where the investigation is heading or where the investigation even went. Its sad that a wealthy girl goes missing and everyone knows about it yet on the other hand an 8 month pregnant immigrant is found in pieces and it never made the news. i say the police force should up there standards on who they allow to work missing cases and murders. everyone gets sick of there job but you dont have that option when people rely on you to bring them justice, if there really is such a thing. i think its more like luck! if you find justice you are lucky and if you dont you are one of millions because at the end of the day most detectives are worried about there own ass, there own family, and there pockets. you might get lucky and find some people who dedicate whole lives to there job but for the most part its a pay check and people just get burnt out and quit caring as they once did before. dear patti you are loved and you are missed i pray that the men who did this pay dearly. And yes i dont think he acted alone and i know his wife knew after it was all said and done.that just my gut instinct! my heart goes out! my heat hurts because innocent people have been convicted for so little evidence yet the police had so much to go on and did nothing with it. shame on them for not caring like it was there own daughter out there or grandbaby shame on them!!!

Rupert, WV

#138 Sep 11, 2012
You can bet it's not over, time is running out for the people involved in Patti disappearance, WE WILL FIND PATTI, AND BRING HER HOME.

Rupert, WV

#139 Sep 18, 2012
Ok Marysville residents, she disappeared in your area, help keep this post going please, it could have been one of your love ones or family so steap up to the plate and take a few minutes to keep this post going.

Inkster, MI

#140 Sep 18, 2012
What can we do to help keep the post going?
animal control

Sidney, OH

#141 Sep 18, 2012

Rupert, WV

#142 Sep 20, 2012
To keep this thread going and on top of everything, try and remember anything you may have heard, something you may have seen or what you think that could have happen to her, keep it going eventually the MPD will get the lead that they need to find Patti.
animal control

Sidney, OH

#143 Sep 20, 2012
where were you when she was in any need....?...Baby!

&fe ature=related

it'z bin over a decade ann many $$$$ moonz ago...!!!

UR Killin' ME

no charge

Rupert, WV

#144 Sep 24, 2012
animal control wrote:
where were you when she was in any need....?...Baby! =5-NlR54PqLwXX&feature=rel ated
it'z bin over a decade ann many $$$$ moonz ago...!!!
UR Killin' ME
no charge
Some of us work for a living. No charge
animal control

Sidney, OH

#145 Sep 24, 2012
go ahead and take today off then.....Baby!

no charge

Rupert, WV

#146 Oct 9, 2012
Any news on the missing Patti Adkins, wish more people would come forward with what they know, seems like we are going to half to form our own detective squad to get the answers, so any information would be appreciated.

Ridgeway, OH

#147 Oct 10, 2012
tina wrote:
Any news on the missing Patti Adkins, wish more people would come forward with what they know, seems like we are going to half to form our own detective squad to get the answers, so any information would be appreciated.
Rumor has it animal control is being is now a person of interest.

Lerona, WV

#148 Oct 10, 2012
I think he wishes i would just go away, but guess what i'm NOT.........

Lerona, WV

#149 Oct 10, 2012
Read the latest on the Kenton topix, about mr kool is back, is saying Patti is alive, please read and respond. thanks

Jenison, MI

#150 Dec 5, 2012
Maybe she's living a second life, maybe all that was a cover up!, why would she get $90,000 cash?, he didn't get none of it that we know of. Living a second life elsewhere, it just seems odd too me.

Chicago, IL

#152 Jan 11, 2013
Adrian wrote:
Maybe she's living a second life, maybe all that was a cover up!, why would she get $90,000 cash?, he didn't get none of it that we know of. Living a second life elsewhere, it just seems odd too me.
What was your first language? It wasn't English.


#153 Feb 7, 2013
And also her boyfriend left work supposedly at 24h but his wife said that he returned home at 2h30 AM. What was he doing during these 2 and half hours?

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